The Great Console Debate: A Poll and Open Thread

You know what’s great about writing nerd stuff for Autostraddle specifically? When we talk games or tech or anything, we’re free to have civil discussions on topics we’re all nerd-passionate about without the usual male nerd proving thing that sometimes (though not always) happens on other, more mainstream nerd sites. It is with this in mind that I’m about to poke the beehive and ask everyone THE question: what is the best contemporary gaming console?

The Great Console Debate

This discussion is almost entirely selfish — I’m saving up for one right now, and while I’m pretty sure I’m saving up for an XBOX One, I’m still not one hundred percent certain. I asked my Facebook and got basically as many answers as there were gamers. Everyone had different reasons, different pros and cons lists, different opinions. My friend Laura lent me her XBOX 360 for a couple of days to try to help me decide, and let me tell y’all — I am unused to anything after a Nintendo 64. She laughed because I’ve never played with two joysticks before; I was like THIS IS ONE TOO MANY JOYSTICKS and I kept running into walls and accidentally looking at the sky. I still really want a modern console, though, even though I’m kinda bad at video games — I used to love video games and I let myself get muscled out of enjoying them and taking up space in that world. NO LONGER. So let me qualify the “what is the best contemporary gaming console?” by also saying this: if a person could only have one and wants to pick THE BEST ONE, which do they pick?

I’m including a poll for people who just want to vote and bounce. But obviously Lesbian Jesus made comment sections for just this sort of discussion — feel free to bring in any and and all relevant information to make your point, things like pros and cons lists and playthroughs you find on YouTube and cost of subscriptions and cost of consoles and how smooth purchasing games is and how many indie games you can get and how many women work in the upper echelons of the company and what you personally own and who has the gayest games etc, etc, etc. I’m including three contestants in The Great Console Debate: XBOX One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii U. I’ve all but ruled out the Wii U for myself because one of the things I want out of a console is Fallout 4, but I DUNNO WHAT IF THAT’S THE BEST ONE AND I’M BEING SHORTSIGHTED? Plus I bet there are a bunch of other people who are in my position, gamers of some other stripe (table top all the way!) and want to be Current and Relevant in the video game scene after taking a big long break from the bullshit parts of it. Now the nice part of comments is, if you think I’ve gone and left out a possibility, then you can totally present a different option I haven’t thought of yet.

So which is it friends? Let the Great Console Debate begin!

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  1. I have a PS4 and I love it. I bought the PS4 because at the time, XB1s still came bundled with Kinect and there was no way in hell I was paying extra for a miserable peripheral. However, I’ve heard really good things about the XB1 lately.

    For me, I guess it comes down to system-exclusive games. For example, the wait for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 is making me sad, but if I had an Xbox, I’d have it already. But I personally like the PS4 exclusives a lot more than the XB1 exclusives, so the PS4 works for me. A little googling will turn up a list of exclusives on each system if that’s something that figures in your decision.

    And then there’s all the OTHER features that consoles come with these days. From what I gather, the XB1 is way better at being a media/entertainment device than the PS4. That really appeals to some folks. But if you’re like me and your console is mostly for gaming with a side benefit of Netflix, they seem to be equally able.

    The Wii U is almost another conversation entirely. The optimal gaming setup is probably a PS4/XB1 and a Wii U because there’s effectively no crossover. Obviously that’s a hard sell for a lot of people. I like the Wii U a lot, but it doesn’t do enough right for me to actually care about it. If you LOVE Nintendo properties, it’s a wonderful thing. But if you’re like me and you’re ambivalent about Marios and Zeldas… the system is underpowered, the controller is gimmicky, and Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about sensible online gaming. Or sensible online anything. Nintendo does what Nintendo wants, zeitgeist be damned.

    • Yeah, it’s mostly about what games you want. Now that XB1 has an ever-growing list of backwards compatible games, it’s a much more robust system. Especially since you haven’t played on a console since the N64, having an Xbox 360 library available to you might be nice (play the Mass Effect series, probably also Dragon Age when it hits backwards compatibility).

      The other stuff is also nice: I use my XB1 as a media center, for all my streaming services, live TV (for, you know, The 100), and even streaming from my computer. As for the Kinect, I use the voice commands much more than I expected I would, not just in games but to actually navigate through the system.

      That said, I always tell people to buy a console based on what games you want to play. If XB1 has more of what you want, go that way, vice versa. Or if you play WITH people, make sure you’re all on the same console.

      My buddy who has the Wii U loves it, but he’s a huge Nintendo nut, and if you’re not tied to the licensed characters there’s no real reason to go for one of those. Every other game is also available on the other consoles.

      Indie content tends to hit first on PS4 but get to XB1 eventually, though not all of it. Also, if you have any kind of computer that’s really the best way to play indie titles, IMO.

    • Yeah, the exclusives are exactly right. When I weighed PS4 vs XBox1 exclusives there was no contest. There are way more games I want to play for PS4.

      • Okay, but like—I know I want to play, like, Fallout and Dragon Age. I’m having such an issue making this decision because how do I know which of the exclusives I want to play without trying them? Even if something looks good on playthrough, I might hate the gameplay. Which exclusives made y’all’s decisions?

        And yeah, I’m leaning toward XBox myself because of the backwards compatibility thing. More than one person has told me I’d enjoy Mass Effect.

        • The backwards compatibility thing is super important. In your case, I’d probably go Xbox too. Just for Mass Effect, really. I can’t express how much I love that game. There are a lot of amazing Xbox 360 games that will make an XB1 worth it for you.

          As for current-gen exclusives… for me it’s mostly that Rise of the Tomb Raider is literally the only XB1 exclusive I want, and even that’s coming to the PS4 this winter. Then PS4 has The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, Infamous, The Witness and a smattering of great indies.

          Something that may or may not matter to you: Sony has a virtual reality peripheral coming out eventually, while Microsoft does not, so it’ll be the only console-compatible VR device. The others are all for PC, and if you don’t already have a fairly high-end PC, they’re probably cost-prohibitive. The Playstation VR is still going to cost a bathtub’s worth of money, but if you have a console and not a good PC, it’ll be the cheapest way to get into VR, if you’re interested in that.

          TL;DR I want everyone to play Mass Effect, so get an XB1. Keep in mind that FemShep is Best Shep.

          • Mass Effect is great. I can’t argue against that reasoning.

            Some Ps4 exclusives coming up possibly worth consideration though: Horizon Zero Dawn coming out this year (girl protag, killing giant robot dinosaurs) and No Man’s Sky in June (sandbox space exploration with 18 quintillion planets). Plus Until Dawn already available.

  2. I have an Xbox One and I like it a lot and the Kinect is a lot of fun at party. Very pleased that more Xbox 360 games are becoming backwards compatible too

  3. I have to say Alecia did a pretty great sum up of how I feel on it all too. Two thumbs up Alecia! Having also come from a youth of hardcore Nintendo loving, I got a WiiU and I will admit it’s still just as fun, but I’m not super intrigued by any of the game play which I feel like I crave more now? But don’t get me wrong I will always love Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. Agreed with all of the thought processes from there that I think it’s really going to depend on the games you like to play and if they are partial to a specific console or not. I had an Xbox360 and a PlayStation2 and have yet to upgrade from there because I am also behind the gaming times. If I had to make a choice off the bat I would go with PS4. Mostly for game selection and I’m not necessarily into online gameplay which is a big selling point for Xbox. I think the major games are smart enough to go multi platform, and for each game that is console specific the competing console is going to have a competing top selling game. So overall you can’t lose!

    • Yeah, I don’t really do online gameplay either! Playing a game with strangers makes me sweat—so do I want a PS4 instead? THIS IS SO HARD.

  4. I very nearly switched from a 360 to a ps4, but once they announced that backwards compatibility was going to happen I decided to stick with Xbox. I’ve been pretty happy with my one so far, but the one thing that bugs me is the fact that it always takes forever to install a game regardless of whether I buy the physical disc or not. This has more to do with my shitty wifi than it does the Xbox vs ps4 vs wii U debate, but the fact that there are huge files that have to install when you first put a new game disk in is still something I wish I’d known before. I don’t even bother buying disks anymore since I have a 1 TB drive and it always takes like three days for them to be ready to install anyway, ugh.

    Other than that, I’ve been very happy with my one. There are great new games coming out on it all the time, the update to the live interface is so much smoother than it was on the 360 (after a bit of time to adjust), and the new hardware allows for some of the most beautiful graphics and impressive combat I’ve ever seen. If zombie apocolypse games are your forte, try Dying Light. So challenging and fun! It’s probably the most realistic and combat I’ve ever seen in a game (well, besides the whole zombie thing). It requires serious focus and finesse!!

  5. The only exclusive franchises that I care about are on Nintendo. However, I don’t care enough to buy an up-to-date console? I have an X-Box 360 that I never use.

    I hope all your console dreams come true, Ali! I have a feeling I’d be much more inclined to get into this if you were writing about it.

    • That’s the thing is that all my positive gaming memories are Nintendo franchises! But I want to experience new things. THIS IS SO HARD.

      Is there any console on which you and I could play games together, though? Like, excluding random others on the internet, just play with friends you choose? MMOs make me sweat.

  6. I was only a casual gamer until the Wii came along, and then I got addicted to motion-based play. The Kinect 360 is my delight, although if you want something truly responsive to your movements, the Wii is more accurate.

  7. I have a Wii U and a PS4. The Wii U is great if you love Nintendo games, but the third party support is bad. PS4 on the other hand has lots of titles, unbelievably good online support, and motherfucking Bloodborne. I highly recommend it over the Xbox One.

  8. I have a Wii U and I love it! I grew up on Nintendo consoles (I’ve played on everything since the super Nintendo)and I love the games that are Nintendo specific. Although it does sometimes suck that I can’t play the bigger name games, I love that the Nintendo shop has a good range of indie games that you can download.

    Also, the best thing about the Wii U is being able to play video games without turning on the tv. I never knew how much I’d love that feature until I got the system.

  9. I was just going through this a month or so ago. I always had a PS1, but found an xbox 360 for short money so I decided to give it a go. I’m pretty happy with it and am not a hardcore gamer so I probably won’t even bother with updating anytime soon.

  10. My housemates have a ps4 and an Xbox one. I exclusively use the ps4, because it seemed easier to use. Yes mostly I use Netflix and bbc iPlayer, but also the little games like Frozen themed bejeweled or Race the Sun.
    So all I can say is that i find the ps4 more accessible for nongamers. But I like it.

  11. I have an Xbox One and a PS4. The PS4 is strong, but the XB1 gives you all the media extras and backwards compatibility. It’s also upped my lazy by a factor of 10. Why would I stand up to find the remote when I can talk to my TV?

  12. If I’m being honest, the Nintendo Wii U seems to me like the best option when it comes to these new gen consoles. It all really depends on the type of game you like though, really! Although there is a Call Of Duty Wii U edition, that doesn’t mean it’ll play best on a Wii U. If you’re looking at shooters – Halo, Black Ops, Battlefield etc. – then the Xbox is the right pick for you. If you like RPGs then totally go for the PS4. And if you’re more of a lax/casual gamer (like myself) then the Wii U is definitely the console for you. I have a PS3, Xbox 360, and a Wii U and the Wii U is the one I game with the most (besides my 3DS.) Plus it has just the CUTEST games, like Yoshi’s Wooly World, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, and even classic Mario titles! Speaking of classic, you really don’t have to worry a lot about backwards compatibility since it plays all original Wii games and has HD editions and downloadable versions of classic NES/SNES/N64/Gamecube games! Really I reccommend the Wii U, and price wise it’s about the same as an Xbox One whereas the PS4 can be anywhere up to $100 more than those. Anyway, that’s my two cents! But I want to finish with a question: should I save up for a PS4 or a tablet computer? I really need a tablet for school but a PS4 would be soooo much fun. Thanks gals!!

    • I really like the Wii U too, I am a big platformer fan and Mario is my jam. I love getting to play mario with four players all at once. Also, Just Dance is a fun party game. I also recently got the new guitar hero which is very fun and challenging.

    • You can lug your laptop, right, get a PS4? I mean that’s what my inner gamer says, so she must be right.
      Really, need versus want, means you’ve already answered your own question. School comes first, even if it means those lame tablet games (don’t do iap). You can actually pair a PS3 or 360 controller with your tablet to play some older games on it, but think PS2 and older, older.

    • Animal Crossing ? I spent too many of my teenage hours playing the first GameCube version of that

  13. PS4 for me. Better exclusives, and the smaller controller fits better in my hands. I’m not the biggest game person but now that I’ve got one of these, there are quite a few on my wishlist. I just did Life is Strange and absolutely adored that, highly recommend checking it out if you’re into choice-based games.

    • Life Is Strange is beautiful. I played it on the PC, loved it and let town be destroyed so that Max and Chloe could be together… ♥

  14. I’m just about to head over to dinner at a friend’s house and he and his boyfriend play on separate consoles due to this here very steep philosophical divide (he’s playstation, boyfriend is xbox), even for the same game they’ll play separately.

    I have an Xbox 360 that I enjoy, but I am not good at keeping up-to-date on this stuff. My partner prefers PC gaming, but does enjoy the Xbox as well. Follow your arrow.

  15. If I had to chose the best console, I would chose a powerful desktop PC with an XBOX Elite Controller (possibly Wireless). Consoles are rubbish! ;-)

    P.S.: Sorry! Just joking, I have never owned a plastic toy … I mean, a console! ;-)

  16. Adulthood Wish Fulfillment #85: I bought an SNES (some off brand makes a combo NES/SNES machine on Amazon for like $35) and cheap wireless controllers for it like five years ago. Best purchase I ever made!!

  17. Like others have said, look at the games. The PS4 and the Xbone are functionally more or less the same, the differences come down to their exclusives. For me, that means the answer is the PS4, hands down. Sony has done a much better job this generation and last generation when it comes to producing good first party games. I’m surprised that no one has mentioned The Last of Us, for example – exclusive to PS3/PS4 and is probably the first AAA game with a main character that is a queer girl.

  18. I think it used to be that Xbox was more for Sci Fi and Fantasy stuff, and PS was more racing and shooters. But now that difference is mostly gone. I ended up with an Xbox 360.

    I also play a lot on my pc. I switch between the two. For my Xbox I buy discs, on my pc I mostly use Steam. My pc needs a serious update though, and that will be quite expensive.. So i’ve been thinking to switching to PS4; for the exclusives, like The Last Of Us. But if I compare prices of games i’d want to play in the future, it seems that games for Xbox One are a bit cheaper than those for PS4 (or is it my imagination?).. Aaargh, decisions, decisions!

    • The Last Of Us – Remastered is bloody brilliant! I played it on a friends’ PS4 and although I am a PC only girl, it made want buy a PS4, just to play a 14 year old Ellie. And “her” DLC ‘Left Behind’ with the back story of Ellie and her girlfriend Riley…

  19. Omg, I have been waiting my whole life for this question. Let’s unpack.

    Nintendo’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness – if you care about their exclusives, it’s the best console by far, but if you don’t, it’s fairly useless. But in terms of pricing, specs, third party support, native apps, etc., the Wii U isn’t really comparable to the PS4 for XB1, so we’ll set it aside for now. (It’s also worth mentioning that there are already significant rumors swirling about Nintendo’s *next* console, suggesting that the Wii U won’t have nearly the same life span as the PS4 or XB1. So I personally would be hesitant to invest too much at this point, unless, again, the exclusives are must-haves.)

    As far as the other two are concerned, in my totally unbiased opinion as someone who’s been buying Sony consoles since the 8th grade, I humbly recommend the PS4.

    FIRST of all, they have some of the best and most varied exclusives in gaming. Naughty Dog’s horror masterpiece “The Last of Us” is worth the price of console alone. Their “Uncharted” series (Tomb Raider, basically, but with a straight white dude instead of sexy gay Lara) is one of my all-time favorites. Then you also have lighter fare like “Kingdom Hearts III” and “Ratchet and Clank” coming out this year, award-winning indie titles like “Journey,” gory hack-and-slash games like “Bloodborne” and “God of War,” and whatever the hell “No Man’s Sky” and “The Last Guardian” are going to be. Note that many of these were PS3 games – the good news is, a lot of the best PS3 games have been remastered for the PS4 or are available online. The bad news is, unlike the XB1, PS4 isn’t actually backwards compatible.

    SECOND of all, PS4 has generally performed better with third-party games, in much the same way Xbox 360 outperformed PS3 in the last generation. Our star is rising! I’m happy to give recommendations for games in this department too, but that’s going to require another thread.

    FINALLY, in terms of hardware, I would say PS4 is the better box. Sony has made it incredibly easy to upgrade the HDD (which is almost certainly going to be necessary with either console, since 500GB only adds up to about 8-9 games these days), and it’s even covered by the warranty. Xbox does offer external hard drive support, but this feels to me like a band-aid solution at best. I also much prefer the PS4 controllers (which you can charge while it’s sleeping, bless), and it’s all around a much sleeker, lighter (quieter? maybe) machine.

    Some grudging points I will give to Microsoft: they have the advantage in online multiplayer gameplay, which has never mattered to me because I’m a recluse but which to some people is the best part about gaming. I’ve been told they have more and better apps for movies and music and such. And again, I will cite the backwards compatibility and external hard drive support. Honestly, I’m probably just salty because I can’t afford one yet.

    But, in conclusion, Playstation all the way.

    • Then you also have lighter fare like “Kingdom Hearts III” … coming out this year

      My fingers are crossed but I don’t actually believe it lmao

  20. Maybe get a Valve Steam box(since most PS4 and XB1 games will be there) and a Wii U(some of those new Mario games are fun when inebriated with a group of friends)?

  21. One of lifes greatest questions. It just comes down to what you want to play. Im a die hard mario fan but im not a fan,of the wii..ive grown up with playstation after getting my roots in a snes. Im still on the fence about getting a console myself. Im sort of surprised at the poll results

  22. I am utterly horrible at “tradition” videogames. Like, when I play MarioKart, my rules are “no cliffs are allowed in the courses because I 100% guaranteed will fall off them” and my goal is to come in not-last (this is often not achieved). When I was in high school, I had a friend who really liked to play Halo, and like, sure, I’ll try to play along. Nobody was allowed to shoot me because I was so good at killing myself–I’d have like a -17 rating from fall off of things and being blown up by my own grenades.

    For this reason, the Wii is the superior console. I can play games and not be the default last-place person. I also don’t feel as disadvantaged because I’ve had a Wii for a while, so even when I’m playing more traditionally videogame-ey games, I’m as used to the controls as everyone else, unlike with PS4 or Xbox controls because heck no, joysticks, what are those. Also I have no idea where A, B, X, Z and what ever other buttons there are.

    Wii–the great equalizer. Also the best console. Because I’m the best at it. (I’m still terrible, but I’m not like 5 standard deviations below average terrible, so it’s still a win).

  23. I was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of Xbox nearly 10 years ago as a ninty lifer…not going to lie I haven’t looked back -blame Fable.
    We’ve had an Xbone for a while now, (no Kinect because ugh no), and I have logged hundreds of glorious hours of Dragon Age since we switched from the 360.
    Was recently gutted to find out backwards compatibility doesn’t run to 2 disc games such as Mass Effect 2 yet. I’m hoping they resolve that quickly because I would love to replay it, and then 3, before 4 comes out! It’s fun to play older games again/for the first time. I was amazed by how far we’ve come in
    game design since ME came out as I played it over the holidays. Like we now have cut scenes where boxes of txt used to be.
    I do like the fact I can use Netflix on the Xbox, as you can on everything, but I think xbox is different in the UK in terms of its use as a TV substitute, that was never on the cards for us, so not a factor in choice.
    I have never got on with PS controllers, I don’t know why, and damn I tried because LBP is super cool and there was the Ellen Page game I forget the name of and the faux Ellen Page game also, both of which I enjoyed briefly on PS3 before finding the controller irritating.
    I do own a Wii-U which is fun for mariokart and other Mario syndicated games but that’s about it…Wooly Yoshi is adorable.
    But yeah I was totally converted to Xbox very rapidly, after swearing to never allow Microsoft consoles into my home – my ill fated rant of “its just a crappy PC” long regretted but never forgotten.
    P.S. (Not that kind-the post script kind) Just told missus that I was stating my case for the Xbox, which I never thought I’d do before I met her. She shouted Ha! Triumphantly. Bloody chicken chaser.

  24. [the last ps game I played was probably spyro the dragon in 98, also death to the wiimote. biased comment to follow]
    I own an xbone and have had mostly-weekly halo matches with professor buds going on 6 years now (upgrading from the 360, to mcc and now with forge out, having insanely fun Halo5 matches /geek). Things were rocky at first, but microsoft has really been on it. I’ll just echo the easily researchable features that I think make the xbox the better choice.
    The biggest winner-backwards compatibility, stability (now), monthly updates, quadrupling my hard drive space by simply plugging in, hands free/voice navigation, skype on my 60inch like woah, and like Tricia said above, the graphics are awesome. Finding 12m gold membership on the cheap is fairly easy and often and you can stack when you do.
    You know how sometimes something really amazing happens when you’re playing and you wish someone was there to witness it because no-one would believe you when you told them (really,they dgaf).
    Well, you can just yell “xbox record that” and it does! the fuck kinda world do we live in

    not sure if/how it would impact playstation but isn’t there a rumor that sony is soon-to-be bankrupt?

  25. I own a PS4 and a Wii U, and like them both. The Wii U is for mostly cute Nintendo exclusives and party games. The PS4 is where I do most of my gaming. I guess it kind of depends on what you like. I have a preference for JRPGs and the Playstation exclusives, and I’ve never felt like I’m missing out by not having an Xbox.

    The one big advantage the PS4 has for me is the PS Vita remote play option. I get violently nauseous whenever I play any first-person or even tight third-person games, and being able to use my Vita to access my PS4 is basically a godsend. The smaller screen helps so, so much. I barely ever turn on the TV to use the actual PS4 now. I just access it remotely, which also lets me lounge in bed to play before I go to sleep. :D

  26. If you have the time and the money, then you get all the consoles, including a pc gaming rig, so you can play the best version, regardless of console.
    It really is about what do you want to play and who do you want to play with?

    If platformers and nintendo was your jam, then Wii U will still be very fun and user friendly (and there are some exclusives like bayonetta & xenoblade that make me want to get one, when I can). Even with a smaller library, if you don’t have a lot of freetime, the size of the library matters little.
    If FPS, more mainstream games are your thing, while best served by a pc, XBox One might be it. My friend regrets getting one and my 360 casuals will probably upgrade to xbox one, when it is cheap enough.
    PS4 has all the big multi console titles and some quirky ones. Having the most bought console will give you more gaming options. I’ve had my PS4 since Nov 2013. The sony controller has always felt better in hand to me. RPG (not talking MMO), action adventure games are my favorite genres. I guess I like Gran Turismo more than Forza, but I don’t like Porshe. Also PS+ (especially since I have PS3 & Vita) was a better deal than the xbox subscription at the time. The games that were on both consoles, looked better on the PS4.
    You don’t have an old library of games to bring over, so you aren’t losing that much with the backwards compatibility. PS4 keeps having rereleases and there’s the overpriced streaming thing, if you still want to play old games.
    Speaking of old games, you really should play The Last of Us, it’s a masterpiece, and I think they even re-released Beyond Two Souls featuring Ellen Page on PS4 (or will shortly). Both games relevent to a lesbian gaming library and only on Playstation. Sure they are PS3 rereleases, but you didn’t have a PS3 and they’re improved.

    You can watch game play videos and read reviews to get an idea about the top rated exclusives for each console. Gamestops at least, still usually have a hooked up systems with demos, so you can get a small feel for play on all the systems, but if you have friends, demo on theirs.

    Aww, your comment on the two sticks, reminds me of when I first played Tomb Raider 2, when I first got a PS2.

  27. PFFT consoles need to step aside because hand held gaming is where the party’s at

    You can take your game WHERE EVER

    You can play in the same room as your family and they won’t be like “omg Mick stop hogging the TV” and you won’t rabidly reply “BUT I NEED TO PAY OFF MY MORTGAGE TO TOM NOOK”

    I’m a hard-core casual gamer

    I like Professor Layton for the anime cut scenes and the WTF endings

    “Mick maybe u should leave the house? ”

    “Ma I am a MAYOR OF A TOWN OF ANTHROPOMORPHIC ANIMLS; I don’t think you understand the PRESSURE I’M UNDER”

    I usually play non stop for a few months and then don’t touch my DS for a few years, but that’s just me, idk, sustained attention is hard

    But like GameCube obviously. Pikmin and Luigis Mansion are all that matters

  28. If you are a casual gamer who is looking for some Party Game type stuff that is fun to do with other people in the same room with you (shocking, I know) then check out the Jackbox Games. They have a “Jackbox Party Pack” that is downloadable from PlayStation Network, XBL and probably Steam, too.

    There is a game called Quiplash, which should just be called “make your friends laugh, the game.” There is another called Fibbage which is a lot like Balderdash but with facts. There is one called Drawful that is like Dictionary.

    These all come in the pack. The BEST part about this is that it’s not even a controller based game. Everyone goes to website on their smart phone and uses their phone as their “controller.” That’s where you enter all your answers and vote and stuff.

    It’s fucking fantastic.

  29. Your Xbox made my PS4 a sandwich, but my PC raped it (while watching Chuck Norris porn). All gamer tropes in one line, since the cake is a lie.

    Seriously though, when it comes to consoles I can only use Playstation because my tiny girl-hands are too small to reach all of the buttons on any other controllers.

  30. Don’t get the wii if you want to play many, good games! The wii u is doing badly so wii people cut the game lineup in half. I guess it depends on the type of games you enjoy though, like the wii is better for exercise and family games. The xbox one has more games than playstation 4. But I think the playstation 4 is a better console. But playstation 4 doesn’t have updates very often, while xbox has updates all the time.

    Maybe you should think about what types of games you would want to play for buying a console. Like make a list of games that are rated well and sound good to you and go for the console that has more of those games than the other one.

    Either way, play Life is Strange, which is available on both xbox 360/one and playstation 3/4.

  31. I’m a PC gal, made the switch after my dad got me a macbook for college, and building my own PC two years ago only fueled it. Currently I’m looking to get a new GPU (probably going to scoop up an r9 4XX when they come out).

    That said, the thread is about consoles, and I have to throw my vote with playstation. As much as I’m fond of nintendo, playstation has a good chunk of the games that I play that aren’t on the PC.

  32. I dunno any technical specs about contemporary or any consoles really that could be used to argue which is best, but I can loudly and without reservations say; fuck the xbox controller. Too many fucking buttons and the most ridiculous placement of joysticks EVAR. Trash the wii all you want but at least it’s nunchuck knew where to place a goddamned joystick fer christsake.
    Andddd I’m now cursing about hardware like my dad…there’s a relevantly queer joke in that somewhere.

  33. I am terribly sad to be jumping into a convo so relevant to my life 20 days late, but in my defense I bought a wii u and have been playing it rather obsessively for those days.

    I agree that wii U is a vastly different beast from Xbox/ps debate, and extraneous if you’re looking to purchase only one console. It does have some great games now though, especially if you like nintendo franchises, and I could go on for days about Splatoon and my hype for Typoman, or the future project open world Legend of Zelda. It is also the only console Ive found so far with solid games for more than two people sitting on your couch.

    I always remember them as RPG=PS
    while first person shooters are always better and more varied on Xbox.

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