Top 10 Moments From Angel Haze And Ireland Baldwin’s Maybe Love Affair

If you follow pansexual rapper Angel Haze or sometimes-model Ireland Baldwin (daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger) on Twitter, odds are good you may have noticed the palpable sexual tension between the two. Although Autostraddle is a responsible publication and hesitant to make any broad declarations about the nature of the relationship between these two supernaturally goodlooking humans, let’s just face facts — they are constantly posting gooey, lovey-dovey messages about one another like a couple of teenagers in love.  Somewhere out there, these two gorgeous humans are MAYBE rubbing their perfect bone structures against each other on a fuzzy pink cloud while “Parentheses” by the Blow plays on portable speakers in the near vicinity.  We can and will applaud their mutual and responsible decision to just be so fucking adorable all the time.

Without further ado, are some of my favourite moments of their (MAYBE) courtship:


10. This time Ireland and Angel went on a precious Thai date and probably did the Lady and the Tramp thing with pad thai noodles and split a dessert:




9. This time Angel posted this picture with the gayest caption anyone has ever written about anyone:


8. That time Angel Haze literally referred to Ireland as her “bubs,” which like, come ON.

7. That time they got pancakes: pancakes

6. Get a room, you guys:

5. This adorable business:

4. This extremely intimate cuddle situation:


3. That time they got matching tattoos:


2. That time they laid on a blanket and snuggled and listened to “Heartbeats” and probably drank really refreshing iced tea:


1. I mean COME ON:


Apparently somewhere out there, people are shipping these two under the name “Bald Angel,” the actual worst couples name this side of “Bennifer.” Feel free to comment any better suggestions you may have.

xoxo Gothip Girl

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    My sister emailed me a similar link from buzz feed and I was like “whaaa no way, yay, hey girl, hey!”

    Then she sent me another rumor about KStew “dating” a lady friend, I almost fainted of the too gay to function.

  2. Irish Haze? Angel-Win? I’m digging “Angel Land” from above too.

    Also, Toi on Sunset is delicious.

    • Irish haze sounds like a special type of weed. Plus alcohol. Like a joint and a shot of Jameson or something. I like it.

  3. Stef do you remember when we went to Toi on Sunset? Next time we go maybe we need to recreate that picture.

  4. Hazwin, cause let’s face it these two really can haz all the win.
    Yeah, ok, I’ll just see myself out

  5. Regardless if they are together or not, these are SO cute! And I admit, I totally nerded out when I saw Ireland Baldwin in a Minnesota Twins jersey (Go Twins!)

  6. Damn, I could definitely jump on this bandwagon.

    Hazel Win?

  7. Angel Haze also asked Naya Rivera out on Twitter like two weeks ago, and I could also DEFINITELY get on board for that.

  8. I cannot get behind this, not even a little bit. For the following reasons:
    Ireland is straight up racist. Anybody remember the redface incident? So gross. So it’s ironic that she’s dating a (maybe?) ndn.
    The Baldwins are too much for me. True story: they’re my (adopted) cousins and oh my goodness, the white, old, blood money is ridic. The stories I could tell you. All of the Baldwins drive me up a wall. Racist, social darwinistic, misogynistic, etc etc.
    I think Angel Haze deserves better, straight up.
    Sorry not sorry.

    • Really? The Baldwins are my adopted cousins too, and they always say such nice things about you.

  9. I had no idea the relationship was subtext. I assumed it was BOLD FACE CAPITAL LETTERS “WE ARE IN LOVE!”

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