Top Ten Movies That Would Have Been Better If They Were Gay

There are a lot of movies out there. Most of them aren’t gay. Why not? Here are ten movies that really would be much better if they were gay, and starring me.


Top Ten Movies That Would Have Been Better If They Were Gay

10. The Notebook


Because like, imagine Rachel McAdams’ mom is all, “Girl, I get it, I was in love with a girls once, too.” That reveal is way stronger.

TÌtulo: El Diario De Noa

And the struggle!! A financially stable cute boy that she’s grown to love, or a super hot girl who lives in the woods?? THIS STORY SELLS ITSELF.

9. (TIED) Jerry Maguire


You know how Jerry Maguire and Renee Zellweger have been dating for like 3 days and Ne’Ne’ is all “OMG I LOVE JERRY MAGUIRE” …


The only scenario in which “Jerry” would not be freaked the fuck out is the scenario in which “Jerry” is a woman #uhaulin

9. (TIED) Scream 4


Honestly, though, why aren’t there more lesbian murderers???


8. Camp Rock


Let’s be real, it makes waaayyyy more sense that Mitchie goes away to summer camp and comes home gay…




7. Can’t Hardly Wait


The most popular girl in school ends up with the cool geeky lesbian?? YEA OKAY I’LL WATCH THAT.


Also you guys, I really needed a reason to photoshop myself with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

6. Gatsby


100% Gatsby should be a girl.


Are you kidding?


Sexy, Mysterious, Rich, Let DAISY DRIVE THE CAR….

5. Harry Potter (the one where Ron and Hermione make out)


Two BFFs fall in love while they fight wizard wars (or whatever) with their other mutual bffe??




4. Romeo and Juliet (The Baz Lurhman one)


OF COURSE your families don’t want you together YOU’RE BOTH GIRLS AND IT’S THE OLDEN TIMES.

DPAA019 ZN097

This movie is at least 60x more dramatic if everyone hates them together because they’re gay.


3. Mean Girls


The complicated thing is that everyone has to be gay or the whole movie turns into a giant hate crime.




2. Hunger Games


Any human in their right mind is Team Gale. And like… especially if Gale is a chick, and they’re in love but they’re also best friends and Gale just wants J-Law to be happy and Peeta is like… nice enough and cute I guess



1. Juno


Not only is the improved gay version of Juno a great coming-of-age story about a pregnant teen, but it’s also about THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.


Currently up for adoption: Baby Jesus.


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    oh my actual god i love this. i found the whole list hilarious, but i totally lost it at #3:

    “The complicated thing is that everyone has to be gay or the whole movie turns into a giant hate crime.”

    please keep writing us funny lists, dannielle!

    vanessa your old intern, the one who brought you rainbow cake in a jar when you came to speak at harvard in 2011

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      I am at work and when I saw that Dannielle picked as her other gay people: Tegan and Sara… and Kristin! I made everyone look at me because I didn’t just giggle, that was full-on snort-laugh. It is soooooo Dannielle humor. May she continue to reside at Autostraddle, it’s like my favorite things to read on the web got gay-married….

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    A) I do this to every movie and TV show I watch. Think about how much cooler Grease or Top Gun would have been with girl/girl leads.

    B) I’m just going to take the liberty of photoshopping Dannielle into the book cover of my novel, so that when it’s published and becomes a mega-hit and is optioned for the screen, she’ll already be pre-cast. Hope that’s okay, with you, Dannielle. I could pay you for your likeness with, like, a sandwich and a promise of royalties. 🙂

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    DANNIELLE, long time fan, first time commenter.

    Can’t Hardly Wait is one of my ALL time fav movies. And you as Ethan Embry is priceless!

    Keep doin what you be doin 🙂

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      It felt pretty gay anyway. I mean, just reading the Wikipedia plot summary makes it sound like the male ‘love interest’ wasn’t really more than an extra.

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      yes, the first movie i thought of when i saw the title.
      hearing that it was actually going to be a gay situation but was changed is the saddest thing i ever learned on tumblr.
      (i mean these gems were left in, at least: “Lesbian? Her birthday’s in March. I thought she was a Pisces!” and “Get your lesbian feet out of my shoes!” followed by “She’s not Lebanese, she’s Punjabi!”)

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    Some of these would actually be quite fitting with queer characters. Would not be surprised to see lesbian Romeo and Juliet in the future.

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    This list is great! Gender-swapping characters is possibly my favorite hobby.

    The other day while reading the Lord of the Rings it came to me: WHAT IF FARAMIR WAS A LADY? Think about it. Faramir + Eowyn becomes 394938174x more epic.

    (Also this is about Tolkien’s Faramir who was already my favorite character even before I thought of this, not the movie Faramir who was a totally different person in only bad ways.)

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    I was wondering why Pitch Perfect wasn’t on this list but then remembered that Beca and Chloe are pretty much canon already

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    The last time I watched Juno, I definitely started planning a sequel where she breaks up with Michael Cera and goes to Wellesley.

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    I haven’t read the books, but I read somewhere that in fact Katniss was really a closeted lesbian in love with Madge.

    So Team Madge for me?

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    The complicated thing is that everyone has to be gay or the whole movie turns into a giant hate crime.

    only on

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      This line had me crying tears of laughter in my department student office… and then I had to try and explain why I was laughing and everyone judged me. Still worth it.

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    I love love love this.

    Musicals, too, maybe?

    Chicago’s kind of gay already but needs to be gayer. I don’t believe that there were that many prison scenes and no lesbian duet and makeout scene.

    Lez Miz as a gay version of Les Miserables — because cute queers in revolutionary outfits! Lesbian angst! The ease with which we could change every s to a z!

    Moulin Rouge, because being bi, I was totally into Ewan McGregor when I first saw it, but the idea of a cute lady in any of Ewan McGregor’s outfits kind of makes me melt into a puddle. And ladies loving ladies in corsets – yes please!

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      But can we please have a ladygay Newsies, too? (The movie, not the Broadway version. Obvs.) Because you guys. That would be the most epic.

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      I approve heartily of Lez Miz, mostly because cute queer revolutionaries but also because oh my gosh can you imagine the Thenardiers as a lesbian couple?

      Little Shop of Horrors would be amazing with Seymour as a woman (Simone?), mostly due to pun potential. Lots and lots of pun potential.

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    Maybe it’s the cheese movie liking human in me, but what about the American Pie series? Jim is now Jenny(think about the webcam scene and much more awkward and funny that could have been?), and Finch is genderqueer, and Kevin is now a pre-op transman, but doesn’t know it. We already have Natasha Lyonne(don’t stop casting her in lesbian roles, she’s too charming).

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    If there were a non-racist version of Calamity Jane where Calam and Katie move it to the next level I would watch it every goddamn day. It makes so much more sense than her and Bill Hickock. How about Little Women? Jo refuses Laurie and goes away to New York to find a hot German professor lady. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! The ladies fall in love with each other when they’re snowed in! I better stop because I could go on for hours…

    P.S. I’m really digging #3.

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      omg YES to Jo and the hot german professor lady, I was kinda disappointed when her romance happened without really knowing why… obviously I subconsciously wanted her to be gay before I even knew that was a thing.

      It seems we all have a lot of feelings about making straight stories queer. Maybe this could be a regular series?

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      Hot German professor lady for Jo!! Actually I’m pretty sure Jo March is gay already and no one will convince me otherwise. Little Women was one of my favorite books when I was a kid and I looooved Jo.

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      all the awards to you for mentioning seven brides for seven brothers, which was my favorite musical as a kid. i BROKE the vhs from watching it so many times

      maybe the women wouldn’t have been sobbin sobbin sobbin so hard if they had each other. nor would anyone be a lonesome polecat.

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      Nothing will convince me that Calamity and Katie weren’t getting acquainted with one another’s “woman’s touch” up in that cabin. If the shack’s a rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.

      In other news, that movie is probably 50% responsible for my sexuality.

      And let’s have a gay “Sound of Music.” Maria can’t have that short hair for no reason.

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    The notebook would be the best lesbian remake. And it makes the most sense! Plus I hated the movie but seeing two cute little old lesbian ladies dying together? I can dig it

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    You just broke my circuitry with the Romeo and Juliet thing! It was a favorite of mine as a teen, and I’d never considered improving upon it in this way. Headcanon accepted.

    Minor beef though… why did you superimpose ‘gayer’ people over the rest of the characters in Mean Girls? I don’t see why Regina George couldn’t have been queer as is.

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    (OMG is this picture thing working yet? I am in a state of complete helplessness when it comes to using the internets efficiently!)

     photo NEVERENDINGSTORY260_zpsa6590920.jpg

    Dannielle should also have improved our childhoods!

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    This is amazing and I would watch the hell out of the versions of those films that are gay and star Dannielle.

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    The red hair over the Scream mask…you’re killing it Danielle.

    “Honestly though, why aren’t there more lesbian murderers???”

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    I’ve thought for a while that it would be interesting if we had a James Bond (Jane Bond? Jamie Bond?) who was a butch queer woman. Part of the Bond character is masculinity, and we can retain that masculinity, just have the person expressing it be a girl.

    People mostly came to accept the idea of a blond Bond once they saw that Daniel Craig did a good job…if we can have a blond Bond, why not a female Bond? 😀

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    Bahaha. Amazing. Can’t we convince someone to at least video edit and audio dub some trailers together for these clearly brilliant movies?

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    Ok, but while we’re at it, why not just queer ALL of Baz Luhrman’s stuff??? Can you imagine a queer Moulin Rouge?? I say yes.

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      Agreed. Also Les Miz and Rent (needs more lez) and Singing in the Rain and Little Shop of Horrors and Reefer Madness and…

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        OMG Queer Cats would be the singularity. I LOVE it.

        I also once witnessed a…let’s say, scene with intention…between Rum Tum Tugger and the Magical Mister Mephistopheles because this is the company I keep. It was beautiful.

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    ‘OF COURSE your families don’t want you together YOU’RE BOTH GIRLS AND IT’S THE OLDEN TIMES.’

    Naaaah everyone has to be gay. I propose a story about nature, technology and a vendetta set (very symbolically) in Los Angeles 2019. Juliet is a total adorbs sweetheart butch hiding her class-inappropriate nanotats from her two hippie organic-foodie mums. Romilly is a brown-skinned fierce femme 15yo with more cyberware than flesh, disowned by her family, taken in by Good Lady Montague (having the lines of both Montague patriarch and Lady Montague in a dialogue with herself), an undercity crime boss and dealer – and groomed to be her successor. The rest according to the story – but with a super bleak grimdark ending of Mrs&Mrs Capulet trying to pin the death of Juliet on Good Lady and calling law enforcement – and the Good Lady mowing them both down with her arm-integrated Gatling gun before stepping off the edge of arcology. The last scene showing people in slums being rained on by a rusty-red raindrops and swearing at the government, arcology tower and toxic air.

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    ^ ah yes forgot, the vendetta referred to – a completely real life vendetta lasting about 50 years by 2019.

    And also: the only thing better than Harold and Maude would be gay Harold and Maude.

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    Oooh and Devil Wears Prada!

    I wish that tv show Nashville was gay. Basically anything with Connie Britton but gay, I’m game for.

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    I need the good fan fiction version of all of these to exist, somewhere on the internet, because I desperately want to read an excellent lesbian retelling of Romeo and Juliet at the very least.

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    Accurate. Also, Empire Records, because I can’t be the only one who wanted Cory to hook up with Rex’s assistant instead.

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    I really like the idea of a gayer Can’t Hardly Wait. You can even mess with Loveburger’s band name (again) and go with, well, take a guess…

    Now that my mind is wandering, I really wish for a lesbian version of The Graduate. Imagine the scene with lez-Ben banging on the church window calling for Elaine, the swinging of the cross that bars the wedding attendees, closing with them running away on the bus as “Sound of Silence” plays! Also seduction by Mrs. Robinson YES PLEASE.

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      Yes, good – although I was sort of nonplussed by the original baby daddy, and def got some gay vibes from Juno’s friend.

      But maybe what we need next is a trans character who is a teen co-parent and also really conventional and boring? It would certainly make a change from portraying all the trans characters as super freaky or hyperfeminine stereotypes. I’d say “hyperfeminine/hypermasculine depending on gender,” but there aren’t a whole lot of trans male characters to begin with, never mind enough to have trans male tropes. (And obviously nonbinary trans characters are rare.)

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    Gatsby. Yes. Just for 1920s lesbians.

    Also, Love Actually, or any of those movies with a hundred different couples. Those should all be gay too. You can never have too many gay couples.

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    i keep coming back and reading THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION and i don’t know if i will make it. i don’t know. i’m laughing too hard to live.

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    If you take the style of the Hunger Games poster, have just your face on it, and put a motivational quote prefaced by “Hey girl,” I’m pretty sure I’d get some studying for finals done. Or continue to peruse AS. Same thing.

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    Dannielle on Autostraddle????? Please let Dannielle be a new regular Autostraddle writer PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PSOSPPSLPL S PLS LPS LPSL PSLPSLSPSLS

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    I want to see a version of Mulan where Ping and Shang are both girls in disguise, ala Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett

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      That book is where I got my name! You’d think it would be because my mom wanted to name me Olivia, but no, actually, I only remembered that later.

      [spoiler] I love how a good third of the military turned out to be women in disguise. And I totally shipped Polly/Maledict. (The name “Maledicta” is dumb. Should’ve gone with a different female equivalent or left it as Maledict, since it’s not a commonly known boy’s name anyway. IMO.)

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    Professor Lydia Moyer, who teaches media at U.Va.,related to me how friends of hers produced an amateur remake of DELIVERANCE with an all-girl cast. I don’t know how it can be accessed. – Tupungato.

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    im pretty sure practically every chick flick would be better if they were gay

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