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Want Lesbian TV? Try the BBC.

The BBC’s Spring/Winter 2010 trailer features a Shane-esque blonde in lesbian drama “Lip Service” and overall the BBC’s got more lesbians on tap this year than the entire USA. Logo announces new shows, Michael Urie makes a gay statement, Kristin Chenowith & Kerry Washington are looking to hook up on screen and the Tila/Casey story is never going to end.


Sunday Top 20: These are a Few of My Favorite [Fictional] Gay Ladies

In honour of NYC pride, I’m hosting a Homosexy Lesbian Top 20 right here! On Autostraddle! Clearly Autowin is a very intellectual and highly cultivated space for intellectual discussions about Virginia Woolf, The Allegory of the Cave, Boy-briefs vs. thongs and sophisticated feminist theory. Auto-Straddle is where I talk crazy about silly things, like Max Sweeney and my 20 most favorite fictional lesbians from (relatively) mainstream pop culture.