“Supergirl” Episode 222 Recap: Strong at the Broken Places

I know, I know, I’m late with this recap, and I’m truly sorry, and I did the best I could – I wrote most of this on an airplane back from A-Camp – but this wasn’t an episode I wanted to rush through. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get started.

We pick up where we left off, with Superman inexplicably attacking Supergirl. Rhea explains that she used silver Kryptonite on him, so where we see Kara pleading with her cousin, he sees Zod threatening to destroy Earth.

So Kara has no choice but to fight him. She still tries to talk to him, and at first is just playing defense, but soon Kal takes the fight into the city, and Supergirl knows she has to stop this.

Alex and Maggie see something afoot on the DEO screens and Alex knows Kara is in trouble.

Alex and Maggie look at the screen, worried

“Kara’s in trouble. Must be Monday.”

They follow the heat signatures to the fight and watch and Superman and Supergirl have one of the most beautiful fight scenes I’ve ever seen. They’re in a fountain and there are slow-mo punches and full body slams and dramatic music. Kara gets knocked down but she never backs down, and eventually manages to render Superman unconscious.

Then promptly collapses.

Alex runs to her and holds her, truly the only way she could have helped in this particular fight. And all Kara needed.

Kara wakes up in a soft soft-glow dream where she wishes she could stay in bed all day, telling Mon-El about her mother and the necklace she gave little Kara before sending her away from their disintegrating planet. But then she realizes she can’t stay in bed because she’s not in bed at all, but in the Fortress of Solitude. Kal is there too, but when he wakes up, he recognizes Kara as Kara and doesn’t see Zod anymore.

Alex and Kara stand strong next to each other in the fortress

“This war is hard enough without infighting.”

Meanwhile, back in National City, while her ex-mentor is destroying the world around her, Lena is in her office, drinking and knocking over chess pieces. She’s tired of playing these games.

Lena sips out of a highball glass

Maybe someone should take Lena to the gaylien bar.

Lillian comes in, and Lena immediately blames her for giving her the mommy issues that got her into this Rhea mess in the first place. Lillian sort of apologizes and suggests maybe she should have been focusing more on Lena instead of Lex. She’s impressed with Lena’s portal, even though it wasn’t used for Lena’s original purpose, so she gives Lena a box Lex designed to get rid of Kryptonians and says if anyone can rejigger it to get rid of Daxamites instead, it’s Lena.

In the fortress, Kal is letting the events and the news of this mysterious silver Kryptonite wash over him – he really did see Zod – when he realizes something. “I was at full strength,” he says. Kara, assuming he was commenting on the difference between green and silver Kryptonite, says they don’t know that, he was out of it. But he remembers everything, and he was at full strength. And she beat him.

Kara looks like she's rolling her eyes and Alex looks like she's Over It but it's just an awkwardly taken screenshot


he doesn’t sound too surprised or jealous or incredulous. He sounds impressed. And proud.

Alex asks him if there’s a weapon in the Fortress that can help them, another murder beam perhaps, but instead Kal offers information, records about the old wars between Krypton and Daxam.

They fly back to the DEO, and Kara says she’s going to invoke Dakkam Ur, so she gives Rhea a ring and, head held high, challenges her to a one-on-one duel to settle this, once and for all.

Kara space-skypes Rhea

That space ship has killer wi-fi.

Mon-El is worried about this plan. He even goes so far as to suggest Superman go instead. And forgetting everything that’s ever happened with Mon-El, ignoring every time we were frustrated with him, or his relationship with Kara, this moment here is all you need to see to know that he isn’t right for Kara. She’s about to go into one of the most important fights of her life and he’s not even just asking if she’s sure this is a good idea, he’s blatantly doubting her. But luckily Kara’s self-worth isn’t tied up in what he thinks she is or isn’t capable of. She beat Superman. She’s Earth’s champion. She’ll be the one to fight for it. She doesn’t have time to make him feel more comfortable with this plan, so he has to get on board or get out of the way.

Alex checks on J’onn’s unconscious body and asks him, again, to wake up. Being Director Danvers is fun and all, but they need all hands on deck for the one. J’onn dreams M’gann standing where Alex just stood.

M'gann looks down at a sleeping J'onn

“You all know that me and James aren’t interchangeable, right? You can have us both in the same episode?”

gives him True Love’s Kiss and he wakes up, disappointed to find she was never really there in the first place.

One of the first things J’onn sees when he wakes up is that the “Supergirl v Queen of Daxam” fight is being marketed like a professional boxing match. J’onn points out that this could attract bystanders so the supercousins don their glasses and go to chat with Cat. Who, upon seeing Clark Kent, turns the flirt up to 11.

Cat flirts with Clark unapologetically

The only thing better than Cat’s faces during this scene were Kara’s reactions.

It’s a wonder to behold, truly. Cat immediately starts telling them to take care of their Guardian situation and Kara says she’s hardly seen him all season anyway so what harm is it to let him do a little vigilante-ing? But anyway that’s not why they’re here. They explain why they want her help de-sensationalizing the fight and she says it’s because the ever-handsome Clark asked, but probably it’s also because she sees the truth in it, but she agrees to do just that.

She looks at Kara and asks her if Supergirl is ready for the fight. Kara swallows hard and gives a little nod. Supergirl told her she was ready. Cat smiles softly at her and says she’s betting on the Girl of Steel. (I’VE MISSED CAT GRANT SO MUCH. I feel like the sail on our ship has finally been mended. Like we were getting along relatively fine with the oars and rudders but this feels so much BETTER.)

The supercousins’ next stop is the Luthors. Two Luthors, two Kryptonians, tensions are high, but they’re on the same side for once. Lena shows Kara her box – sorry, sorry, I had to – and explains that they configured it to put enough lead in the air to be harmless to humans but toxic to Daxamites.

Lena Luthor holds her murderbox

I’ve seen some creative ways people try to get rid of their crush’s significant other, but this is next level.

Kara acknowledges with a twinge of sadness that this would include Mon-El, but tells Lena to start working on it, just in case.

And back at the DEO, Mon-El supports that notion. Because, despite his flaws and the fact that I still don’t think he’s right for Kara, Mon-El truly has grown over the course of the season. He says he won’t be the one thing holding them back from saving the planet.

Then it’s task assignment time. Winn is sent to help Lena, Mon-El will be Kara’s second during the battle, and Kal has to spar with his cousin to keep her spry for the fight.

During a break in sparring, Kara explains to Kal that things were finally starting to align for her – she had her dream job, a sweet superhero gig, a loving family, and her first serious boyfriend. But now she’s wondering if having it all is just a fantasy. But Clark says all.those things are intertwined; the people you love are a superpower all their own.

Kara looks gratefully at Clark

Her heart shows no sign of weakness.

It’s a very cute cousinly advice bonding session.

Okay! It’s time! Let’s get ready to rumble! Kara, Rhea and their seconds meet on a rooftop. The men step back and the women press their fists to their chests and agree to fight, for Earth.

Rhea stares down Kara

“Bring it.”

Kara stares down Rhea

“Oh, it’s already been broughten.”

Rhea is quicker than she looks, and Kara gets knocked down a few times, but there’s a reason this episode is called “Nevertheless she persisted.” She gets up again and again and again. But as they’re fighting, more Daxam ships arrive, and Kara realizes Rhea isn’t fighting fair. So Kara sends Mon-El to fight on the ground, joining Superman and J’onn in saving civilians from Daxamite invaders.

Alex is left in charge at the DEO again, Maggie as HER second.

Alex smiles at Maggie, a hint of worry still in her eyes

“I would feel a lot better if this was a dance battle, is all I’m saying”

Rhea then gets surprisingly still. She taunts Supergirl, even letting her get a punch in. And much to Rhea’s delight, she starts to bleed. You see, when the ruins of Krypton settled over the surface of Daxam, it became part of the people there. So Rhea has Kryptonite in her blood.

Back at L Corp, Lena and Winn finish the box.- working together adorably; I’m really into Winn and Lena as science buddies – and Lillian snatched it from them and presses the button immediately, ignoring Winn’s protests. When nothing happens, Lena puts her sassy little hand on her sassy little hip and says OBVIOUSLY she didn’t start miraculously trusting her mother. Supergirl is the one with the button to activate the lead cloud. Supergirl is the only one who can call this fight.

Lena stands with her hand on her hip

Buttons are for closers, Lillian.

So everyone fights. Mon-El saved a kid, delivers some quips, truly on the road to being more like Kara. Even M’gann is here (for real this time) with backup White Martians to help turn the tides.

Supergirl is weakened by Rhea’s Kryptonite blood, but she will not be defeated. She fights through the pain, she surprises Rhea, me, maybe even herself, by getting to her feet and overpowering Rhea, even in her weakened state. Rhea, desperate, tells Kara that even if the Queen of Daxam falls, their problems won’t be over. The fight won’t magically end.

Alex confirms this by telling Kara that the Daxam ships are all locked to fire on schools, hospitals…they’ll destroy the whole city no matter what.

So Kara knows what she has to do. She doesn’t ask for permission or reassurance, she doesn’t wait for validation, she doesn’t hesitate. She says she’s sorry to Mon-El, but then she presses the button.

The Daxamites get what Winn once called “space asthma” and start beaming back up to their ships. Rhea reaches out to her son, but he isn’t on her side of this. He never was. So she collapses into dust.

Rhea is dusted like a vamp on Buffy

Ashes to ashes and all that.

Mon-El starts to falter, his face contorts in pain. Kara, having defeated the enemy, focuses now on Mon-El, watches him struggle to take a full breath, pleads to her sister for a solution. What can she do? How can she fix this?

But Alex, though it breaks her heart to say it, says there’s nothing TO do.

Alex looks distraught

Nothing to do but say goodbye.

So instead Kara asks how much time. Alex says there’s no way to know – they mentioned earlier that since he’s been affected by their yellow sun longer than the other Daxamites, he’d be able to survive a little longer, but Alex doesn’t predict he’ll survive the hour. So Kara has Alex prep the pod Mon-El came in at the start of the season. Kara’s voice shakes as she gives him her mother’s necklace and tells him she loves him. He says the truest thing he’s ever said: No matter where he ends up, he’ll be better because of her. She kisses him and puts him in the pod and watches him leave, her eyes filled with tears but her head held high.

Kara cries, standing tall


And I won’t lie to you, my eyes teared up, too. Because Kara Danvers did everything right, and she still got her heart broken. She had to choose between Her People and the person she loves, and even though it wasn’t a hard choice for her at all, it still sucked to be put in that position. But at least she found a way to let him live, even though he has to go far, far away and never come back. (lol just kidding he ends up getting sucked into a portal at the end so I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Mon-El, HOWEVER, Kara still did right by herself in sending him away.)

Back at the DEO, Kara is standing on the balcony, looking out at shooting stars, wondering if one of them is Mon-El. Kal comes out to say goodbye and asks if she’s okay. She says yes – “of course” actually – she did the right thing. She has no doubts about that. But that doesn’t mean she’s not still a little sad. Kal tells her that it’s more complicated than “the right thing”. That sure, she knew it was the right thing to do, and maybe it didn’t even seem like a choice to her, Kara Zor-El, Champion of Earth, but it was a decision, and she made it. Kal says it’s one he might not have been able to make himself. He says again, though meaning it slightly differently this time, that she’s stronger than him. She doesn’t duck her head and disagree, she doesn’t retort with “you’re strong too”, she doesn’t do any of the things so many women on TV (and in real life!) would have done when given such a compliment. Instead she says, “Thank you.”

As the great Peggy Carter once said, “I know my value.”

Inside, M’gann tells J’onn that the White Martians she came down with are allies she found when she went back. Turns out she’s not the only one who has regrets about what their people did to the Green Martians; so they’re forming a rebel alliance to make tomorrow better. She heard J’onn’s mind call out to her, so she came, and she’ll stick around for a while.

M'gann smiles at J'onn


Alex is next to step onto the balcony to talk to Kara (Maggie again keeping a respectable distance) and addresses her sister with a soft voice and so much kindness. She reminds Kara that earlier this year, when she felt more broken than she ever felt, when she did something that seemed impossibly hard and it broke her heart, that Kara held her and said she was proud of her. Alex says it didn’t make her feel better in the moment, but it was something that stuck with her. And right now it’s time to return the favor. Alex steps closer to Kara and says, meaning it with her whole heart, “I’m proud of you.” Alex asks if she wants some sister time to make her feel better, but Kara wants Alex to be with her girlfriend. Alex asks one of the best things you can ask a person you want to help, “What do you need right now?” And all Kara wants from Alex right now is a promise that she’ll hold onto Maggie and never let her go, to be grateful for every minute they have together and hold tight to what they have right now.

Kara looks pleadingly at Alex

“Give the shippers what they want.”

Alex looks thoughtful for a moment and nods; this is a thing she can do, for her sister and for herself.

Alex takes in Kara's advice

“Hold my beer.”

After Kara leaves, Maggie comes out on the balcony and nestles into the crook of Alex’s neck.

Maggie nestles into Alex

“Hey, Maggie, I’ve heard of this thing called the gayest race…I think we could win it.”

Maggie assures Alex that Kara will be okay; if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Kara Danvers, it’s that she’s resilient af. Maggie says it’s a Danvers trait; those girls don’t break easy.

As Maggie is saying this, Alex interrupts and surprises Maggie, me, and even herself by saying, “Marry me.” Maggie’s initial response is a simple, “Excuse me?” Surely she heard that wrong. But then Alex repeats it again, a sure smile on her face, an added “please” for good measure.

Alex's eyes say marry me


And Maggie Sawyer just BEAMS.

Maggie's dimples come out in full force


I’ll admit, after my heart stopped doing backflips about how freaking adorable they were, I wondered – is it too soon? But then I rewatched the scene, all the way back from when Alex came out to talk to Kara, and I thought about all they’ve been through in a relatively short amount of time. Kara’s aunt was thought to be dead, then she wasn’t, then she was evil, then Alex had to kill her. Their father was lost, then he was found, then he was maybe evil, then he wasn’t, then he was lost again. Alex came out, thought she lost her shot with Maggie, then kissed the girls she wanted to kiss. So maybe it’s fast. Maybe they’ve only been dating a few months. But their lives move faster than most. One day you’re a bartender at a gaylien bar, the next you’re leading a Martian rebellion. One day you’re a photographer, the next you’re a vigilante. One day you’re the Queen of All Media and the next you’re in a yurt. One day you’re in love with the champion of earth, the next Earth is uninhabitable to you. One day you’re having pizza with your girlfriend, the next you’re kidnapped and put in a glass box that slowly fills with water until you’re almost dead. Alex watches all of these wild changes, she helps when she can, but some things are out of her control. Just today her baby sister pleaded with her for help, asked her what to do to save her boyfriend, and Alex had to say that there was nothing. It was entirely out of her control. So of course she took the reins on her own happiness. Of course she wants to cling to what joy she can while she can. Everything changes so fast when you work for a secret supernatural government agency and your sister is a superhero. Hell, everything changes so fast when you’re a queer TV recapper with a relatively ordinary little brother. Alex and the people she loves have all lost so much. She’s not going to lose Maggie.

So I’m happy. Overjoyed, truly. Don’t we deserve this cheesy happy ending? Alex’s arc this season has been thoughtful and beautiful and expertly executed. The speeches have been stunningly written, and every moment, little or big, has been acted brilliantly by Chyler Leigh. Floriana Lima plays perfectly off her, and Maggie quickly strut right out of what could have been a one-note “Alex’s girlfriend” kind of role. Their story has been heavy where it needed to be, but never overwrought. It was light where it could be, but never over-the-top. And frankly, I’m writing this recap on the way back from A-Camp, where the buildings were all named after dead queer fictional characters, and there was a whole round in TV Trivia about queer female character deaths, and combined they didn’t even cover half of them. So I’m going to do like Alex did and take the reins on this one. It makes me happy and I’m going to let it. And I’m going to point to it whenever a writer or creator tries to use the “we had to create drama to make it interesting” excuse when they fall into a harmful trope. Do I wish Alex and Maggie had more screentime? Sure. Kara’s relationship with Alex will always be the most important relationship on this show, but Alex’s relationship with Maggie was an emotional crux of this entire season.

It’s been a shitty year. Over a year now, honestly. For the world at large, for the country, for queer people. Hell, even just for me personally. Everyone I know is tired on an existential level. But we’re all still fighting. Because we’re strong as hell. Alex and Maggie’s story being pivotal to the second season of a DC owned prime time show, a show that teenagers watch, that parents watch with their children, a show with classic characters from comic books that so many generations have read, gives me hope. It gives me strength to keep on fighting. We’ve come so far in the twenty years since Ellen came out in The Puppy Episode of her TV show. And we’ve got so far to go. But we’ve got some great folks on our side. We’ve got writers who write lines like, “Why would your being gay ever let me down?” We’ve got Chyler Leigh standing up for Alex’s right to love who she loves, for Maggie’s right to kiss the girls she wants to kiss, even when getting pushback from her own family. And that’s just on this show. I’m so grateful for this storyline, and for this show.

another shot of Maggie nestled on Alex's shoulder

Anyway, the queer stuff isn’t even the only thing about this show that fills my heart with joy. Case in point, Cat Grant shutting off a report about how Cadmus is claiming credit for getting rid of the Daxamites and calling it “fake news.” And then, in her own Cat Grant way, asking Kara why the heart she wears on her sleeve is bleeding.

Kara sits down and explains that the man she loves is gone and that it hurts like hell. Everyone she cares about is in a happy relationship, and she’s wondering if it’s just not in the cards for her. Cat says that the pain will go away, she promises; she’s been there. And that the pain isn’t anything to be ashamed of. In fact, it’s what makes her strong. That vulnerability, that emotion, it’s what makes women stronger than they often get credit for. Cat’s voice softens from her usual sass factory and tells Kara she accomplished great things this year, ticking off all the articles Kara wrote, that Kara can’t believe she read from her yurt.

(Side note, I went to a few yurt parties at camp this weekend and can confirm it’s life-changing. #takeyouryurtoff)

Cat tells Kara she’s on a hero’s journey. That she can soar over this setback. It was the thousandth time Cat has made a reference like this, and the thousandth time I shouted CAT KNOWS at my screen, and, to my surprise, it was the last time, because as soon as Kara excuses herself and leaves, Cat says, “Go get ’em, Supergirl.”

Cat looks wistfully after Kara


And y’all I don’t cry happy tears but my eyes burned a little even just typing that.

To wrap up the season and set up next year, Mon-El gets sucked into a portal of sorts and we get a flashback from 35 years ago of some space nuns sending a baby they don’t care enough to call anything but “it” into space to “reign” or whatever.

But most importantly, we see Supergirl take to the skies. She’s devastated, she’s unsure of a lot of things, but one thing she knows for sure. She is Supergirl. And she has a job to do.

Supergirl flies, tears in her eyes

Never give up hope. Never give up.

Like Kara, we’re tired from fighting. We keep getting our hearts broken despite our best efforts. But we’re on the right side of this. So also like Kara, we’re going to keep getting up, keep moving forward. There are tears in our eyes, but our vision is clear. We’ll keep flying, we’ll keep fighting. No matter what.

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  1. So, I’m a cable-less schmoe, who’s only reading recaps on this show until further notice, does they avoid Supermans face this much, or is that just a special gift for me so there’s more room in the screencap budget for Smug Lena??

    • Superman doesn’t visit often, but when he does (in Season 2), he gets as much face-time as anyone else. And he looks good, IMO.

    • He’s always blissfully unobtrusive, but they do show his face plenty! It’s a good enough face, but as you said, I’d rather show Smug Lena a hundred times than Clark Kent once. :D

    • Supergirl is legally watchable for free without cable (in the US anyway)! The CW puts up the most recent episodes of their shows on their website, without any login or cable required. It’s generally the last 5 or so episodes, so if you get too far behind, it’s not much help.

  2. Oh, bless. I had tears in my eyes reading your recap.You hit the nail on the head with Alex/Maggie and Alex proposing. It isn’t too soon. It is so… them. Alex’s proposal was the most in character she’s ever been the entire season. Just three weeks before, when they said I love you to each other, they practically proposed without proposing with their “firsts” speech. Mind you, Maggie is something who said she didn’t want to imagine her life without Alex BEFORE they even started dating. Mon-El said he loved Kara THREE episodes after they got together. It is perfectly in sync with the pace of this show, which is the fastest paced show on television.

    Would it even be too soon in the real world? They’re two mature adult women in their late 20’s/early 30’s who have successful, fulfilling jobs and have been dating for nearly a year and are deeply in love and committed to one another. No, it wouldn’t be. When you know, you know.

  3. “Like Kara, we’re tired from fighting. We keep getting our hearts broken despite our best efforts. But we’re on the right side of this. So also like Kara, we’re going to keep getting up, keep moving forward. There are tears in our eyes, but our vision is clear. We’ll keep flying, we’ll keep fighting. No matter what.”

    This show and these recaps have been small and sometimes grand beacons of light for me since last November. Thanks for the weekly patronus and the encouragement.

    • Thank you for being here; it’s people like you who read and comment that give me enough strength and joy to cast the patronus charm <3

  4. Awesome recap, Valerie- you captured all the emotions I was feeling about this episode.

    I was sad because Kara deserved better then White Bread Boy, and OF COURSE she had to sacrifice him. But even though I thought he was terrible for her, that doesn’t invalidate that she had feelings for him, and his leaving was hard for her.

    I was originally in the camp of the Sanvers proposal being too soon, but after reading your rationalizations, I can now totally see it. I have a feeling since we didn’t see Maggie say “yes,” that will be a source of conflict next season. But Alex’s face when Maggie wrapped her arms around her from behind? I can’t even describe my emotions watching that.

    Side note: Where was James? Did they really sideline his character in the finale??? What the hell?

    • I’m thinking they’ll have the proposal story go more like Alex and Maggie talk about it being too soon, but they decide to move in together officially. I always wanted it to be Maggie who proposed, since she seems to have a harder time with the emotional stuff. I hope they at least do a more in depth conversation about getting married.

      And I spotted James for half a second on the balcony with Cat, which is just a waste. They had Mehcad there, they should’ve done something with him. At least another seen with Clark.

    • TTYT, I was less bothered by James’ complete absence, than how Lena mysteriously disappeared half-way thru. Hey, her device saved Planet Earth—you think someone could give her some props? >:-/

    • i hope it’s a no. They do this is to wrap the season. In finale, they need to give something to alex and maggie relationship. so they give this in such a action-packed episode. I don’t like the proposal thought came out it’s because kara told alex never let her go. I want it to be completely alex thought herself not because of kara say never let her go and then she does it.I am hoping alex and maggie relationship no kara involvement at all. Just let the couple do by themselves not because of somebody said.

      And, this finale is bad, the whole thing, my boyfirend is gone and i am sad. This is the finale episode title, this is the whole S2 season arc” my boyfriend is gone and i am sad”.

  5. FINALLY!!! [You’re forgiven, VA. ForgivenNotForgiven. ;-p~~~]

    First of all: can somebody please GIF me Kara’s (Melissa’s) incredible face, flying into our hearts there at the end? [I’m old enough—yeah, I admit it—to remember the original tagline to Christopher Reeve’s first effort as the Man of Steel: “You will believe a man can fly.” Kara makes me believe!!! :-D]

    Back later…

    • VA, I can’t believe you didn’t mention “Small World” by the INCOMPARABLE Idina Menzel. That song TOTALLY made the end of the ep for me…

      • The lyrics fit so well too!

        “I’m going up to a place where the world is small/and i can fly above it all/ if i don’t make it, sing my song…”

        • I immediately recognized her voice — all those times “Let It Go” was on repeat during Frozen fever finally paid off, LOL! It was the perfect song – I was in tears!

  6. “A;ex” -> “Alex”
    “took the reigns” -> “took the reins”
    “take the reigns” -> “take the reins”

    Only 35-year-old-space-baby should be taking any reigns.

    • Eek! Did I mention I wrote most of this on my phone on the plane back from camp, where I barely slept?

  7. The people inside catco when kara ripped open her shirt at the end probably thought kara is into aggressive boob flashing. Which made me think of Homeland – Season 1 is probably one of the best seasons of any show, if anyone wanted a good show to watch during the hiatus.

    Reign is a supergirl villain from the comics btw. She is a Worldkiller created by kryptonian scientists.

    My wishes for next season: more Maggie, Lena and M’gann. (I’m not holding my breath for Cat being in more episodes than she was in this season) And that they spend more time building up kara’s next relationship if Mon-El is gone for a while. (Lena asking kara if supergirl is into girls would kinda be hilarious though)

    Thanks for the great recaps, Valerie :)

  8. What contribution is Winn even making with Lena, it seems like he’s soldering something but then he gets distracted and Lena puts a tube in the device and says it’s done and his stuff is just left on the table, and apparently he had no idea it was operated by a remote or that the remote was absent.

    • As much as this surely belongs in the suspension of disbelief pile, you’re so right, and it’s hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  9. THIS WAS WORTH THE WAIT! This was beautiful as always but this time, you have outdone yourself, Valerie Anne! You’ve captured how I felt about the Sanvers proposal and even Kara’s heartbreak over Mon-El’s departure. And ofcourse Cat knows… She’s always known! I can’t wait for S3 and your recaps! Thank you!

  10. Made me cry again, Ms. Starshine! Lol amazing recap as always. You’ve perfectly summed up everything I felt about this episode. I’m really going to miss your recaps during this hiatus.

    • Don’t worry I’ll be here writing about Wynonna Earp and Orphan Black :P

      No but seriously thank you and I’ll miss this show/writing these recaps so much!

    • My dramatic ass self actually clutched at my chest and had to stop for a few seconds after reading that caption.

      • Mine wasn’t much better after mentally screaming “TOO SOON VALERIE, TOO SOON!!!”

  11. Does anybody have a link to an article or tumblr post that talks about the finale screening in depth?

  12. that ending, at first I thought the space baby has to be Lena since she has such a mysterious origin. I mean they did say she was the product of a Papa Luthor affair but just because they said it doesn’t mean it’s true. But then I was like no it can’t be Lena because she has that little thumb print alien detector and every time she would use it it would light up bright red.
    I am very curious about this, if it someone we know or have yet to meet. And what planet were they shipping off from, Kryton? Daxam? or another sibling planet?

    No Alex and Maggie were not enough in this episode but boy do they give it 1000% with what they are working with. That screen shot of Maggie hugging Alex from behind, that is what fan fiction is made of.
    The proposal, I thought too soon but then yeah, these girls nearly die every episode, why not give them this. And I have this vision/idea that next season will start with all the happy couples and but Kara being depressed and Alex and Maggie’s vignette will be them admiring rings.

    Cat Grant…I WANT YOU BACK! The powers that be need to work out a way with Calista to have her on the show next season and beyond. Look an episode takes about a week to 10 days to shoot, the season has 22 episodes, they can incorporate her into like every 4th episode so she only has to fly to Vancouver once every 6 weeks. it will also help them balance Kara’s life at CatCo with Supergirl’s life at the DEO which was lacking this season.

    • The baby in the pod is a villain called Reign. She was produced by Kryptonian scientists, much like Doomsday.

      • either I wasn’t paying attention or I took it to mean something else. When they said “Reign” I thought they were meaning that the alien would reign as in rule the Earth like a queen. I guess we’ll get the full details in season 3.

    • This will be the character of Reign and it has already been cast. She will be Supergirl’s nemesis and a Series reg next season. She lives a normal life, with evil impulses ;)

  13. Beautiful Beautiful writing. The season was brilliant and brought laughter and tears to my eyes and so do your recaps. Kudos Valerie Anne!Looking forward to your future writings! Thanks!
    A Fan!

  14. Great recap, thank you! Also, how about that “stronger together” Hillary Clinton campaign reference??? ON THE DAMN NOSE, WRITERS. So good.

  15. Oh my goodness, this was an amazing episode – and an amazing recap, Valerie Anne.

    Kara did an incredibly hard thing – and it was never a question for her, but you could see how painful it was. And as much as I, like many, have disliked Mon-El this season, she loved him and I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love.

    It’s true that he became a better person because of her, and this ending left him in a positive light, showing personal growth, but with the main focus still being on Kara’s strength.

    And damn was she strong – not just physically, but emotionally. Yes, she’s heartbroken now, but as Cat Grant said (love her so much!) it’s our vulnerability that makes us strong.

    And I loved how Alex harkened back to when she had been at her lowest, and Kara had been there for her. (I feel like she should’ve given Kara a hug, though, right?)

    It was beautiful to see these strong women in Kara’s life cheering her on and being there for her at her lowest. Because that’s really what this show is about, right? Women who are smart and strong and passionate working together to make the world a better place. The men help too, some better than others, but in a definitely supporting role. The heart of this show is its women – and I just love it so much.

    And I’m glad that M’gann is back, at least “for a while”! After everything she and J’onn have been through, they deserve to be happy.

    For a season that had faltered and lost its way for a bit, this was a really strong ending – and it makes me hopeful for where the next season will go.

    • Oh my goodness, this was an amazing episode – and an amazing recap, Valerie Anne.

      Kara did an incredibly hard thing – and it was never a question for her, but you could see how painful it was. And as much as I, like many, have disliked Mon-El this season, she loved him and I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love.

      It’s true that he became a better person because of her, and this ending left him in a positive light, showing personal growth, but with the main focus still being on Kara’s strength.

      And damn was she strong – not just physically, but emotionally. Yes, she’s heartbroken now, but as Cat Grant said (love her so much!) it’s our vulnerability that makes us strong.

      And I loved how Alex harkened back to when she had been at her lowest, and Kara had been there for her. (I feel like she should’ve given Kara a hug, though, right?)

      It was beautiful to see these strong women in Kara’s life cheering her on and being there for her at her lowest. Because that’s really what this show is about, right? Women who are smart and strong and passionate working together to make the world a better place. The men help too, some better than others, but in a definitely supporting role. The heart of this show is its women – and I just love it so much.

      And I’m glad that M’gann is back, at least “for a while”! After everything she and J’onn have been through, they deserve to be happy.

      And Alex and Maggie…wow! I thought Maggie would balk – her baggage about trusting people – but she looked pretty happy. And they are so good together, it will be fun to see this next step in their relationship unfold.

      For a season that had faltered and lost its way for a bit, this was a really strong ending – and it makes me hopeful for where the next season will go. Finally, we know that Cat knows…but does Lena? I feel like that will be important next season.

  16. Hey, Valerie Anne–just wanted to tell you how much I’ve loved your recaps this season. You do an amazing job putting exactly what I’ve been thinking and feeling about an episode into words, and they’re always beautiful words. (Also, your screepcap/caption game is on point.) Come Tuesday afternoons I’m always refreshing Autostraddle on my phone at work waiting for the recap to post. Can’t wait for next season and more of these. :)

    • Thank you, Abby. I look forward to more fun with you all next season, too. <3

  17. Excellent recap of a great episode of one of my favourite shows.

    Now, I’d never/seldom say anything nice about Mon El, but I think he suggested Superman should go as Supergirl’s second instead of him. Not instead of her.

    SO many ‘arms raised aloft and cheering’ moments – mostly around Cat tbh. I KNEW she knew. KNEW. IT.

    The sheer number of women in this series has been a joy. Seeing older actresses get decent roles and writing in such a mainstream (yet nerdy) show is marvellous. Now it only remains for the next Doctor to be a woman and my heart might actually burst.

  18. alex and kara is not the most important relationship in the show anymore.

    CW has already changed it kara and mon-el is the most important relationship in the show. From the finale, and look back the whole S2, they have changed. Kara and Mon is put in front of the central and everybody evolve around it. In fact they make such a big deal in the finale abt the mon-el leaving.That already show you kara/mon has become the most important relationship in the show.

    • I’m not a fan of Kara/Mon-el, but it is Kara’s show; if she has a relationship, shouldn’t it be the most important one on the show?

      • Oops, sorry, I misread you as saying that Alex and *Maggie* were no longer the most important relationship. Never mind!

    • I think they lost sight of it for a while there, but I still think Kara/Alex is the most important relationship on the show. I think the show works best when they do remember that. It’s why “Alex” was one of the best episodes of the show to date.

  19. “I’ve seen some creative ways people try to get rid of their crush’s significant other, but this is next level.” – Your captions for the screen-grabs are next level! Truly, you have a gift. So much wit and hilarity and truth in one sentence.

    Sanvers Shipper Me: ALEX F-IN’ PROPOSED!! FOR REAL! ON. THE. SHOW!! It’s CANON!!! *spontaneously combusts into a shower of confetti and rainbow sprinkles*

    Rational Me: We didn’t get to hear or see Maggie’s response. Forget that beaming dimpled smile that outshines the sun – we didn’t SEE or HEAR Maggie say yes! *hyperventilates into paper bag as my paranoid brain runs through worse scenario after worse scenario for Alex and Maggie in Season 3* It’s always foreshadowing of something bad to come when you don’t hear or see the response to a proposal on TV.

    Other Thoughts:
    – Winn calling J’onn “Papa Bear” and sliding across the DEO command center to barrel into his arms is canon and it makes my heart soar. J’onn is the father figure this ragtag group needs desperately.
    – I want entire episodes where Lena just sasses the sh*t out of everyone and everything.
    – How does Lillian manage to make it into L-Corp without being arrested on sight? Last I checked, wasn’t she a fugitive with ever law enforcement agency trying to hunt her and her evil robot down?
    – The way Alex’s eyes fluttered shut and her body went lax as Maggie came up behind her to hold her was pure, pure beautiful poetry. It was so much more than I expected and it made my heart burst with feels.
    – The Superman vs Supergirl fight – I sooo agree with you, Valerie. Again, it was poetry in motion – every punch, skid, kick, glare and desperate plea was purposeful and poignant. I could watch and rewatch that scene over and over again.
    – M’gann’s back! Let her stay FOREVER.
    – Cat knows Kara is Supergirl – I laughed because DUH. Also, Cat needs to stay FOREVER because her quips alone keeps this show from descending into a toxic pool of testosterone and daft nonsense.
    – Lena didn’t sound bitter at all when she asked Supergirl if she knew Mon-El was dating Kara Danvers. Not. At. All. *rolls eyes* Get with the program and get Lena an dKara together already, Supergirl writers!
    – Alex should have been Kara’s second. Season 1 Alex would have thrown Mon-El into a lead lined cell for even suggesting he be Kara’s second.
    – Mon-El is gone (for now) and while I’m ecstatic, I felt so sad for Kara. More than anyone, I think she deserves happiness and though I personally think Mon-El is a bad choice for her in so many ways, he at least made her happy and putting Kara in that position where she had to choose between him and the world, well damn. As if she hadn’t sacrificed enough already, let’s put her through the wringer one more time.

    Thanks for these fantastically written recaps. Your writing is so, so good and I really appreciate you taking the time to flesh out your thoughts on each episode and then composing them into beautiful recaps, witty captions for screen-grabs and all! Cheers!

    • It’s like the writers are constantly trying to make the lead suffer. (A true CW show, indeed.)

      Oh, you think Kara’s aunt loves her and is going to be redeemed and Kara will finally have someone who remembers Krypton as well? BAM- DEAD.

      Oh, you think Jeremiah is back and Kara can finally stop feeling guilty that her becoming a Danvers was what killed him? BAM- EVIL.

      Oh, you love seeing Kara so dorky and happy around Mon-El (despite not supporting the relationship)? BAM- GONE.

      Like, writers, do you not like Melissa’s smile? It’s an adorable smile! What is wrong with you guys?!

      • Yeah. It’s one of the reasons why I became so apprehensive when I heard that they were going to move the show to The CW, a network basically famous for making their leads suffer/brood/angst like no tomorrow *cough* Arrow *cough*. They love their angst. I do miss the sunnier, lighter atmosphere of season 1. I just want a superhero show that’s not constantly drowning in trauma, angst and drama. An like you said, Melissa has a smile that’s just screams rainbows, unicorns and puppies. I’d like to see more of that please and less of her eyes brimming over with tears and pain became damn, does this woman know how to cry on screen.

  20. ‘has grown over the course of the season’ Mon-El has grown, indeed. Too bad it’s from ‘person quite literally willing to let an entire planet be sacrificed for his safety’ to ‘unwilling to let an entire planet be sacrificed for his happiness’. I mean. Low bar.

    I can’t be the only one who hated the proposal thing? It felt unearned to me. And now Alex and Maggie are apparently both really into the romantic symbolism of Valentine’s Day and marriage and I just…. don’t feel like this ‘aggressively normal’ thing jives with their personal histories? I feel like it’s very ‘straight people fighting homophobia by being extra sensitive and so terrified of getting it wrong’ to be all ‘their gay love is PERMANENT’ to justify it within the narrative if that makes sense.
    So yeah, I felt it sold us short, actually, to not let it develop and to not let them grow together more but to instead slap a big ‘RESOLVED’ on their arc.

    I think a lot of the arcs this season have had major problems, minimal resolution and minimal payoff. But it’s still a delightful show and I hope they’ve worked out the kinks enough to return to better than ever next season.

    Thank you for all your delightful recaps, Valerie Anne, though I am mad you brought up Peggy Carter in a sad moment I mean it was UNCALLED FOR to make me cry before my second cup of coffee. To bring the references full circle: You have truly broughten it this season :)

    • I’m also nervous about the proposal–my ideal way for it to pan out is that Maggie let’s Alex down easy in a way that ups their commitment anyway, like them moving in together, but I can also see Maggie saying yes and then freaking out about it (and then them working through that). I hope we get an arc that doesn’t just slap “resolved” on them but is also healthy and true to their characters!

      I do kinda see them wanting to get married eventually, if even just because their jobs are so dangerous that it would be legally useful in the event of an emergency, although I can’t see them having kids. But I also think it is entirely in character for Alex to want a romantic Valentine’s Day, and to want to get married. She’s spent her whole life not knowing she was gay in a world that DOES put stress on those things, and I think she’d totally want them now that she realizes she can have them with someone she loves. And she really seeks approval and validation from those she loves, so her wanting all of these traditional markers also sort of makes sense to me–she’s not an anti-tide, I-do-me-and-fuck-the-system kind of person, at least not interpersonally.

    • I’M SORRY I MADE YOU CRY but I shall never be sorry for honoring the memory of Peggy Carter!! haha Thanks for reading. :)

    • oh man, i hated the valentine’s day thing SO MUCH, still not over it. but anyone who’s into valentine’s day is 100% going to be into marriage. i still struggle to understand why anyone would ever want to get married besides for legal convenience, but two people who work for the state are probably pretty invested in its institutions.

  21. Wait, when did Lena find out that “Mike” was Mon-El? Didn’t she just know Kara’s boyfriend as Mike? And I don’t think he was in his “Mike” gear when they were on Rhea’s ship together. I feel like I missed something. But if she figured that out herself, it seems pretty damn likely she’d have worked out that Kara is Supergirl…I mean their civilian disguises are exactly the same: a pair of glasses. Lena spends a LOT more time looking in one set of eyes than the other, so if she recognized Doofus Magoofus with minimal effort, she’s GOT to know.

  22. I live for your captions! And the recap was absolutely worth the wait! The whole proposal initially made me have heart eyes and I was swooning for hours after watching, but I also worried about the timing. Was it too soon? You really helped put it in to perspective and it made even more sense considering all that’s happened this season. I’m sure there will be some drama around their engagement, but I’m hoping for a big gay wedding next season!

    Also, we were all thinking the same thing about Lena and her box…

  23. and the season long award for best picture caption “buttons are for closers, Lillian.” every victorian lesbian would be so proud.

  24. I wanted a couple of things wrapped up that weren’t quite – isn’t Lillian Luthor still a fugitive? Didn’t they go pick her up and put her back in jail?

    Also – those Mon-El / Lena genetically engineered babies are still on that Daxxam ship, even if Rhea crumbled into dust. That’s bothered me since the last show.

    • I don’t think that Rhea had created the babies at that time. I simply think that she had the ability to create them.

    • Yep… I’m wondering what’s up with the Lena-El baby too. It’s a word thing to leave dangling, unless they plan to hit us with out next season. Think they’re planning to pull a Xena, and have Supergirl kill Lena’s evil baby?

      • “Think they’re planning to pull a Xena, and have Supergirl kill Lena’s evil baby?”

        Bite your tongue! [But it would be dramatic, fer shur…]

        • Believe me, I’m hoping against it (SuperCorp all the way) but I can’t help but wait for the other shoe to drop on any Super/Luthor friendship. Really hoping I’m wrong!

  25. i continue to wish for some sort of acknowledgement of alex’s terrible professional ethic and the DEO’s lax adherence to the rules. my questions:

    1) why is maggie alex’s second in command at the DEO? is that cute gay whose twin works at SHIELD being overlooked for promotions??

    2) who’s in charge of investigating nepotism at this federal organisation, or of checking that the weapons stock isn’t being distributed to employees’ loved ones?

    3) alex defied the president and allowed their defences to be obliterated by the enemy because her sister thought she knew better than the democratically elected leader of the country. is the president just cool with that because they have blackmail material on her alien origin?

    4) if it weren’t for corporate intervention and a xenophobic war criminal engineering an untested chemical attack, the planet would have been defenceless. despite its constant references to democrat values, is this show actually advocating for a corporate-backed military dictatorship where chemical attacks are justified and celebrated?

  26. You said “Her People” and now I’m thinking about Clexa and DAMN IT VALERIE AS IF I WASN’T SUFFERING ENOUGH BECAUSE OF SAD!KARA

  27. First, because I neglected to say it last time when I finally shuffled out of the lurker ranks, Valerie Anne I cannot thank you enough for these recaps. They’re always on point, and overflowing with wit and insight. There are times when I swear I love these even more than the show.

    Others have mentioned Cat’s promise to be back, despite what we know about Calista’s issues with VanCity. I find this disconcerting, too. Cat and CatCo provide balance to Kara and wisdom to the masses… Plus SuperCat, of course. I’d love to see her back, but unless Supergirl’s flying her in I don’t know how they’re planning to make it happen. Please don’t let them do her in.

    And yes, as mentioned, Maggie didn’t say yes… Which is never good news on TV. Sigh… I don’t mind a little turbulence to start off season 3, but nothing more permanent, please.

    Finally, I loved Lena in this episode, but her lack of interaction with Kara/Supergirl is worrisome to me. I still don’t trust that a Super and a Luthor will get to stay besties. Just a theory, but what of that baby Rhea could build with the locks of hair she’d already collected? If they’re looking for a way to break up this friendship, Xena showed us years ago that having to kill your “friend’s” child is a sure way to make that happen. It would certainly play into Lena’s mommy issues. I hope not, of course. I’m hoping for the impossible SuperCorp. We’ll see…

    Great ep overall, and yes, I love that we had a woman in every major role. In fact, I suspect we could have swapped in a sexy lamp for most male roles and it would have almost worked. Turnabout *is* fair play, if only now and then.

  28. Had nevertheless she persisted even happened yet when this season started airing, or did they have like a phone tree session when it did and decided to change the title of the ep?

    • No, that description of Senator Elizabeth Warren (by the execrable Mitch McConnell—is it OK to get political here? ;-/) happened February 8 2017, long after the season started. The phrase isn’t used by anyone in the ep: it might have been shot before the phrase was uttered in February.

  29. Valerie, I love your recaps, highlight of my week. Although you had me on pins and needles girl. Please don’t do it again.
    Anyway, I loved the episode. I loved all the strong women. Although the Megan and Jonn thing, maybe its me but I thought they were kinda of a uncle/niece or dad/daughter relationship. So watching them kiss was kinda ewwww.

    Number two, does the DEO have a really quick ship to get them to the Fortress of Solitude. Cause I don’t know how they hell they got their so quick. Obvious plothole, but ok we can look that over.

    Oh and I see Lena’s and Kara’s relationship falling apart. Lena’s mistake took away Kara’s happiness. There will be some sort of fall out because of it.

    • Re: getting to the fortress, didn’t Alex say Kara flew them all there, and then passed out again?

      • Yup. That girl really does have SUPER strong arms, to carry both Alex and unconscious Superman!

  30. Even if I could get on board with how quick the proposal was (which maybe I could), I think that scene could have been so much more romantic. C’mon even a spontaneous proposal by Alex Danvers would have more to it than “marry me”. That being said, yes, I am very happy that the queer women have a happy ending.

  31. RE Alex’s proposal : Guess Kara isn’t the only Danvers who moves faster than a speeding bullet!

    • Alex definitely outlesbianed herself and took U-Hauling to a whole new level. I know Kara told her to “never let Maggie go” but I don’t she meant for Alex to bind herself legally to her! I hope we get to see Kara’s reaction when Alex tells her of the impromptu proposal – I personally imagine Kara’s face to be a hysterical mixture of WTF, amusement, horror, joy and more WTF, Alex?!?! Lol.

  32. Hats off to whomever on the Supergirl directing team went to the Formation tour, saw Beyonce’s performance of “Freedom” and thought that would make an awesome fight scene…whoever you are, you were absolutely right. That was awesome.

    I don’t want to steal anyone’s joy about the proposal–Valerie’s eloquence almost makes me a believer–but I’m just sayin’, I had some awful flashbacks to the last time I saw a fan favorite brunette abruptly propose marriage to her girlfriend played by a racially ambiguous brown skinned beauty after an emotionally charged event…

    (Spoiler alert: that did not end well.)

  33. VALERIE! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your characterization of the proposal. All the complaining was bumming me out.
    “Don’t we deserve this cheesy happy ending?” YES!!!!! And so does Alex, my poor selfless baby gay. Being a queer lady (fictional or otherwise) is kind of rough lately, take the win and run with it! Everything is hard, and angst, and fighting and if this show decides that the ONE thing it’s going to protect and nurture is a relationship between two women (not that the women have been spared pain, but that pain has served to make their relationship stronger) I’m going to latch onto that like my ability to maintain hope depends on it.

    As for the proposal itself, I love it. They were always going to try to fit too much in the finale, so all we got was a few seconds and the result was exactly what it should have been. Alex “Gay Panic” Danvers proposing because Kara told her to and doing so by blurting out the words “Marry Me” and saying please. If you want to feel like you got your moneys worth, just watch the “lifetime of firsts” and “I never want to stop having firsts with you” speeches followed directly by the balcony scene. :)

    “Give the shippers what they want.” – and we all know Kara is the #1 Sanvers shipper.

    Thanks for giving me something to look forward to after every episode this season, Valerie.

  34. Aw, damn. I hate to be the bearer of bad news:

    “‘Supergirl’: Floriana Lima Returning in Season 3, But…

    According to a statement from executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Lima’s role has been reduced because she is “looking to pursue other opportunities.” While we know she’ll be back for “multiple episodes,” the exact number remains a mystery.
    “We adore Floriana and have loved working with her to tell this inspiring story,” said Kreisberg. “Although she’s not available to us as a series regular next season, as she’s looking to pursue other opportunities, we’re happy she’ll be returning for multiple episodes in Season 3.”



      • I hate to be cynical, but it’s like “You didn’t really think we’d let you have BOTH Katie McGrath and Floriana Lima as regulars, did you? (No, you fans of strong f/f relationships, canon or subtext, can’t have Nice Things).”


        [Maybe I don’t hate to be cynical. Now we just have to hope Maggie Sawyer survives her multiple-but-not-regular appearances alive. Sigh.]

      • “Katie McGrath wasn’t a series regular this season, and we saw a decent amount of her, and a lot of stories hinged on her.”

        But when she wasn’t, IMO, the show was far weaker for it.

        Seriously, VA, I take your point. I didn’t mean to imply that Sanvers was over. But it just seems kind of obvious: one woman in, means one woman out.

        We’ve got more persisting to do.

    • Yes, but why can’t Alex break up, struggle with a break up just like Kara and then move on to another woman? If she does that, would that be a betrayal of being gay? Because I have seen other CW shows, and even het characters continuously break up and then get together with other characters.

      As long as the show remembers that Alex is also gay (but being gay isn’t the only thing that defines her), and can date other women.

      From the beginning, they have paralleled the Danvers’ storylines anyways. So, may be they could do that in the next season too.

      • Aparna Vengakkad, you want them to break up so much. I think you are waiting for this day for so long in this whole S2. So dark-hearted. You just want your danvers sister only. So bad!!

      • Just to clarify (in case any one comes back and reads this): This was not an argument or a suggestion, but merely a question; mostly because I heard (but, didn’t see, so I don’t know if that is true) that there was a lot of outrage on this on twitter; and also because it has always puzzled me that there are not more varied ships out there than Sanvers and Supercorp. For example, why don’t people ship Alex-Lena or if they do, why is nobody talking about it? Why has people stopped talking about Kara-Lucy?

        And again, it is not an accusation but wonder. I do understand that most of the gay women who do see this show are behind Sanvers. (Or, so it seems). And I do realise I come across as a wet blanket (or spoil sport) at times. I will try and not do that in the future.

        For the record: I don’t ship any of them though if I were to choose one in canon, I’d choose Alex-Lena.

        • Have Alex & Lena even met? [Besides Alex being in the L-Corp lobby/vicinity for some crisis or other. I don’t recall Kara doing a “this is my sister Alex” scene.]

          • Yep! The second episode and also the episode where Alex was struggling with her sexuality and goes to talk to Kara. Kara does a “this is my sister” thing.

            I just like them because of the potential for story (which is about struggling with parental expectation, family, potential for greyness–though Lena has shown none of that and genius–though Alex has shown none of that this season). Anyways, I want those two to become friends and hang out together at least (in canon).

            I want Alex to have a story and character growth besides the gay thing. (Well, Kara too because Kara and Melissa remains my favorite in the show.) Exodus and Homecoming were hijacked by Mon El, and I don’t think we got a resolution there; it was too little.

  35. First of all, I must say that I truely love your recaps of supergirl. Your recaps are amazing, funny, true and most of the time I agree with your opinions.

    I LOVE Alex and Maggie together and at first I thought Alex proposal was too soon but after your recap I understand that it couldn’t have been during a better time. Chyler Lee and Floriana Lima did such grace with their characters it just makes me want to watch the second season all over again (And I probably will!).

    There were some things that bothered me this season. As a feminist, I love seeing equality between women and men on TV and the big screen, but I dont like seeing one gender overrunning the other. It sometimes felt like this season empowered women on the expanse of the male gender and I didn’t like it. I don’t want to make men feel bad that they are men or that they are in any case less than women. I want to see equality, feminism comes from the need of equality, not from the need of “revenge” or “getting even”. And sometimes I felt like in the show they took a wrong turn on behalf of feminism.

    About Mon-El, I don’t mind saying that I don’t like him (because I don’t) but I don’t hate him either. I don’t think he is the perfect guy for Kara, but in the other hand I don’t think he is as bad as many here says he is. I don’t think that him being over protective comes from him doubting her, I think it is because he is worried sick about her. And of course he would be worried, he loves her so much he doesn’t want to lose her too. It’s not about not trusting her, its about caring too much for her. I think that every one of us would be worried sick if someone that we love is going to risk their lives, and even though you trust them with all of your heart you are still worried something will go wrong.

    Overall this season was AMAZING. Loved every episode, loved every SECOND of each episode!
    I hope that next season will be as amazing as the previous ones.

    Not really related to Supergirl, but is there any chance you will write a review on “Wonder Woman” that is now on the big screen? Would really love to know your opinion on this movie.
    – already watched it, and loved it!

  36. And sometimes I felt like in the show they took a wrong turn on behalf of feminism.

    I agree with your saying of the feminism issue in supergirl. I feel the same. And, also, i think that about the supes fight and superman is all ko by supergirl(i know this is her show), and they make superman saying kara is better than him. Feminism doesn’t mean you have to everytimes win over man and make man become inferior and less than woman. The intention is good, but wrong way of execution.

  37. WOW and DAMN. Did they really get rid of the ken-doll?

    And from this review, did TPTB realize that the gaping hole that Cat Grant fills is serious? If only they could move the show to keep Calista around. sigh.

    I wish this show hadn’t alienated me cos I miss Alex and Maggie. And basically all the other character except Barbie and Ken.

    IF Kara/Supergirl has matured and stopped acting like she knows better than every.freaking.one around her, and is not going to be another moping emo like Barry Allen was, I may give this show another chance next season.

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