Tegan & Sara Release Video for “Closer,” Do Karaoke, Are Generally Adorable

Carmen’s Team Pick:

In order to further prove how much they understand your every waking thought, Tegan & Sara released a video for “Closer,” that song you haven’t stopped listening to since Hansen told you about how good it was.

The video, rolling in at under four minutes, features your favorite twins doing queeraoke with hundreds of their closest friends, which we heard you’re really into. Did I mention it’s set at a ’90s house party and there’s a close-up of a floral couch? Sara says of the video that she’s getting really old and wanted to honor her memories of My So-Called Life with a general nostalgia for the end of the 20th Century.

I’m sorry but I’m not processing what isn’t to love here.

We’re happy to bring you this video in its completely legitimate form! In fact, we’ve been waiting to bring it to you all day.

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  1. Just woke up. Pretty sure i over slept and missed half my shift (forgot when i was supposed to come in), feel like i should be very very worried, but yeah.
    NEW VIDEO…AWESOMEEE! *hits repeat*.

  2. How does this article not mention that this is the first ever Tegan & Sara video to show ladies kissing each other? Actual queer content in a queer artist’s music video! This is HUGE. Queer artists and queer video content are pretty much mutually exclusive in the mainstream music industry.

  3. I love them, don’t get me wrong! But from a critica perspective, it’s interesting to note that their first representation of a queer kiss coincides with what’s arguably their “selling out” in terms of their sound and the size of the label they are with, etc….

    They are still the best! But these things shouldn’t go unexamined…

      • Hmm optimistic, I’m more worried that with Warner Bros seeming to have more direction on their style, it’s like an inclusion of queer women with gross pandering to males intentions. But again, that’s Warner Bros and large corporate interests being shit – <3 T&S!

  4. OMG same sex couples sharing fleeting kisses in a music video about karaoke…now I’m just waiting for the “public service announcement” from NOM telling us that karaoke makes people gay.

  5. I wonder if T and S realize that there are suddenly going to be a myriad of signs at concerts saying “All I wanna get is a little bit closer”. If there aren’t I’ll be disappointed in T&S fangirls everywhere.

  6. This video could not be more perfectly timed for my life. The girl I’ve been courting and I have been sending gifs of this video back and forth – does that count as sexting? I’m gonna vote yes…

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t love this song? Also, why is the only non-spin the bottle make-out, where the two people actually seem like they’re into each other, between a male and female, while the queer-kissing is all in a playful-let’s kiss ’cause we’re drunk sort of way. Sure Tegan and Sara are effing adorable in this video but everything else about the video left me feeling awkward. Like they said ‘we want it to be a house party with dance floor makeouts and spin the bottle’ and everyone in charge turned that vision that could have been awesome if it kept to the queer world I’m willing to bet they’re living in, into the queer for tv stereotype we’re fed. I don’t know, I just expect more from them.

    • there was one girl/girl spin the bottle kiss, but there was also a girl/girl non spin the bottle kiss that was kinda built up a bit..

      maybe i remember that pat wrong tho.. i’ve only watched this once.. so far

      • Rewatched and saw that if you keep your eye out for it, there’s a bit more queer love in it, but if I didn’t have to keep an eye out for the hetero-normative kissing, I shouldn’t have to look for queer kissing.

        I don’t know, I just think that this video is a far stretch from the minimum amount of queering the mainstream music video I would expect from queer icons.

        • i totally agree with you.

          but i guess all i’m saying is.. baby steps. at least there’s queers in this, period.

          and since we’re on this topic: i think it’s easier for artists to throw in some femme on femme action (hetero males love that shit).. but what about the gay boy on gay boy action? 🙁 like, it’s almost come to the point where i don’t even see two femmes making out on screen as anything but a publicity stunt.. and that is sad (for me, personally). it’s like the mass media is saying gay boys making out will totally gross people out and everyone will hate you for doing that to your career… you know what i’m saying?
          this video has the added legitimacy that the artists themselves are totally out.. but still..

    • It’s definitely a new video by T&S. One where it’s totally possible to miss they’re singing about fucking girls! And yet, I feel vaguely delighted that homos are maybe succeeding in the mainstream while being women and good at their jobs.

      Bars so low you could scrape your knee on ’em, right here.

  8. they are out and they’re waving a flag here. c’mon you guys. this vid is super cute in the first place. it has trampolines and karaoke and happy people kissing. queer kissing too. it’s not ‘in your face’ but it is there. it’s definitely a great first step and it shows queerness alongside some hetero-smooching. and that’s just the way it’s supposed to be: normal and not super duper outstanding. (or am i wrong here?)

    just think about the macklemore video some weeks ago. we’re getting there..

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