Untitled New Semi-Regular Segment Featuring Links to Relevant Stories We Didn’t Write About Today

These stories were told today/in the recent past. We didn’t tell them, Ilene Chaiken didn’t tell them, but somebody told them and by G-d, you should know about them.

There’s only one little problem — we don’t know what the hell to call this unit. Feministing calls it “what we missed,” I believe Jezebel has a thing called “Dirt Bag” — our ideas so far are “By the Way” or “Remains of the Day” or “Also. Also.Also.”

+ Once again, there is no decision in New York on the future of gay marriage but New York Republican State Senator Jim Alesi is super gung-ho about his support of it.

+ From The Advocate new immigration guidelines including references to ‘spouse’ and ‘family’ may or may not apply to gay binational couples

+ Pam’s House Blend breaks down why Jarret Barrios’ resignation as GLAAD chairman is looking increasingly complicated, which is a story we tried to write, got really confused about, and are now leaving it to the experts.

+ Colorlines on Wal-Mart’s “free pass for bias” regarding yesterday’s supreme court ruling.

+ Everyone has mixed feelings about Obama, and NPR says his “self-described evolution on same-sex marriage is not happening enough for some gay and lesbian activists” while Conservative Christians are concerned that Obama will announce official endorsement of marriage equality.

+ An American lesbian couple went abroad to be married in a Hindu ceremony in Nepal, although gay marriage is not legal there either.

+ Queerty thinks It Gets Better might be totally useless.

+ How to Start a Protest Movement: Good Magazine has tips from the inventor of glitterbombing.

Voters in Liechtenstein have overwhelmingly backed a new law giving gay and lesbian couples the right to formally register their partnership.

+ An American lesbian couple who have claimed for months that their homophobic neighbor burned down their house are now being held responsible by their insurance company for the fire.

+ Today in things gay people should/shouldn’t say/do and/or things straight people should/shouldn’t say/do about gay people — a NY judge rules it’s defamatory to call someone gay, a lesbian couple was kicked out of a Minnesota Twins game for kissing, Tracy Morgan continues apologizing, this time in Nashville, and Queerty has a video on anti-trans slurs we should stop saying.

+ From Jezebel – Michele Bachmann and Pawlenty really, really oppose abortions and the real cost of defunding Planned Parenthood.

Do you have thoughts on these stories, ideas on what to call this post, or other stories you want to talk about? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. Did you not used to do something like this about 1 year+ ago and call it something like Daily Pick? Semi-Regular Pick maybe doesn’t have so much of a ring to it.

    My head says call it something with lesbian sex in the title to get more hits, my heart says call it something involving unicorns and rainbows.

    Why not both? How about: Here Are The Rainbows That’d Be In The Postbag If It Was Delivered By Lesbians Having Sex On Unicorns.

  2. More stories? Great!
    Your titles are good. If you need another idea, um, (Auto)round-up?

  3. “Remains of the Day” is also a beautifully written book by Kazuo Ishiguro. Just throwing that out there.

  4. I’m quite fond of the title “Also. Also. Also.” It just feels in line with more casual conversation I often hear here. And makes me happy.

  5. (sub)missives



    but idk, what you went with today is super catchy freal

  6. you guys use + as bulletpoints, so:

    + plusplusplus
    + to sum up
    + in addition
    + autoplus
    + autoadditions

    • I wanna say “autosum” but I want it to be very clear that I’m trying to make a pun on the word awesome, and I don’t know if that comes across without this overly wordy explanation

  7. at first i really liked ‘by the way,’ but now i’m leaning more toward ‘also. also. also.’

    also (!) a few minutes ago i thought about calling it ‘the elephant in the room’ but i think that’s funnier in my head.

  8. This is a good idea. I’d make the format a little more skimmable with a consistent format. But I’m really huge on making stuff skimmable because I’m lazy as hell.

  9. how about – “In Other News”

    its simple and straight forward.

    not punny though. so i guess it could be “In Other (GAY) News”

  10. A) Riese totally wrote this post
    B) I like also.also.also from your suggestions and Sally’s from above
    C) Or you could call it… I actually really suck at naming things so yeah just choose someone else’s suggestion.

  11. Call it Auto-excess! I like the ideas Other-straddle and Extra-straddle too. Clearly, I’m into the whole “making up new words” from the site name dealyo.

  12. My first impulse is to say “Oh totally, “Remains of the Day”, because Merchant Ivory rules…”

    However, upon further thought, how about something like “The Cut-Out Bin” (for those oldish audiophiles, like me) or “Quarter Bin” (for the comics fans)… both imply “leftovers”.

    “Odds and Sods”? (Who fans, anyone?)

    Or something like “No Less Important”?

    I got it!: “The Island of Misfit Threads”…

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