Team Pick: Autostraddle And The Toast Watch Awful Gay Movies

Vanessa’s Team Pick:

Hi friends! Did you know that Riese, Laneia, and Rachel are super hilarious human beings? Duh, of course you did, you read Autostraddle dot com every day and get to peek inside their delicious brains on a regular basis.


Do you know what’s even better than just Riese, Laneia, and Rachel being super hilarious by themselves? I will tell you. This is a little thing that I like to refer to as My Current Favorite Thing On The Internet, Even Better Than J.Law’s New Haircut Even Though Her New Haircut Is Everything. What is it? Why, it’s a collaboration with Autostraddle and The Toast! It’s a situation wherein Riese, Laneia, and Rachel sit down with Nicole and Mallory of The Toast and talk about awful gay movies. It’s actually called Watching Awful Gay Movies With Autostraddle! It is the most wonderful thing in the world.

omg intern geneva made this amazing graphic

omg intern geneva made this amazing graphic

If you haven’t already gotten yourself addicted to The Toast (and really, what the heck has taken you so long, I told you about this months ago!) please mosey on over and become acquainted with their delightful sense of humor and self. If you already love The Toast, this is just the cream cheese / nutella / peanut butter / cookie butter / whatever the heck you like on your bread on top. And if you’ve never seen Lost and Delirious, I suggest you hop on that train right now so that you can enjoy this deep, meaningful, emotionally charged conversation to the fullest degree.

What movie do you think they’ll do next? What was your favorite part of the discussion? What other shit do you love to read on The Toast? My personal favorite is Texts From Emily Dickinson, but I also really enjoyed Mallory’s very recent Male Novelist Jokes. Oh, and a falcon? Seriously, a fucking falcon?! Let’s talk this all out in the comments, then let’s start campaigning for The Toast to join us at the next A-Camp.

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  1. I feel like this is the kind of thing that I should not post on the internet, but I cannot tell a lie: now that I’ve succeeded in meeting Vanessa (YAY!), Mallory is next on my internet celebrity wish list.

  2. omg you have to do “the Guest House”. It is available on Netflix and I promise you will have a field day!!

  3. Awful lesbian movie suggestion: “Summer Lover” aka “Sappho”. Now that’s an experience you don’t want to be sober for.

  4. This makes me so, so happy.

    Too many choice quotes, but this one stands out:
    “Laneia: They played the full Ani song with nothing but crying to support it. Like, I could see that in my mirror. No thank you.”

  5. “They played the full Ani song with nothing but crying to support it. Like, I could see that in my mirror. No thank you.”

    god this was so good

  6. I just want to follow Laneia around and RT everything that comes out of her brain.

    kd langover


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