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My Trans Body as a State of Desire

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“My brain is lit like the map of a major metropolis at night. My body is, too. ‘I am at one with a sea of sensations, glitter, silk, skin, eyes, mouths, desire,’ Anaïs Nin wrote, and that’s pretty much it. Or, put another way: I have found an affirmation of selfhood, and I haven’t thought to immediately annul it.”

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Unashamed To Be Fat: Wear the Shorts, It’s F*cking Hot Outside

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“This is the root of the problem with fat shamers such as Kelsey. They are not worried about the health of others, they are angry that they must worry and we do not. They are people who fear becoming fat, have been fat or feel fat right now and can’t stand that there are fat people in the world that seem carefree. Don’t you know you are disgusting!!?!?!? You’re supposed to be unhappy being fat!! That’s why I work so hard to stay thin; because fat people should be unhappy!!! WHY CAN’T I HAVE MORE MCDONALDS??? The reason I know this is because I was one of these people for a very long time.”


National Poetry Month: Sonya Renee Isn’t Sorry

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“The work I do is all about how we make peace with the body, our own and other people’s bodies. I can’t have that conversation without talking about my queerness, or my blackness, or my size, or my mental health, or trans issues, or disability. It’s about everybody’s right to be on this planet.”