Tegan & Sara “On Directing” Video Gives Serious Lesbian Eye Contact


Sara Quin takes the spotlight in the new video for one of my fave tracks from Sainthood, “On Directing.” The video is pretty low-fi with tight closeups, camera filters and colorful lights. Kinda looks like it was shot out of the 1980’s MTV cannon, but with more lesbian eye contact. Tegan shows up for backing vocals a throughout the clip but there’s no story whatsoever, much like the Feel It In My Bones vid. This song always reminds me of high school so I had hoped there would be some (any) connection to the lyrics. What movie plays in your head when listening to  “On Directing?”

Glee Chris Colfer BoyfriendGLEE:

Despite numerous press assumptions that Chord Overstreet has been cast as Kurt’s football playing/singer boyfriend, a new interview with the Glee cast kinda puts the kibosh on that. Chris Colfer says, “Actually, I’ve heard that they might be leaning towards another provocative storyline more which would delay [Kurt getting a boyfriend].” NOOOOOO. Come on, how cute would Kurt & this boy be holding hands in the rehearsal room? So, for now it looks like Overstreet’s recurring role of Sam will just be a McKinley high school athlete who starts off as Finn’s protégé but becomes his competition.

Out actor Cheyenne Jackson (from 30 Rock) will be doing a multi-ep role and Brittany and Santana might actually make out this year. (@ew)


Shay Mitchell likes that the show hasn’t put Emily in a box just yet and is letting her sexuality linger in the TBD area:

“I think the way that they’ve done it with her character is completely different from other shows and other characters. On other shows, they have a lesbian character, or they have a gay character. But with this show, you can’t really label her. And I think there’s so many teens, they watch these shows and they are like “Oh yeah, that girl is a lesbian, or this guy’s gay,” but with Emily, they’re like “I might be able to identify with this character more because she doesn’t know.” They might not know at that time what they’re going through. It’s different from other shows that I’ve seen in the way that they’re doing it.”



Our favorite webseries, Anyone But Me, is holding a web-a-thon from July 27-29, to raise money for its third season! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Ali Forney Center, the largest agency dedicated to providing housing and support to homeless LGBT youth in NYC.

Wanna bid for a walk-on role? YEAH YOU DO.



Oh God, is this a threat?

Also, Carmen is looking for Shane on Twitter!

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  1. i hate tegan and sara! they were so good! every band that signs to sire records ends up sucking and producing the worst music EVER. fuck major record companies, they suck so hard.
    i think though, that their one song, alligator, is the most hilarious song in the whole world and i just want to drown them in alligator pee.

    • wow. alligator pee. that is some serious hatred. i save the alligator pee for waterboarding my enemies. people i strongly dislike get elephant jizz.

      that aside, Tegan & Sara are yet another Lesbian Thing that I do not understand. I think my Lesbian Music Gene is deformed.

  2. I love Tegan and Sara but I have really hate their videos. All they do is look cute and adorable. That’s great but I need/want more!

    I can;t really say what video I had in mind for ‘On Directing’ because I have only thought of a treatment for ‘Red Belt’.

    • Agreed. Love, love, love them but the only video I really enjoyed was ‘Alligator’.

      You should pitch them your treatment. Guaranteed it’s better than anything they have done.

  3. i wouldn’t mind being kurt’s boyfriend. we can sing and hold hands and stuff.

    i don’t mind abstract-ish videos. once theres a story i’m like “shut up taylor swift”

    • this is a very 2009 answer. what about “november rain”? what about “thriller”? what about that one video that r. kelly made before he started peeing on kids and defaming little people?

      • i feel like story videos either have to be AWESOME (m.j and gaga) or it’s a tswift fail. and i can’t recall r kelly not giving me the creeps.

  4. “on directing” reminds me of high school too! that being said, i was really disappointed with their video. it’s not interesting at all! that’s one i probably won’t watch again.

    • Does it make you talk like a teen? The song doesn’t really remind me of high school, but more so underlines the moments where my 25 year old self acts like a 16 year old girl.

      • Ric that is exactly what the song is about. A grown up reverting to teen tactics to get an object of desire.

    • *cough cough* I totally watch it and hate myself at the end of every episode. But you know what I LOVE about the show? All the cute ass B Roll of little puppies!! They need to make The Real L Word: Doggie Edition.

  5. I don’t care if there was no story or if it was like high school, I loved the On Directing video because they are so pretty and I want to LOOK AT IT FOREVER. Also, it’s like like Sara is telling us how she felt like we are her confidant and we are talking about all our #feelings.

  6. I’m ridiculously happy with the video. I love it so much. It’s like Sara’s version of Call it Off. And it has pretty colours. Shrug.

    • The first thing that came to mind when I saw this video was Call It Off, but I think it’s slighty more intresting than On Directing. /TeganBias

  7. Serious lesbian eye contact always makes me a little nervous. I have to chuckle a little bit to feel confident enough to do something about the eye contact. That’s what this video made me want to do, especially since I’m an S-sider.

  8. Yow know what would have been cool? A a video of making a video. Intercut with the final cut of the video and a little side story of her maybe having a little argument or tantrum with her girlfriend.

    Okay no no I got it.

    Argument or tantrum with the girlfriend. Girlfriend walks out on her leaves her crying. Tegan texts her about the video shoot. Scenes of shooting the video. In the ‘video’ she is suppose to be happy and free but she is really upset because of the situation with her girlfriend and she can;t keep it together for the shoot. Cut scenes of the video shoot and the video. She asks for a break goes to her dressing room and girlfriend in the room waiting for her! Yes!

    That is what I had in my head. Just a stream of consciousness and typos don;t judge to harshly!

    • I was judging you/your comment really harshly, and then I got to that last line, I’m sorry! (< joke)

      I like your idea. It would’ve also been nice if they released a non-musical short with your story, as a back-story, and then released the music video as is. That way everyone would’ve been satisfied (people who want/need a story, people who care more about the visual aspects, etc.). And when I say ‘everyone’, I mean a few more people, maybe.

      I think we’re onto something MsNJS, I don’t know what it is, but we’re onto it!

      P.S. you may judge me/my comment harshly if you want to

      • Yes we are! I want them just open it up to the fans one time and ask for treatments. They need help. I think the only video I liked was Call It Off. Even though it was simple it really symbolized the song and why she wrote it.

        • You seem better than I am at being a nice online human… I would’ve taken advantage of that ‘P.S.’ and replied something like: “No, wepa, I was onto something and you derailed me, eff off!”

          Anyhoo, I hadn’t seen the video for ‘Call It Off’ (don’t excommunicate me!), but I just did and I agree. I hope you really do send your treatments if they ever open it up; let us know if one becomes a music video so we can judge it (gently, of course).

  9. I saw Tegan and Sara perform last night and they made lots of lesbian eye contact with me. It ruled.

    Also, I bet Sarah Shahi will have great twits.

    • I went to the Tegan and Sara concert in Dallas and I SWEAR Tegan looked at me and smiled!It was the happiest moment in my life! No matter how much my girlfriend tried to convince me that there was other people in the audience.

      • When was this? I was pretty sure Tegan told me with her direct eye contact that I was the only one for her…

        …what a floozy

  10. I was thinking serious lesbian eye contact, as in Sara sharing significant looks with a fellow lesbian. Although I suppose you could count my looks while viewing this as significant. Does this mean Sara is into me, too?

  11. I just got my end-of-the-workday AS fix and the whole time I was thinking “Gosh, that youngish looking redhead with the unfortunate haircut is commenting A LOT.”

    I’m tired, ok? Goodbye, Super Grover. You gave it a good go.

    • I thought the same thing but I wasn’t going to admit it. Since you were brave enough to admit it, I thought I’d join you in exhausted solidarity.

    • actually i thought e had finally gotten a picture then i saw someone else with it and i was like “WHY IS THAT PERSON MOCKING e” and then i saw everyone else with it and it clicked.

  12. You could pretend you’re at a high school disco, and Sara just interrupted the slow dance to sing you a song.

  13. I’m always down for more face time with T&S. The bright lights are a bonus. With that said, I’ve never really been a fan of their videos after “Back in Your Head.” Everything after that was kinda… meh.

  14. finally, my future wife is on twitter. this will make it a lot easier for us to arrange our games of “Too Hot.”

  15. Hello, people at autostraddle. You appear to have taken the hateful and idiotic crap about eye contact by Tegan and Sara off-line. Good. Well, it looks as though you have. If you haven’t, but I just can’t see it any more, then you really should. Whatever. Needless to say, this is one web site that I won’t be visiting often. I’m far too busy enjoying eye (and ear) contact with Tegan and Sara.

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