This Is The Last Queer Your Tech

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Hi all.

Well it’s been a wild ride and I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this for the last three days, but this week I found out that Queer Your Tech is ending. So this is the last Queer Your Tech, as the title may suggest. I’m still going to be at Autostraddle, writing Liquor in the _____, Relevant To Your Interests and Gayme Night, as well as whatever else might tickle fancies, both yours and mine.

Why is Queer Your Tech ending, you might ask? Well, for a couple reasons. As I move farther from the tech world that I was so steeped in when I first arrived at Autostraddle, it’s been harder and harder for me to find technology topics that I feel passionate about. That’s not to say that I don’t feel tech feels—I absolutely do! But do I feel an every-weekend amount of tech feels? I don’t really know. I also think that more mainstream technology coverage has gotten wise to covering tech with a queer bent to it AND with a beginner bent to it Some of the coverage that I felt was missing back in 2012 when I began writing Queer Your Tech—things that felt accessible to those outside the industry, an openly feminist analysis, ya know, that sort of stuff—is now baked into websites that cover nothing but tech.

Check out, for instance, Taylor Hatmaker at Techcrunch. Taylor works at A-Camp and used to cover tech here at Autostraddle. I feel like Techcrunch has really let her off the chain recently, and I read her work avidly. There’s a Pride thing on a major tech website, and I just don’t remember that sort of thing happening when I decided we needed Queer Your Tech. Lesbians Who Tech didn’t exist back then. Many things have changed, and mostly for the better.

Some things have changed for the worse, too. This current US administration has a shocking lack of regard for privacy and information security. Such a shocking lack of regard for it that everyone’s talking about it, including websites outside of the technology sphere. There hasn’t been much I can add to it without being redundant.

Even knowing all that, I’m still pretty bummed about it—Queer Your Tech is one of the longest-running columns at Autostraddle. Even with the knowledge that it’s the best decision that could be made, I’m still sad. I’ve been doing this almost five years. That’s longer than I’ve been doing anything in my entire adult life. I’m still here to nerd out with you, though, and if you want any technology stuff covered on Autostraddle, my email is still ali [at] My Twitter is still up and running (y’all have tipped me off to a lot over the years). Y’all know where to find me.

It’s been a pleasure writing your technology column for the past half a decade. Keep it nerdy, queermos.


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A.E. Osworth

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  1. Thanks for the info over the years. As a deeply tech averse gal, you’ve been super useful in making stuff easy to understand!

  2. Half of the apps on my phone are due to you and this column!
    Thank you Ali!
    I’m not the kind of person who’d ever go out and peruse a tech site on her own, so thank you for making me a little more tech literate and giving me a little glimpse into a world of possibility.

    P.S.: A couple of weeks ago I actually managed to post a picture in the comments without having to look up the code first!

    P.P.S.: Maybe AS could consider a monthly “cool apps”/gadgets roundup or sth of the kind.

  3. Thank you for all your hard work Ali! This column has been a staple of my Saturdays during its run and I am always impressed with the content you’ve managed to produce week after week.

    Hope we still get to see you pop up with some tech insights every now and again!

  4. but Aliiiiiii you taught us so mucccch. I finally memorized the html for posting pics in comments after looking them up on your columns a million times! When the election happened, I totally used your security clean-up articles to get my new phone and laptop privacy dialed in, and it helped feel like part of the queer resistance in doing so! I forwarded so many of your articles to my good friends over the years, about Anita Sarkeesian, and getting women and queers into new technology early so we can make sure to influence its development before it gets taken over by the mainstream, and many others. I didn’t even have a smart phone until last year when my friend gave me her old one, but I still read all your articles on apps over the years because it really helped me stay on top of culture and tech that I couldn’t yet afford to participate in!
    Ugh I’m gonna miss your column and the accessible and insightful voice you brought to this topic. I agree with everybody else that I hope you can continue to contribute to this topic on AS in a way that feels right for you, maybe a monthly link round-up or guest editorial idk.
    Thanks for all the great writing and leadership in this area!

  5. Aww man. As a queermo struggling in tech, this column made my week. But totally get why all good things come to an end, so, no guilt trip from me, just – damn.

  6. Thank you for your hard work throughout the years, Ali
    I’m gonna miss you Queering my Tech

  7. Thanks Ali for your awesome work for this column. Also, I think it is great to give some context for the reasons behind this and that you have not just “ghosted”. I look forward for your other articles.

  8. Thanks for all of your hard work, Ali! ?

    As for things as they pop up, I really hope you continue to write about security in the age of Trump when things are in the news and stuff. No one breaks it down like you!

  9. As someone who didn’t ever look up tech stuff this has been such a fun and accessible article to read about not only good phone apps but also what’s politically happening in a world I’m not a part of. I read it every weekend and am sad it’s going but am happy you’re still writing your other articles I love!

  10. I’ve loved this column for a long time.

    My question for you was going to be “where do we go now?”, and I was pleased that you put a rec in this post. ^____^ Thank you so much for all you’ve written up about tech. ?

  11. aw shit this is one of the only columns on AS that I read with any regularity (as I realized when I did that recent reader survey.)

    FWIW, I just texted my friend and she replied “oh shit no!!” and then “SHE NEVER FINISHED THE CHROMEBOOK TUTORIAL”

  12. I am going to miss this column. Thank you for all the great info.

    Speaking of queer your tech; I just found out that Recode founder & ex Wall Street journal tech journalist Kara Swisher is an out lesbian. She also has her own podcasts, Too embarrassed to Ask. She is super smart. There is also out writer Joanna Stern who currently writes for the Wall Street journal & met her wife via Twitter discussing The L Word. Fucking Jenny!

  13. I’ve never been very tech savvy but loved diving into this column every saturday. Thanks for introducing me to a number of tech things I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Always excited to read your work!

  14. This had consistently been one of my favorite columns and I admire your work. Thanks for everything Ali. ?

  15. I’ll miss these articles. Thanks for putting so much time and so much of yourself into the series. I look forward to seeing your future AS articles and whatever else may be in the works!

  16. As someone who reads this column every weekend, I am going to miss it. I’ve found it super helpful to learn about everything from net neutrality to productivity apps. And the article about streaming services gave my family the final bit of courage to cable cut (thanks for putting us on to PlayStation Vue). I guess what I’m saying is: thank you for providing an invaluable service.

    But I’m also excited for whatever is next on your horizon!! And that we wi still get to read your words in other capacities. I always enjoy your “Liquor in the…” series and the few times you’ve baked as well (I still use the frosting recipe from a few years ago! And the blueberry crumb cake). So, in that light, YAAAAAY!

  17. I love you and thank you for all of your hard work!

    If you need me I’ll be
    [Tobias Funke sobbing in the shower]

  18. Thank you for everything, Ali! I’m not very tech-oriented, but I’ve loved reading this column every week. Your tech recommendations have been great! (So great, I’m typing this on the Chromebook you recommended.)

  19. Aw man, I’ll miss this column, Ali, but I’m glad I’ll still be able to see your writing in other places on this website! It’s been a good ride, and I def owe a lot to your informative and often amusing column. <3

  20. Aw Ali!!! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this column, I’ll definitely be referring back to the archives for all my tech-related questions!

  21. This has been one of my favorite Autostraddle columns, and I work in the tech industry. Thanks so much for it, and I’m excited to see what new things you have time for here! <3

  22. I’ve only been here on AS a few months, but I’m gonna miss you Ali! Please please please come by and visit!

  23. To a job well done.

    Thank you for all the work you put into this column, Ali. <3

  24. So sad. QYT has been one of my favorite columns over the years. Alas, all good things. Thanks for all the great articles, and best of luck with your future endeavors.

  25. Thank you for your accessible, funny, accurate work on this column. It will be missed!

  26. Aw! I’m really sad to hear QYT’s ending – it’s always been a Must Read column for me; I didn’t even need to read what it was going to be about to follow the link immediately. ^_^

  27. Oh wow, I’ll miss your column! As said by a commenter above, the recent survey reminded me that this is one of the columns that I consistently read. However I do get what you’re saying about mainstream coverage, this was just the right amount of tech to keep me interested as i’d rarely find myself on a tech website just to browse/ keep up to date. Would you consider doing a little intro and round up of links to tech articles the way Laneia and Riese do?

    Thank you for some great reading.

  28. I’m sad to see this column ending after so much great work, but thank you so much for writing it, Ali. Excited to keep reading your other work on the site, though—your writing is always a delight to read!

  29. I was on holiday when this was posted, but now that I’m back I can say


  30. Hi all you commenters. I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely send-off. I was so so sad about this, and reading all your kind words helps. I’m not kidding—if you have a tech question or think there’s something you think requires a stand-alone piece re: technology, my email-door is always open, as is my Twitter door. <3 <3 <3

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