20 Gifts To Make For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend! Have you gotten your mom something awesome yet? (I see you, procrastinators!) I like to give handmade gifts for “appreciation” days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day and so on and so forth. Taking the time to make something handmade shows how much you care, which is what the day is all about, right? It’s also super easy to spoil moms with crafty stuff this Mother’s Day, because no one appreciates your skills quite like the human who saved all of your paintings from K-12 Art Class.

Here are my favorite 20 crafts you could make for your mom this Mother’s Day:

1. Laptop Sleeve Clutch

2. iPhone Amplifier

3. Ombre Dipped Candles

4. Instagram Photo Album

5. Burnt Wooden Spoons

6. Mother’s Day Photo Board

7. Gardening Kit

8. Stenciled Tea Towels

9. Upcycled Graze Trinket Boxes

10. Sunnies Glasses Holder

11. Bird Nest Necklace

12. Threaded Washer Pendant

13. Family Tree Serving Tray

14. Mason Jar Sewing Kits

15. Mason Jar Stenciled Planter Box

16. Knotted Hanging Planter

via Refinery29

via Refinery29

17. Personalized Tea Tags

18. iPad Cozy

19. Fabric Key Chain Tags

20. Teacup Candle

What are you making for your mother this weekend?

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  1. I basically went through the list, skipping through until I found something for which I already have all the necessary materials, and other than jewellery because I can’t get away with jewellery forever.

    Sewing kit mason jars, it is. :PP

    • when this happens to me i like to just send shit tons of e cards. like spam up the person’s whole inbox with amazing ecards. do free trials on fancy ecard websites (remember to cancel immediately once they’re sent!).

      admittedly i’ve never done this for my mom but i did it for my best friend’s birthday and she enjoyed it thoroughly. (the selection included a bunch that you could make say whatever phrase you wanted in a bunch of different voices so those were fun)

  2. The family tree thing!!!!!!! My mom has been asking for one for years! She said I should make one and give it to my grandma because she has 12 kids! My mom has 11 other brothers and sisters and they’re all named alphabetically A-L.

  3. These are cute crafts, but why are you assuming that all moms like to sew / cook / garden?
    I feel a bit like I’m reading Martha Stewart, not a radical queer blog that disrupts gender roles

    • I mean, some moms like to listen to music and carry their laptops and have pretty crayon dipped candles, too, so.

      These are all do it yourself and fully customizable. Admittedly, a lot of them are based in feminine color schemes, but can be customized to any kind of style.

    • I agree, the suggestions were mostly pink and flower-y. Of course, they can be customised with different colours and such, but this list could have been a little bit more diverse. I guess we’re just spoiled with the level of diversity we usually get from Autostraddle.

      Anyway, I do really love these tips and want to make these things for myself.

    • I had the same thoughts but I decided that maybe the author just likes stereotypically feminine things? Still, where’s the make-your-own power tool rack or golf club covers or whatever? I always appreciate it when AS brings a fresh gender perspective.

  4. Well I wish I still have my Mom but these are really cool ideas! I’m a sucker for anything photo album slash scrap book stuff and those key chains are awesome! Thank you for posting these :D

  5. A conversation I just had with my little sister:

    Sister: So, are you coming over on Sunday?
    Me: SUNDAY? What for?
    Sister: Dude, it’s mother’s day?
    Me: SHIT.

    So, thanks for this very handy list!

  6. Mothers day is a hot button topic in our family, if you forget it you are DEAD. Due to American Mothers day being after British Mothers day and it being 7.a.m. And my not awake brain not functioning I confused myself into believing I had forgotten and feared for my life for about 5 seconds.
    It’s fine, I bought her the hunger games and missus and I made her a roast dinner.
    Good luck mother lovers.

  7. My mom cannot sew, or carry a laptop, or garden, or cook. She doesn’t wear jewelry because it bumps against the results of a medical procedure. She doesn’t use key chains because she can’t drive. I get that these things are suggestions and that they are customizable, but my mother is not the picture of able-bodied, feminine womanhood this list so generously provides for. I am never one to demand a space that necessarily includes me–but some variation on this list would have been such a sight for sore eyes.

    And I get it–not everything has to be concerned with challenging preconceived notions of gender and expression and parenthood–we queers do that every day. A little dab of diversity would do ya’, here.

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