“The L Word: Generation Q” Episode 103 Recap: Lost Love

Back at The Aloce Show, Finley’s recapping her Rude Awakening to Sophie — how Finley stuck around in the AM with Rebecca with intentions of sharing a morning meal with her beloved, only to have said beloved not-dine and yes-dash ’cause she had to attend CHURCH on a TUESDAY which Finley finds A LITTLE WEIRD seeing as they’d been FUDGING ALL NIGHT. Finley’s got a lot of baggage from her religious upbringing that she maybe hasn’t even shared with Sophie who, by the way, does not think it’s weird.

And then I was like, listen, I know that Papi doesn’t do breakfast, but Finley sure does and I can make a MEAN frozen waffle

Sophie: Where did she go?
Finley: It reminded me of the Mickey Mouse Club?
Sophie: Ohhh aww, you a little stupid. [Puts her hand on Finley’s shoulder] You mean MCC? That place is on my venue list. Do you want to come with me?

Finley says no, ’cause she doesn’t wanna burn in hell …. but then says yes, ’cause she wants to be Sophie’s flower girl. “Not in those shorts,” Sophie says what we’re all thinking. “Burn ’em.” How convenient for Finley who was already on her way to burn in hell!

Back at The Waking Dead Academy for Jerkoffs Named Mandy, Angie’s been suspended and Mandy got a “stern talking-to.” The reason for this is, of course, racism. So now it’s time for Bette to talk to Angie about how she lives in a wildly racist and specifically anti-Black culture and systemic racism will confront and threaten to destroy her at every turn!

Ange-munch? Really? That’s the best she could come up with?

Angie — and me, honestly — expected something very different from Bette here, but what we got instead was truly excellent Bette Porter parenting.

Bette: Mandy is gonna get away with a lot in life and you won’t. Okay? The rules are different for you and you know that.
Angie: I know. It sucks.
Bette: I know. It’s not fair. But the only way to survive the system is to understand how it works, and then you stay ahead of it. And I know that’s shitty. And I’m sorry.
Angie: I thought you’d be mad.
Bette: I am. I’m angry that this happened to you and I couldn’t prevent it and I am fucking enraged that the world works like this. But there are two things you need to take away from this. One, you are too good for this place and two — you cannot under any circumstances hit people! You got that?
Angie: Yes. Yes ma’am.

It’s great to see Gen Q confronting conversations like these head-on, as they were often either avoided or completely mishandled in the original. Tip of the hat to Regina Y. Hicks who wrote this episode! Also to me, tipping my hat to cover my eyeballs that get teary when Bette and Angie hold hands and walk out of the school together.

Lesbian Motherhood of the Traveling High-Waisted Pants: Coming this Holiday Season to a Theater Near You

IT’S TIME FOR A VERY SPECIAL GUEST ON THE ALOCE SHOW!!! I want you to know that Showtime was VERY concerned about ensuring that we did NOT tell ANYBODY about Megan Rapinoe’s surprise cameo on this show, which DESTROYED ME inside, but then they released this information to the public several days prior to the episode airing and guess what? That ALSO destroyed me inside.

Look this is me being the Heisman Trophy but as a lesbian

Finley’s about to jump out of her pants she’s so fucking excited!!!!!! She HAS to tell Megan that she’s her hero!!!! Sophie’s really working to get her calmed down, and it’s truly delightfully adorable.


Alice asks Megan Rapinoe for her coming out story — turns out Megan was in the dark about her Sapphic proclivities until college, and then went ahead and outed her twin sister for good measure.

Alice: If you could say anything to that little kid, what would you say?
Megan: YOU’RE GAY. Obviously. You’re a really big lesbian. You’re wonderful and it’s beautiful and you’re gonna love it. It’s better when you get yourself out into the light.


Of course I milked the cow!?!?! I’m gay??!

Alice asks if any gay shit goes down in the women’s soccer locker room and Megan says their celebrations are pretty gay ’cause everybody’s in a sports bra tossing cold sparkly sticky liquids all over each other, which inspires the entire audience to generate sparkly liquids between their legs. Megan even concedes that “surprising hookups” may have occurred within the team, but “no mistakes.” This is honestly incredible information and I’m delighted to have it, even though this entire scene has absolutely no relevancy to the plot of the show.


Finley’s vagina is going to explode!

Back to Bette 2020 HQ where Henry Ford would be VERY proud of this campaign gift bag assembly line they’ve got going on. Dani and Pierce have a problem on their hands ahead of this debate, though: Angie got into a fight at school. And the school she got into a fight at? Private.

I’m sorry, I lost track of this story….

Dani, what did you have for breakfast

Three mimosas and a wheat thin?

Honestly Angelica should’ve won a Nobel Peace Prize for punching that bitch in the face and the debate should be cancelled and replaced with a reception for Angie’s award ceremony and Jordi should be allowed to attend, sorry.

Take me to church!!! Finley will worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, she’ll tell you her sins and you can sharpen your knife.


Speaking of sins, there’s a big surprise for Finley waiting for her in church and it’s not that, as Sophie reads in a pamphlet, MCC offers wine tastings and Mexican cooking classes.

Ah what a lovely building —



Yup, Rebecca isn’t just going to church, she’s working at church. The entire congregation sits down. Finley remains standing. Rebecca sees Finley. Finley sees Rebecca. Sophie realizes what’s happening and yanks Finley down to earth. Sophie’s facial expressions throughout this scene are epic and perfect. “I fucked the priest,” Finley says. It’s a big year for people fucking priests!

So she’s a cool priest now then?

Finley does the sign of the cross and mouths a little “I’m sorry” to God. God made Olivia Thirlby and is totally cool with the whole thing.

Cut a food truck where Dani’s met up with Daddy to have a stand-and-eat, wherein he apologizes again and says he’s set up a meeting to check out The Biltmore, a very fancy potential wedding location! The perfect venue for his darling daughter to marry her betrothed, who might be wearing white velour track suit. Dani’s not sure that the Biltmore will fit into their budget, but obvs Dad’s ready to shell out major moolah for a location where he could proudly invite his rich terrible friends. Also, he does seem to genuinely love his daughter and want the best for her et cetera.

I know we had an incident last week, but give it another try. He promised me this bottle is totally poison-free.

Dani wonders what Mom would’ve wanted for her wedding and Dad says she would’ve wanted everything they didn’t have, which hopefully includes lions, tigers AND bears. He describes his wedding, for which Mom spent almost their entire budget on flowers and they wore hand-me-downs, which Dani says sounds romantic. “She would want more for you,” Dad says. “She always did.” (Bears!)

Back at the M-C-C, Sophie’s snapping pics of the spot for Dani. Rebecca’s apologizing to Finley for not being immediately open about her gig, admitting she’s more closeted about being Christian than she is about being queer. Okay. Finley’s concerned that Rebecca’s marriage to Jesus has been violated by doll-humping but Rebecca says it’s open, no worries.

It’s just that I’ve been thinking about you humping a doll all day

Finley was raised VERY Catholic and is resistant to Rebecca’s insistence that churches can be safe spaces. Rebecca knows a lot of queers have religious baggage but she tries to “help remind them that they’re not those kids anymore” and that “they can choose what they want to believe.” For example, they’ve mostly chosen to believe in astrology. That’s democracy!

At DaSoMi’s, a half-naked man is smoking a cigarette by the pool and Micah’s never seen him before. Is he an extra? A spy? A special friend of Jose’s?

My bad I saw that lesbian chick and thought this was the set of Ray Donovan

Inside DaSoMi’s, the engaged couple are catching up after a long day apart:

Dani: How was your day?
Sophie: I mean, sexism is real but I got to meet Megan Rapinoe!

Sophie tells Dani that MCC looks like a great venue and also Finley fucked the minister!!!! Dani’s like oh that’s cool but I don’t know just riffing here how would you feel about The Biltmore?

Can you believe how good Riese was at figuring out where my shirt and my pants were from? Wow what a talent! Unfortunately it turns out this outfit costs $800, but it was worth a look. Also, Sophie’s worksuit is from Wildfang but her specific one is not currently for sale, but there are some cute long-sleeve ones!

Sophie’s down but her inner alarm bells go off when she hears Dad’s already scheduled a walk-though. It’s truly not Dani’s fault that Dad went ahead and did that without her consent, but it seems like good faith assumptions have been off the table since Dani switched professions. Now Sophie’s curious who’s idea this was… Dani’s or Dani’s Dad??? Maybe Dani saw this 2013 video from The Biltmore Coral Gables “Love is Love” Gay Wedding Campaign. You never know! YouTube is free!

We zip merrily over to Nat’s, where Alice’s trying to set up a friend date with Gigi and Nat, like maybe they could go for coffee and discuss topics like carpentry and love affairs?

Jane Lynch said WHAT?

“She misses you,” Alice shrugs. Gigi’s taken aback, maybe flattered, but ultimately open to it. Nat, on the other hand?

Lesbian Squabble #7: Once My Lover Now My Friend?
In The Ring: Alice vs. Nat
Content: Why would Alice tell Gigi that Nat misses her? Because she does! But she’s my ex-wife!? But she was your friend!

Alice: I dated my best friend too, as you know, and when we broke up it was very painful. [Throwback #13: Alice and Dana’s relationship + breakup, S2-S3}
Nat: You would really be okay if me and Gigi were just gal-palling around town having fun?

Absolutely, says Alice! They could mani-pedi, for example. They should not spa — that could involve robes and everybody’s private parts being out in public — but she can totally see a mani-pedi being a valid, if brief, activity. Anyhow, Alice thinks that Nat’s the cool one. Nat says now she KNOWS Alice is lying. Honestly, fair. Gigi is the cool one.

Who Wins? They actually resolve their fight and come to an agreement, so they both do! Yay communication!

Back in Micah’s bathroom he’s practicing smiling in the mirror when Jose shows up. Micah’s stoked for the art show, he studied the artist on the internet and is ready to have pretentious art conversations! Jose’s face does not reflect an appropriate level of excitement, and Micah asks what’s up. Jose’s so sorry but he’s gotta cancel to take care of some personal stuff. EXCUSE ME?!!

Well you should know that I had a VERY hot role-play thing planned where I was gonna leave an earring behind at the gallery and then have you come over to return it and now I’m just going to have to do it with SOMEBODY ELSE

My stomach hurts for Micah! I hate this. When you cancel literally at the moment you’re supposed to leave, you owe your date more than just a casual “I’ll make it up to you.” You owe them, for example, a legitimate explanation or maybe some indication of empathy or perhaps physical affection or maybe even a romantic night at The Biltmore.

Elsewhere on the East Side, Shane’s all alone at The Bar Formerly Known as Atlas when Bette shows up with flowers, which will definitely make everyone feel beautiful. Also, she’d love a drink, and to apologize to Shane for being a shitty friend, ’cause Shane’s always been there for her. [Throwback #14: S2 when Shane was the only one in the friend group still talking to Bette after she cheated on Tina.] Shane admits Bette was right — buying the bar was an impulsive choice. I might be projecting here but I feel like Shane’s the kind of person who never really figured out how to prioritize her own happiness, or even understand how to achieve it, and so the idea of helping to make somebody else’s dream come true is what pushes an impulsive decision over the line from “interesting business idea” to “this will fill the void.” So now here we are.

Wow that is… a VERY big picture of Dawn Denbo and her Lover Cindy.

How’s Shane doing anyway, with her heartbreak?

Shane: There are times that I feel normal and then the feeling of missing her just hits me like a fucking wave.
Bette: Are you sure that it’s over?
Shane: I have divorce papers sitting in my drawer right now so I’m pretty sure it’s over.

Shane says their problems aren’t problems of not loving each other. She just wants to feel normal again. She wonders when that might be, and asks Bette how long it took her to feel normal after Tina? Bette says she still doesn’t feel normal, sorry! Love is a lie! Bette says she misses the kind of love that she had with Tina — you know, a stir-fry and slurpee kind of love — because it made her feel alive. And. And!!!

She never thought Tina would fall in love with someone else.





fall in love




Phew it feels good to have that out, as indicated in the comments on last week’s recap it was really killing me to not share this information with all of you! Don’t worry I haven’t seen 104 yet so we’re all on the same page now.

Sometimes I close my eyes and remember Tina draped in a blanket she thought was a shirt and I feel completely hollow inside.

Bette said everything changed when Tina left her, including that Bette began menopause shortly thereafter. Personally I’m unsurprised to hear that Tina causes menopause. But Shane’s young, Bette says. She’ll be okay. She needs time to pass and for days to go by. Isn’t it wild that Shane is almost 40, but also that in a way, I am almost 40? ahahahsahaahahsadjkasdjklasj

Lest he be lonely tonight, Micah fires up the ‘ol dating app and gets down to relatively immediate business with a sexy stranger named Hassan who’s profile pic includes a cat, which means Hassan is a lesbian.

Queer Sexy Moment #8: Filling the Void
The Players: Micah and Hassan
The Pick Up? Swipe!
Hot or Not? Hassan says he’s never had sex with a trans guy before. Micah rolls over. Honestly Micah … seems sad? I don’t like it!

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  1. Aaaah that scene w Shane and Lena was so uncomfortable!

    My fav line by far is the “I love how he mixes art with politics”. As you say, this could be about anyone and is the most generic statement ever and I love it.

    I don’t get the big deal about Bette meeting up with Felicity. Is Felicity still married? If not I would have thought it fine, or am I naive about the scandal?

    Love your work Riese!

    OOH and who else is following Mia Kirshner’s disapproval of the Jenny storyline on Twitter?

    • Yes! I am closely following Mia Kirshner’s disapproval on twitter, here’s hoping for a christmas miracle where she comes on To Landback and does a tell all !!

    • I know!!! remember the part where carly asked her to be on our podcast and she thought carly was asking her to be on generation q. hopefully we will get this cleared up and get mia dialed in.

      fwiw i agree with her. i think her death was an irresponsible choice — suicide as where a survivor of sexual violence + self-harm ends up OR murder as where any of her not-homicidal friends end up. i think season 6 should’ve just been wiped from the record.

      • Well I’ll keep praying to the gay/lesbian/queer christmas gods for Mia to come To LandBack and tell us what REALLY happened to Jenny.

        I agree, I also hated that they made her death suicide ( or exist at all), I feel it’s such a betrayal to her story as a survivor of sexual violence and everything else she went through.

        Rereading the interview Heather Hogan did, I think Jenny was probably struggling with even more mental health issues, which contributed to some of her questionable choices.

        The ultimate would be a long deep dive interview with Mia on all things Jenny for a couple of hours. Maybe I’m the only person that wants this?

        I think Mia deserves a lot of credit for always acting whatever storyline and writing that was thrown her way ( lol not just the carnival storyline).

        Mia’s consistency and acting I think is fucking incredible, deserves more credit.

        I was hoping gen Q would just pretend season 6 never happened, like most of us do, along with Max’s Willy Wonka baby shower.

        • I would fully listen to this interview. Jenny the character drove me bananas, but entirely based on the mostly shitty writing for her. Mia did a fantastic job with what she was given, and in the end, even with my disdain for the character, I thought the show did her extremely dirty with the death/suicide plot.

    • my theory is that Bette cannot win the election cause if she does it would change the whole series vibes into something like Good Wife/Fight.
      ergo there has to be scandal, ergo yes, Felicity’s married for sure

  2. These damn photo captions. I swear, the best things about this show rising from the grave are a) the photo captions and b) the “Welcome to episode X of season Y of The L Word, a show about a wayward band of explorers on the road to El Dorado” thing. It feels like being right back in 2009, and I love you for that.

    • A tiny part I can’t stop thinking about: do people really want bars with VIP sections and bottle service? Aren’t both tacky and a complete rip-off? Or is this an North American/ LA thing? Would love to know people’s thoughts?

      • Hot take: Only lesbians in LA (and maybe just the LA of the L Word) can afford VIP/bottle service situations, let alone work up the energy to go out to bars enough to keep them open.

  3. Riese…another hilarious recap!!! I’m so loving this format.

    There were 2 moments in this episode that hit very close to home for me:

    The first was Bette talking to Angie about how the rules are different for her. My parents gave me that same speech from the moment I was born. They also added that people (other kids, their parents, etc.) also knew the rules were different and would provoke me knowing the consequences I’d face should I retaliate physically or verbally would be more punitive.

    The second was Finley and the church. My dad is a minister and the vast majority of my family including my siblings are very heavily involved in the church. Growing up, I was mostly happy about being in the church and my family seemed to be open to everyone and everything though I don’t recall there ever being conversations about homosexuality or the “sins” of it. My commitment to the church remained unchanged until I realized I was gay (I was an adult and on my own), which sparked a lot of conversations, all of it negative. Years later, 60% of me wants nothing to do with the church after feeling abandoned by it and my family after I came out. There is also a very powerful 40% of me that longs to go back. So far, I’ve actively chosen to avoid the subject, at least until I can get a better understanding of my emotions on the subject.

    • that’s so interesting! those are two elements of the story that i can’t relate to personally, and it’s really insightful to hear from someone who can. <3

  4. Excellent and hilarious recap. I feel like it was at least an 8 out of 10 in terms of hilarity. I did not pee myself (like our friend Nat) but I did laugh so loudly that my neighbors probably heard me through the concrete walls.

    Big question for The L Word Generation Q: Will they ever have literally any fat character as a main, central character? Ever?? Especially considering that the average size of American women is now 16 to 18?? I know Fortune Feimster is there in the background for 10-30 seconds per episode, so the showrunners probably think they did their job, but that is absolutely not enough.

    • it truly feels like the answer to this is definitively not, which sucks. i remember when the original came out it was a very different world w/r/t that, and it was shocking to see a woman on TV who was not just skin and bones — like all they ever had on TV were size 0s and 2s and there were a lot of stories out about how actresses who were any bigger than that were asked to diet down to keep their jobs. The L Word was maybe showing some 6s and 8s, which was, sadly, something. but i think we’ve evolved past that a LITTLE bit now, and it’s unfortunate to see that TLWGQ is not taking this opportunity to push that representation further forward.

      • I agree, Riese. I think the only thing that could get them to add a fat character for season 2 would be a lot of loud pushback and activism. And I do not have energy for that! I encourage thin folks to take the baton and work on this.

  5. Any other Mennonites out there who were briefly shocked/excited/confused by a reference to MCC?!

    Anyway, I’m really interested to see where they go with the religious baggage stuff with Finley. I was kind of annoyed with how Rebecca just upfront assumes that Finley wants to “reclaim her faith.” That’s a super insensitive thing to say, at best, to someone who hasn’t given you any indication that’s actually the case.

    • Also, agree with others that this is an awesome recap and reading them all is a big motivation for me to keep up with the show in the first place. Also also want to second the recommendation for Work in Progress – really loving that so far! :)

    • yeah you’re right! it seems like anything that feels slightly evangelical to finley might send her running/biking in the opposite direction so it was weird for her to go there and make those assumptions so quickly

  6. I’m loving the series so far.

    When Finley connected the dots, I laughed so hard!!!

    I can’t believe we only get 8 episodes. I hope they renew it for another season!

    • Loooved Finley just standing there. Also love that though in retrospect it maybe should have been obvious that she would be the minister, they got me too!

  7. Thanks again Riese you had me at denim and Ballroom’s. Does The Biltmore have a wine cave? I think thats the real question

    I’m majorly crushing on Rebecca and I’m sure I’m not alone. Also crushing on Tess !!!! she is such a dream boat, which is why I’m not really invested in Shane and Lena. That whole storyline I’m hoping we can move past ASAP. I mean unless Lena and Tess were open, I may of seen it all differently.

    I feel like maybe with Alice, Nat and Gigi that may be where their storyline is going. I weirdly felt that Alice and Gigi had some major chemistry going on, although as Drew has said maybe that’s because Alice has chemistry with everyone.

    It would be interesting to see a poly relationship shown positively as a central storyline. I don’t think I’ve seen that before, or maybe I just was looking in the wrong places ha.

    I’m loving Work in Progress and seeing different circles of the queer and gender communities embraced. The dark humour and some of the storylines are too relatable right now.

    I’m enjoying my Sunday’s with Gen Q and Work in Progress and of course the recaps !!!!

    • oh there is definitely chemistry between gigi and alice. moreso than there is between alice and nat, tbh. i wish they were gonna transition into a threesome or a poly relationship, although i imagine nat is probably not ready to extend her trust to gigi again!

  8. They should have made Alice and Nat’s relationship more like six months instead of two years, they really don’t seem like they’ve been together that long. Alice hasn’t noticed in two years that Nat doesn’t really have friends?! This hasn’t concerned her at all? They haven’t hung out with Alice’s friends enough for Nat to be at least vaguely friendly with them??

    I call Bette’s Felicity American Girl Doll in texts etc. so thrilled to see that here as well – I assume the writers named her, like I named my Autostraddle username, after the doll because she is the best one!

    • i am actually SO OLD that felicity wasn’t released until i’d already had my samantha doll for two years! but i cannot hear that name without thinking of felicity american girl doll??

  9. Yay! Alice and Nat actually had a couple cute moments and not just conflict (though still conflict)!

    I am soooo not a Tina fan so I initially had a hard time believing Tina would leave Bette for someone else as Bette is Bette. But Bette as a person vs Bette as a partner is completely different and one is kindof the worst and so yay for Tina!

    Yes, I think Sophie ultimately wins as she should be comfortable at her own wedding and there’s definitely a wealth/class disparity between the two that the super fancy venue does not respect. But she also seems oblivious to her position of familial privilege (it’s big and loving) and not very considerate of the fact that Dani’s father has recently (potentially) come back from the edge of rejecting her for being gay and generally not doing what he wants) and they are working on rebuilding their relationship after his devastating first reaction to the engagement. I’m not saying Dani needs to give him everything he wants just because he’s not being a complete douche, but sometimes even the best parents need some time to adjust to a new life script for their children and it is so so scary to see a glimpse of parental rejection (especially when you only have one parent and maybe no siblings?). I’m just saying maybe Dani could give Sophie a bit of breathing room.

    Booooo Shane and Lena! We all knew it was going to happen but I still yelled at the tv “c’mon Shane, don’t be Shane!” And then she did.

    I loooove Rebecca and what they’re doing to deepen Finley’s character.

    Ok, I’m not clear, is Felicity still married or is Bette still being Bette?
    I get that Bette and Shane have not (and should not have) completely changed over the past 10(?) years, but also wish they would have sooome personal growth. Shane’s still sexually (and otherwise) people pleasing and Bette’s still making bad relationship choices. You know what, let’s just call a spade a spade: they’re both sex addicts and are still active in their addictions.

    Actually loving the reboot so far! Sure it still has its problems – it’s still The L Word after all! But even in the changed tv landscape of 2019 it’s still a show we need.

  10. i was more frustrated at this episode than the previous two!

    i think sophie and dani are fighting about valid things, but it also feels like they’re just picking fights for no reason. like, there’s a way sophie could say, ‘i’m uncomfortable with x, can we talk about it more?’ without starting a huge fight every time. it feels like a really toxic dynamic to me, and i wish we could just see a healthy relationship founded on good communication. because other than that i really like their relationship, and it would be actually great to see a couple work through all these challenges in a healthy way. also, it’s always sophie picking the fights, and it makes me frustrated with her even though i agree with her points if i take a step back, and i honestly blame the writers for that. i feel like they’re writing her as such a reactive partner unnecessarily and it’s not fair to her. dani and sophie are my favorites of the new characters!!! treat them better!!!!!

    i also *don’t* like micah’s storyline. please god can we have a scene with him that’s not an infomercial for how badly trans folks are treated by partners?? it feels like it’s all intended to be educational for cis viewers, and a lot of his scenes are very hard for me to watch as a trans person. i can see that they’re trying to do better than they did with max by pointing out how all these things are bad things to do. but it’s honestly starting to feel like the same dynamic where the writers just throw shitty stuff at micah and he has to deal with it. i’m hoping this improves, but talking to other trans folks it’s been hard to watch his scenes. (and a side note, why doesn’t micah have any trans friends??? that feels so unrealistic!!) (also why tf aren’t there any nonbinary people? i get that it would be a Big Deal for TV but not having nonbinary folks feels so unrealistic in this world)

    and i’m not happy with having shane hook up with *an employee.*

    things i DID like:
    – sophie telling micah “it’s ok to be angry, and it’s ok to fuck.” so so good! these characters have so much potential, treat them better!!!
    – angie punching the racist girl, and bette’s reaction. bette is a good parent, y’all. i wish all the other storylines were being written with as much nuance and good communication as how bette talked to angie in that moment.
    – megan motherfucking rapinoe!! the cameo felt kind of weird and threw me but then i remembered they did have melissa etheridge cameo as herself in the original. lots of cameos this time around. but that was just a super fun and cute cameo and i’m really happy for megan that she got to do it
    – and finally, the public education storyline!! hell yes to an anti-voucher storyline!! hell yes to an endorsement from the motherfucking LA TEACHERS UNION!!! more of this politics!!!! more cameos of unions!! lol

    • I think what’s happening between Sophie and Dani is very realistic. There are very clear indications that the differences in their “classes”, Dani’s overbearing dad and Dani making decisions without Sophie have always been issues that have largely been ignored or glossed over. Those issues are now being amplified x10 because I think Sophie expected (and rightfully so) that the engagement and pending marriage meant Dani sees her truly as an equal.

      As for Micah, I’ve talked to my trans friends about his storyline and they are mixed. Some say it’s realistic in that he is trying so very hard to prove his worth as a man and to find connection through honesty and truth and people within the queer community can and will exploit and/or fetishize that. If that’s the angle the writers are taking, then I’m all for it. The queer community in many circles aren’t as progressive as we’d like those outside of it to believe. Other Trans friends have said it’s a stereotype that needs to be quashed. I can also see this POV and completely understand how that can be damaging to how people see trans persons and how trans people see themselves. I’m going to wait it out and see how it unfolds.

    • sophie and dani keep confronting really real issues that i understand might bring up conflicts in their relationship but the things about those issues they are choosing to fight about are… bananas. like “i thought we were slowing down” when dani takes the new job instead of like, “i’m sad that you were going through this whole debate about leaving your job and went to bette and offered to work for her after seeing her on my show and you didn’t say anything to me about it or want to talk to me about it?” or “how are we going to survive now that you’re gonna make 1/8th of what you made before?”

      also do they have a backstory? i need to know more!

      • Riese…isn’t that how it usually goes though? Couples tend to fight over the stupid shit on the periphery instead of confronting the core of their issue(s). It’s early still but to me, Dani and Sophie read a lot like Bette and Tina where the power in the relationship is heavily skewed toward Dani. Dani is the know-it-all who needs control and Sophie kind of goes along for the ride partly because she’s just an easy-going chick but also because it makes Dani happy/comfortable even though she’s not getting what she needs. When Sophie said that it took her giving Dani the death stare for her to even see how wrong the entire situation was and when she told Dani with that defeated look/tone that she was hurting her by siding with her dad, to me that read like someone whose feelings/wants/needs are often not given much thought without provocation.

    • I like Sophie and Dani’s individual storylines, but their couple scenes are turning into cringe for me fast. Sophie has valid points but the way she comes out of the gate hot every time with accusations and the silent treatment and refusal to try to discuss or empathize is becoming exhausting. How am I supposed to be invested in the wedding of these two? I’m not sure if they should even be dating.

      Speaking of weird couple moments, how have Alice and her girlfriend been dating for two years and Alice is just now noticing she doesn’t have friends? And how is her girlfriend completely unintegrated with Alice’s social circle? Or be that unacquainted with her ex who is clearly around a lot? This relationship feels odd and stilted.

      Maybe it will come with time, but Micah is substantially underdeveloped. I still have no idea who this character is besides trans (and depressed?) but I’m willing to give the writers some time because the character has such potential. And isn’t remotely Max.

      As far as messes that I love, I’m here for the Finley storyline and I find how Bette and Shane are still fucking up in the same ways…I don’t know if it’s the right word, but I’m going to go with endearing. I love these two women so much, flaws and all. I need more characters like that.

      • yeah, I totally agree that Sophie and Dani are fighting about reasonable and important issues. it just feels to me that after x years of being together they should have some healthier framework to deal with this stuff. like, it seems like Dani should know to be sensitive around money etc, and also that by now Sophie would have a way to bring those issues up. it feels unrealistic/very toxic that they don’t have a better way to deal with these issues, which presumably have always been a big part of their relationship.

        and yeah I agree that Micah is underdeveloped. the experiences he’s having are realistic, but really uncomfortable. and I just wish we could get more moments for him that weren’t his partners saying all these cringey things.

        • Yeah, it seems like a lot of these issues would have come up when they moved in together, so I’m surprised they don’t seem to have a framework to deal with them

  11. i know this is the l word, so not really realistic to the shows roots, but i wish there was, like… one romantic relationship that was healthy. lol. alas, i hope sophie and dani figure out their stuff bc so far they seem the ones to most likely figure their shit out.

  12. So Finley is still riding around on a stolen bicycle and her car is still abandoned in that girl’s driveway?
    And Shane why not cater to a quieter crowd, with a bar that allows you to have a conversation, some books and an extensive vegan menu? Just a suggestion…

  13. I think that was an 8/10 recap of a 5/10 episode.

    “Personally I’m unsurprised to hear that Tina causes menopause.” Favourite line! Best on ground!

    And thanks for sitting on that Tina spoiler, Riese.

    I also just want to say that as a South African who watched the whole original series on DVD long after it aired (secretly, in my room, with headphones), and who didn’t know anyone else who watched the show, and didn’t know of Autostraddle then, I am really grateful to be able to watch the new episodes almost immediately, and not secretly, and to feel that sense now of sharing the show through these recaps and all the comments.

    • Right? It’s so nice to watch the show “live” and openly out and reading the recaps as it happens! So nice

      • I watched the original in secret in the dead of night on YouTube and spoke to no one about it. Posting on Instagram about watching it with my girlfriend and dissecting it with you all and the queer community I’ve acquired since is pretty incredible.

  14. I’m still mad about Tibette’s storyline but I was relieved to know their breakup was not Bette’s fault.

  15. Please interview Mia! I need to know her thoughts on gen q. They should have brought Jenny and Dana back, with no explanation needed. Also, I hope they bring Helena in season 2.

  16. ok listen WHO just buys a bar and it happens IMMEDIATELY and then you don’t tell any of the staff who just show up for work that day for their scheduled shift, you know, looking for… the tips they pay their rent with and then when you tell them SURPRISE, YOUR JOB IS GAY NOW BUT ALSO CLOSED FOR AN UNDETERMINED LENGTH OF TIME WHILE WE TRY TO FIND A MARINA’S-OFFICE-ESQUE PLACE FOR SHANE TO FUCK HER LIFE UP IN HERE they’re…thrilled?

    justice for tess and lena’s bank accounts

    • i mean literally nothing about it makes sense, the process of buying a bar that was, seemingly, very busy and popular, would take a lot longer than two days? buying property in general takes a long-ass time. also they could not have been the bar’s only employees?

      i do remember when classic family restaurant bill knapps shut down in michigan servers did arrive at their shifts to just see a note on the door, but

      i was waiting for all of the bar’s regular patrons to show up and start banging on the door asking where they can watch the football game

      • Not to mention the qualifying and transferring of the liquor license…
        but There are a lot os restaurants/bars that close without telling their employees first. They arrive for their shifts to find the place closed…

    • Yeahhhhh but also when Dani switched jobs overnight I think they firmly established we live in an alternate universe where these things just happen 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. I felt like this episode had more meat in it (as in plot, don’t go there haha). Your captions were hilarious Riese!

    It felt like a great twist that Finley’s hookup turned out to be a female pastor at an inclusive church! I also love that Shane bought a bar, and is bringing it back to gay fame! I wish more people would do this in real life, we really need more queer wlw spaces.

    I think Lena’s really hot, but I’m not a fan of her cheating on Tess (despite saying they’re “over”, we know that’s not true). I think Alice is making a mistake letting Nat be friendly with Gigi again. Honestly, Alice isn’t really maternal so I don’t think her relationship is that great anyway.

    I love that they got Megan Rapinoe to guest star on Alice’s show! I hope they continue to do that throughout the season, getting queer women celebs to join in :D TBH, I’ll always watch more interviews with her! This was her year, and I’m so glad that the win happened for the USWNT in 2019.

    Can’t wait to see what’s going on with them all next week! I think this show is already better than the original, and I’m really excited to be watching it in real time & getting to read content like this as it’s happening <3

  18. I can’t be the only one who thought that Jose’s personal business and the mysterious dude by the pool might be connected….

    • Yeah the show writers aren’t exactly subtle so he must be. Tho I would laugh if we never saw or heard from him again!

  19. I feel like nothing on this show makes any sense, but I’m still weirdly addicted to it??

    Like guys, do you realize Finley’s the only character of a relatable economic bracket?? Like yes, Sophie clearly has less money than Dani, but they’re still living in a villa with a pool….we have no idea about Micah, but he lives there too, right?? I’m not really sure because he fucked that dude on a couch and we’ve yet to see any evidence of additional rooms in this place, but I think we’re supposed to assume he lives there too. (Also do we even know if/what his job is? Or do jobs just stop existing once they’re more than one degree separated from one of the original cast members?) And yet Finley just moved into a fucking mansion with Shane. So like…literally none of the main characters are economically relatable to 99% of the queer population. Shouldn’t we find that strange? Literally an entire plot from this week’s episode was about whether the main couple should have like $30,000 wedding or an $100k+ wedding. Who is this storyline even aiming towards? Most queers I know dress in secondhand clothes and get married in the woods, but ok.

    And the Lena/Shane storyline was awful. I feel all kinds of weird about how drunk Shane was & the fact that Lena is her employer…I hate that tv writers always do this with drunk sex, like if the drunk person takes charge than somehow it’s ok?? But ethically I still think this is all kinds of fucked up.

  20. “Also; stoked to see how they explore Tess’s sobriety. There’s a very very active queer sober community in Los Angeles and it’d be great to see that represented.”


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