Taylor’s Team Pick: Double Rainbow Oh My God

Every once in a blue moon (or a Blue Moon, because I was probably drinking one), I stumble upon a meme so perfect in every way that I must share it with the masses. I’m not much of a meme-chaser, sure I love a lolcat every now and again, but this, my friends, is a real treat. Sarah agrees wholeheartedly. You don’t even have to be [redacted] out of your mind to appreciate this, though it couldn’t hurt. Also, rainbows are gay and I think our website is supposed to be about gay stuff.


1. Watch this first. The original Double Rainbow video. I promise. Have I ever led you astray?

2. Then watch this song version of Double Rainbow. It may even be better than the original.

3. Also, I transcribed it for you. And mainly for me. Because, why not?


Whoa, that’s a full rainbow. All the way.

Double rainbow, oh my god.

It’s a double rainbow all the way.

Whoa, that’s so intense. Whoa, man. Wow. Whoa. Whoa.


OHH MY AHHH aw my god, look at that! It’s starting to even look like a triple rainbow!

Oh my god it’s full onDouble rainbow all the way across the sky.

Oh my god, [sobs] oh my god, oh god…

What does this mean?

Oh my god, oh, oh god, it’s so bright, oh my god, it’s so bright and vivid. OHH! OHH! [sobs]….it’s so beautiful.

[sobbing from 1:45-2:17]

Oh my god, oh my god.

Oh my god [whispered]— it’s a double complete rainbow, right in my front yard.

[sobs] Oh my god! Oh my god. what does it MEAN? Tell me. [sobs] TOO MUCH [sobbing] I don’t know what it means.

Oh my god [whispers] it’s so intense. Oh. Ah. Oh. Oh. Oh my god.

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  1. That song. OMG.

    Every time I see a link for it i HAVE TO CLICK IT! I am compelled. Is it because it’s Schmoyoho and everything they do is amazing? Is it because it’s rainbows, and rainbows are awesome (even when I fart them out)? One way or the other that was the baddest f*cking rainbow I’ve ever seen.

  2. i feel like I don’t normally laugh as hard as other people at these types of things, but I just almost shot cold leftover peanut noodles out of my nose watching this. and im alone. and not drunk or high.

  3. OMG. THAT WAS AMAZING. You’d think a 3-minute long video of a dude saying, “Oh my god, double rainbow” would get boring after the 1-minute mark, but I’m pretty sure this got exponentially better. I was totally in tears by the end.

  4. I saw this vid on Twitter last week and… I didn’t know whether I wanted to hug the guy or steal his stash. I cried, I admit it!

    One of my guy friends and I have held entire conversations in nothing but rainbowtalk. (But we also talk in made-up Morse code, say everything loud in funny British accents, and occasionally pretend to be the Martians from Sesame Street. <3)

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