“The Four 2012” Marriage Equality Ads: All The Feelings

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via The Four 2012

This November, four states have ballot questions about marriage equality — Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington — and we want to win all of them. That’s why New Left Media and The Four have teamed up to make a stunning four-part series of marriage equality ads, the first of which is from Maine. And guys! They have real gay people in the ad! (And yes, there is one straight “ambassador.”) The production values are marvelous and this ad gives me All The Feelings. I can’t wait to see the next one which is set to be released Tuesday, October 9th on the Four 2012’s website.

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A.E. Osworth

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    • It *is* Maine.


      I hope the Maryland ad has more diversity because ffs it’s Maryland!

      *does not hold breath*

    • Well we are one of the whitest states in the nation….come think of it, I’ve been living here for ten years and have only met 2 non Caucasian gblt individuals

  1. I really love to see long term gay relationships. I don’t buy into that whole “lesbian relationships are usually short and that’s normal for us”-crap, it’s just so immature.

    • It’s actually not only immature, it’s untrue. Relationships between women are longer than straight relationships, research has shown (relationships between men tend to be somewhat shorter).

      Biological imperatives and stuff. It makes a lot of sense.

    • I think with the Maine lesbian couple, it’s because relationships that long are rare for ANYONE, really. I mean, they’re in their early 30s so they’ve been together since their early 20s. Who stays with their gf at age 20 forever? That’s quite an accomplishment.

  2. Omigod #feelings. Those couples are so adorable.

    I’m looking forward to more feelings and stories from adorable couples in the other 3 states.

    • YES! This was amazing and I had some tears and it was wonderful and I wish his show here wasn’t already shown out so I could go see him in person.

  3. ‘We used to live in the woods’
    That man probably meant a rural/country area, but I pictured him and his partner making s’mores in a forest. Aaaadorbs.

    • I’m from Maine; I think there’s a pretty good chance we can take “living in the woods” literally = )

  4. I love that I’m able to recognize places in this video :) and i totally just got back from volunteering with Marriage for ME :) we are going to rock this vote :)

  5. I can’t wait for the Maryland video.

    Aww guys now the other side has a Raven on their side too. What are we going to do?

  6. I have to stop using library time as Autostraddle time because then this happens and I cry and people don’t get that it’s happy tears and they think I’m a bit odd.

  7. I studied in TN for a year at uni and I was there when Obama was voted in. It was amazing to be there for such a historical moment, but bittersweet as Prop 8 passed just a few days later.

    Even though I wasn’t an American citizen, as a gay woman who loves her American family and wants to live there some day, it certainly brought tears to my eyes that a state, seemingly as liberal as California, could vote to take away the right for everybody to marry the person they love.

    I wish I lived in America so I could vote YES! to equal marriage.

    [Lisa – UK]

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