VIDEO: #everyBODYisflawless in this Body-Positive Beyonce Remake

Kaitlyn’s Team Pick:

Blogger GabiFresh is just like the rest of us. She spends a lot of time fighting a world that says her body is unacceptable, and she loves (loves LOVES) Beyoncé. When Queen Bey dropped her masterpiece visual album in the middle of a cold December night, Gabi identified with one of its major themes.:

As a fat woman of color, I’m often treated differently than my thin, white peers. By brands, by fellow bloggers, by the media …  Like Bey, I usually just brush these people off, and I never give them power by addressing them here or anywhere else. But it gets tiring, and sometimes I’m really tempted to drop the lady-like thing and just kind of…go off. So when I heard Beyoncé telling her haters to Bow Down in the song ***Flawless, I immediately fell in love. [With the video] I wanted to show that … you don’t have to be a certain size to claim your flawlessness. Fat is not a flaw.

Tell ’em, Gabi. She teamed up with two other plus-size fashion bloggers, Nadia Aboulhosn and Tess Munster, to create their own version of the ***Flawless video you’ve been obsessed with for the last five months. The result is — forgive me — flawless.

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  1. I love her blog so much and I think everyone would read it every single day. I’ve worn the same pants everyday this week, but I wish I could dress like she does.

  2. I needed to see this after just finishing that Bell Hook’s conversation @ The New School where she read Bey HARD. I’m just having a lot of feelings about it right now.

    • I’m having a lot of feelings too. I have a lot of respect for bell hooks, and while I think that using the word “terrorist” was going too far, I agree with hooks’ point that Beyonce is, in some ways, doing a disservice to young girls and women by using her sexuality as her major selling point. Yes, Beyonce is very talented and very hardworking and VERY hot, but it’s usually the last of these three points that garners her the most attention.

      And while I think that the three women in this video are very beautiful, it also seems a bit sad to me that they seem to be saying “Look at us! We, too, deserve to be treated as desirable sex objects of the male gaze! We also deserve to use our appearance and sexuality as our most valuable assets!” Maybe I’m misreading it – I wish I could express my thoughts on this more eloquently. But yeah, I have lots of conflicted feelings.

    • OMG, yes I still need to process what I just witness and I hope we can have a forum or something on AS to talk about it because you know Beyoncé has a massive queer following.

      I really need to talk about this!!!

  3. Oh lord, I looove Gabi. Her website is awesome, and even though I would never dress like her, I really appreciate a lot of her advice. (Plus, seriously, she’s totally hot. ;D)

    • Also, I have to say, I absolutely was NOT drooling while I watched this video… Nope not a single drop. ;D

  4. Great. Work concentration blown for the rest of the day. I feel oddly light headed. #didnotwakeuplikethis

  5. Is that Chimamanda Adichie speaking in the middle of the track? I fucking love her.

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