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Coming Out Roundtable: Like A Can Of Pringles, Once You Pop The Fun Don’t Stop

We’re getting ready for Coming Out Day. “I also passive aggressively came out to my parents by posting a Facebook status on National Coming Out Day sixish years ago? They both liked it….and then we didn’t really talk about it? I introduced them to my then girlfriend about eight months later? I guess I technically passive aggressively came out to a lot of people in that Facebook post…”


“Wynonna Earp” Star Kat Barrell Is Attracted to Both Men and Women, #20BiTeen Strikes Again!

“I am attracted to both men and women and the person I fell in love with is a man. I wish it could just be about the human I am in love with, not their gender. This is why I am so passionate about advocating for equal acceptance across the spectrum of sexuality. Let’s just love who we love and leave each other alone. The world has bigger problems.”