VIDEO – The Premiere Is Here: Unicorn Plan-It Episode 201 “And So It Is”

Hold on to your trousers because Unicorn Plan-It Season 2 is finally here! We’ve been anxiously anticipating UPI’s return with a series of hilarious interviews with the cast and crew and now your patience has paid off. If you’re new here, Unicorn Plan-It is Autostraddle’s first scripted web series and is badass because it takes you seriously and it’s f*cking funny. You can catch up with Season 1 and all of the UPI goings on. Here’s a quick refresher, in case you missed it:

UNICORN PLAN-IT is a tight little comedy best described as Modern Family meets The Office meets “a bunch of hot lesbians in Los Angeles.” Has anyone made a real comedy about that last one?

Three co-workers, one crazy boss and one enlightened fairy-tale-haired spiritual healer face the slings and arrows of everyday life as event planners and ladylovers.

This show is written, directed, produced and edited by Real Lesbian Females who want to make you laugh, make you proud of who you are and generally make your life better in every way. Who are these females?

The fantastic cast includes Haviland Stillwell (TV/Broadway Actressrecording artist, voice of Raquelle on Barbie: Life In The Dreamhouse),  Ashley Reed (screenwriter/producer, playwright, once recorded a song for you), Sarah Croce (Actress, Miss AprilGirl TalkFake-Whitney), comedian Sherri D. Sutton, and actors Amir Levi and Catherine Wadkins.

Season 2 also promises guest appearances by Oscar Nominee Bruce Dern (Big Love, Monster) and Deborah S. Craig (Hart of Dixie).

And for this season, Director K. Rocco Shields of WingSpan Pictures has joined the unicorn team!

So get your giant bowl of Swedish fish and get ready to watch some shit go down on this Season 2 premiere episode, “And So It Is.”


This season on Unicorn Plan-It:

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  1. I feel like if Unicorn-P.I. actually happened crime would actually increase because people would do almost anything to have Ashley, Croce, and Haviland show up to arrest them. #justsayin’

    THIS IS SO AWESOME YOU GUYS! Love the new season already :) I can’t wait to see more!

    • I would watch Unicorn P.I. without a doubt!!

      “It only hurts when I breathe” line..

      • When she said she likes to describe her feelings using Melissa Ethridge songs I literally lol’d.

        • Seriously both of those moments were awesome!! I think when Miguel dragged the mattress out and the stolen scissor bump instead of a peace sign were my faves though!!

          I scared the people sitting near me at school lol

    • I have already started committing petty crimes in the hope that Ashley, Croce, and Haviland will come and arrest me. #yougetmemer

    • This was great! I loved all the hash tags. #WTF! when croce’s hand was on ahsleys hip. I died, too funny. The stolen scissor bump!!! the mattress! All hilarious. Great job to all who made this happen. Thanks.

  2. Finally!! MOAR UNICORNS!! This was fabulous…and definitely took things up a notch from last season. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the scene with Miguel awkwardly dragging the mattress out of the house over again. #goodwork

  3. Omigod, Alice. What did you name the puppy??

    This was so hilarious! Great job, errybody. (Also, Croce, I see the emotional-promiscuity in Keesha now. Flawless acting.)

  4. “I named her after you.”
    “You did? Her name’s Harmony?”
    “No, I named her dewy goddess.”

    Brilliant. <3

  5. I think they might have saved the very best lines for last; the whole “Dewy Goddess” / ‘succulent’ bit was AMAZING :)

    Great work everyone!

  6. “I don’t know a thing about working in the garden, but I know a whole lot about hoes.” THIS.

  7. thanks for watching unicorns! “I’m taking Miguel! Can I have Miguel?”
    it was such fun to shoot this scene…haviland and i stayed in character and fought for almost 2 hours, while K.Rocco filmed away!! What an amazing cast & crew- very proud of you guys!!! can’t wait to see it all unfold; which means-WHEN IS EPISODE TWO COMING OUT???

  8. It was awesome you guys! The mattress…I’m still weak about it! I can’t wait to see where it is going :) Also ALICE!!!

  9. haha yes its back, i want to use that sly scissor hand shake so bad! need to find gay friends just for that.

  10. What exactly do I have to do in order to get Unicorn P.I. to come arrest me? I’ve already jay-walked today. I also idled my car in front of a fire hydrant. This stuff’s gotta count for something.

  11. i watched the entire series as a direct result of this publicity push and am officially a fan. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    new life goal: sneak scissor bump as many people as possible.

  12. “I think when Miguel dragged the mattress out and the stolen scissor bump instead of a peace sign were my faves though”

    @Mer I laughed out loud so hard!

    AGREED! Super funny guys! great start to the new season!

  13. Thanks so much for watching, y’all! I’m so happy you all see how it grew from Season 1, and that you’re liking the funny we’re bringing you! Keep watching, and please spread the word!
    xoxo Harmony

  14. YOU GUYS. I love the hashtags! Adds additional context and well, let’s be honest, I use them in every day conversations for the same purpose. Whatvs. Love.

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