The A+ Bee Issue 6: Come See About Bee

Hey there lightning bugs!

Welcome to the sixth edition of the A+ Bee! Thank you for reading and sharing and commenting and contributing. It means the world to us.

Next issue is our special edition Halloween Bee! In preparation, we'd like to formally invite you to a costume party IN THE COMMENTS SECTION! Just post a photo of yourself in your costume (at any age!) in the comments of the post, and we can all gush over how adorable you are (and always have been).

Without further ado, here's Issue 6! Also known as the first edition to feature reader submitted content from our A+ Bee Tumblr! As well as the second edition of the ever-popular Horses That Look Like Staff Members. We hope you enjoy it!

Click here for the PDF of this issue! I think it would look nice on your wall.

xoxo forever,

Chelsey & Grace

How To Post A Photo In The Comments:

1. Find a photo!This is the easy part. Find a photo on the web, right click (on a Mac, control+click), hit “Copy Im...

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Chelsey is a previous Editorial Assistant for Autostraddle and currently resides in Los Angeles with her cat Olive and a large collection of cardigans. She enjoys drinking coffee/tea, writing, editing, and validating the humans in her life.

Chelsey has written 52 articles for us.