Tegan and Sara Premiere Lego Masterpiece “Everything Is Awesome,” Are Playing Dinah Shore

Today, the internet gifted us with “Everything is Awesome,” a demented video game synthesizer explosion performed by Canadian wonder-twins Tegan and Sara and their partner in lesbian haircuts, Andy Samberg of the Lonely Island.  The track is two minutes and forty-three seconds of sugar-high hyper enthusiasm, and it’s the lead single off the soundtrack of Warner Brothers’ upcoming The Lego Movie.  The rest of the soundtrack is mostly scored by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh, save for a mysterious track called “Untitled Self Portrait” by Will Arnett.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/128399415%3Fsecret_token%3Ds-J7fYt” params=”color=ff6600″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The film (out Feb 7 in the US) is based on the trials and tribulations of some brightly-coloured plastic blocks most of us played with as children.  Ever since Rihanna and Liam Neeson delivered Oscar-worthy performances as they battled sinister aliens on the high seas in the epic masterpiece of a film known as Battleship, movies based on generally context-less kids’ toys have become very sought-after.  Thank you, Hollywood.  Thank you.

I see you, Alternative Lifestyle Haircut Lego Woman.

I see you, Alternative Lifestyle Haircut Lego Woman.

Anyway, the song’s pretty great.  Tegan and Sara’s next move will be to bring “Everything is Awesome” to Dinah Shore, whose musical guests also include Mary Lambert, Hunter Valentine and Iggy Azalea.  The notorious ladies’ weekend takes place between April 2-6 in Palm Springs, California, and it promises to be just as wholesome and charming as singing a song about happiness in a children’s movie.

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    Whoa definitely don’t listen to this song if it’s almost 1am and you’re still in the library and it’s dead quiet. My head is still not sure what just happened. What

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    Ugh, not to begrudge Tegan and Sara their commercial success, but I really miss the “This is Everything” days.

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      I only became a fan two years ago and even I miss their “This is Everything” days.

      That being said – I’m happy for their success! I saw them live last summer and they’re still extremely talented and funny and nice.

      (This song, however … I really can’t keep up with it. It’s not my thing!)

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    I can dig it. A saccharine, hyperactive dance tune for what will probably be a saccharine, hyperactive movie that is all fluff and no substance that I will probably still go see because LEGOS. COME ON GUYS.
    Kudos, Tegan and Sara. I won’t begrudge you your commercial success. Just remember your roots and don’t give up making music that we can actually connect with.

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    Oh god, I am so on board with this. Especially the bit where they just… list awesome things. Frogs? Greek antiquities? Hell yeah.The lego movie is a precious gift to society I will not be convinced otherwise.

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    It’s a kid’s movie. Of course they’re not going to be singing about how they “feel the knife going in” and whatnot. This song is exactly what it needs to be. I don’t take it as a sign that Tegan and Sara will stop making great songs for adults anymore than I take it as a sign that The Lonely Island will stop being vulgar.

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    I feel like The Lonely Island could make an amazing children’s album. I did not like the autotuning on T&S though – a bit unbearable.

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    Is it just me or this is the first Tegan and Sara song that has happy lyrics?

    I feel all their songs are happy in tune, but then you listen to the lyrics and they are all kind of depressing. Not this one, all happy!

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    I can’t get into it. I’d say I’m not the target audience, but it’s Lego so I should be – I spend a boatload of cash on Lego and Lego video games. They kinda have an all-ages target market.

    What happened to those well-crafted songs/movies/toys that appealed to both kids and adults? You know, with the cute stuff that kids like and the funny stuff that kids don’t understand but adults love?

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    I think this movie is supposed to be really tongue in cheek. If I’m right, this song is too, which makes it palatable (at least for me)

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    So glad for them that they’ve made it all the way to a theme song to a widely-released movie (also, get them royalties via label connections to recoup six studio albums lol)

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    I think it’s cute! I love it when famous people do cute things for kids series. Like Janelle monae on sesame street and Haviland on Barbie Dreamhouse 🙂

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    Yes, it is a happy, fun, silly song, but it is written for a kids movie. I am rather pleased that Tegan & Sara did one of the four versions of the song on the soundtrack. Their version is a little faster than the one you hear in the movie trailer but I kinda like it too.

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    Okay, I absolutely adore this. It makes me want to prance about and I can totally imagine Lego people running about saving the world with this song playing in the background.

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