Veronica’s Team Pick: Win a Trip to a City!

Who needs a vacation?!

We have a lot in common, you and I, and I bet you need a vacation. Well guess what: the amazing awesome fantaaastic people at are currently giving away trips to San Francisco, Long Beach, New York City, Miami and Las Vegas. I KNOW RIGHT.

Here’s what you do to win. It’s really simple, I promise:

1. Create a profile on

Go to

2. Go to the San Francisco, Long Beach, New York City, Miami or Las Vegas local tips page to create a tip

3. Once your tip is approved by the GT team, share with your friends and get them to heart it, like on Facebook or re-Tweet it!

The most popular tip wins a trip!! I think I need Miami like I need this soynut butter banana cinnamon sandwich, which is to say HEAPS.

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