The A+ Bee Issue Twenty: Going Platinum

Hi starshines! Happy May! I hope it's treating you well so far. Welcome to the 20th issue of the A+ Bee. I got you this set of fine china to commemorate this milestone in our lives.

Don't forget to submit things! You all are so great and wonderful and when you submit something to the Bee, you get to pass all your knowledge and humor and smarts onto other Straddlers! It's so fun.

Here are some things we are looking for in the next issue: Dear Sour questions, interviews with your pets, Laura and Luna FanFiction, puzzles, playlists, or anything your heart desires.

Email: chelsey [at] autostraddle [dot] com
Mail: PO Box 10553 / 2140 N. Hollywood Way / Burbank, CA 91505

Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the issue!

You can also download the PDF of this issue and find a patch of spring grass to read it on!


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Chelsey is a previous Editorial Assistant for Autostraddle and currently resides in Los Angeles with her cat Olive and a large collection of cardigans. She enjoys drinking coffee/tea, writing, editing, and validating the humans in her life.

Chelsey has written 52 articles for us.