Taylor’s Team Pick: Gabriela Herman’s Blogger Portraits

Photographer Gabriela Herman (through Wired) brings us an entire gallery of bloggers and otherwise online-inclined individuals looming near the glow of their 15″ MacBooks. The photos are more intimate and provocative than you’d think, given how unintimate and unprovocative it is actually being near someone tip-typing away on a computer. Also, I’m sure this is what the entire Auto team looks like huddled in front of our respective LCD screens in dark little corners the world over, just with more hoodie.

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  1. There are actually people who sit on the floor in front of their bed and use their laptop/MacBook?! Is this a thing I’m not aware of?

    I’ll have you know I’m on my way to my bedroom to try this out.

    Fieldnotes: the frame is digging into my back. Maybe I need pillows. Pillows are slowly starting to slip under the bed. I keep scratching the bottom of my laptop on my belt buckle. My back hurts. I’m moving back to the couch.

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