Superbowl Sunday with Lindsay Lohan, Jon Stewart, RuPaul, kd Lang, SNL’s Gay Show, Etc

LINDSAY: The cute videos of Niecy Nash appearing like a fairy godmother to be Lindsay Lohan’s life coach or something are back! We look at how many racks of clothes Lindsay has (many) and how many boxes of shoes (also many, but they are labeled very well.) The tone of the series seems to be implying that this apartment cleanup is really some kind of life intervention for Lindsay – done “with the hope that it carries over into other aspects of her life that are equally chaotic and messy,” and that the reason her apartment is so messy is that she is busy being crazy. I don’t know, I feel like being very thin and having people take photos of you in public is very time-consuming, she is very busy and the fact that she took the time to label her shoes so well is impressive! Or maybe this commenter said it best:

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Basically maybe we should just decide the kid is alright, and it’s great that she can be BFFs with Niecy Nash now, this is a happy thing you guys! Go watch the videos at the Insider they’re cute. (@jezebel)

JSTEW: Did you know about this series of interviews/arguments/FACEOFFS being hosted between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly? I didn’t, which is maybe not surprising because the edited segments that are being shown on FOX are not that interesting. Apparently, though, the actual uncut interviews are BALLER, by which we mean that Jon Stewart delivers an unholy smackdown and pretty much proves that FOX has become an insane cracked-out fearmongering propaganda Obama-will-eat-my-babies-with-his-sharklike-rows-of-multiple-teeth machine. Gawker has many, many examples of this happening in convenient video clip form. Here’s what Stewart really said about Neil Cavuto’s practice of raising “Is Obama a Stalinist?”-style questions: “I know what this is. I come from Jersey—it’s the same thing: “I’m not saying your mother’s a whore. I’m just saying she has sex for money.” I can’t embed the video which is frustrating because it’s so good so go watch it! (@gawker)

SNL: Saturday Night Live goes homosexual for a night for real: skits on DADT, and other things, and it was really funny. We watched it and laughed and now we are tired. Here’s the videos from the show on Gawker, and we’ll try and find them for you tomorrow for here, the whole thang.

DIVA: DIVA magazine, that hawt lesbo mag from the UK, was founded in 1994. Every year there are more and more lesbians and people like the magazine more and more: “Britain’s 1.8 million lesbian and bisexual women are picking from a field of one when they buy Diva, which may have helped the magazine maintain its 55,000 circulation during the downturn. “We are stable on sales and on advertising income. Growth has happened exponentially,” says Czyzselska. “Because there is no competition, we are aiming at every lesbian – and you can’t meet the needs of every lesbian all of the time,” she says. Diva is bought by those in their mid-teens to their 60s, with the average reader being 33. “We try to reflect issues which our readers feel affect their lives.” (@the independent)

ADVOCATE: Meanwhile, The Advocate says Air America owes Rachel Maddow $4 million — but how much does Advocate/Regent/Here owe its people? (@queerty)

HOTTEST PEOPLE IN MUSIC: Here’s your chance to tell everyone that Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert are the sexiest people in music. (@billboard)

WANDA SYKES: Wanda Sykes takes on CBS refusing to air the gay ad. (@huffpo)

HATHAWAY: Pretty Girl Anne Hathaway tells GQ about how she blew the self-righteous taco stand that is the Catholic Church (along with her entire family) because after her brother came out she couldn’t help but ask herself “”Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?” Atta girl, Anne! Also your hair is cute! (@shewired)

SWEET: The company responsible for the fun in the sun that was the 2009 Sweet Caribbean Cruise are starting a new project with Live Sweet Voluntour. “The Live Sweet Voluntour 2010 aims to start as many ripples in as many cities in the United States as we can reach this year,” Wentworth said. “We’re traveling to different cities to lead community service projects, gather Sweeties for fun and fundraising fitness events and host parties to celebrate our lives. We’re also spreading lesbian visibility in the United States, where it seems like every day people are voting on whether we deserve equal rights. The more we connect with people in our own backyard, the less likely they will be to vote against us.” What are you waiting for? Check that shit out! (@passportmagazine)

KD LANG: Constant Calling – “BUDDHIST, vegetarian and lesbian. Even k.d. lang wonders why sometimes she doesn’t inspire fervent annoyance in some people.” (@theage)

OBAMA/UGANDA: The National Prayer Breakfast happened this week, and while that sounds like something you would never be interested in ever, it matters because many members of the creepy quasi-secret-religous-cabal The Family were present, and President Obama used it as an opportunity to say hell to the no on the Ugandan “Kill Gays” law.

“We can take different approaches to ending inequality, but surely we can agree on the need to lift our children out of ignorance; to lift our neighbors from poverty. We may disagree about gay marriage, but surely we can agree that it is unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are — whether it’s here in the United States or, as Hillary mentioned, more extremely in odious laws that are being proposed most recently in Uganda.”

Did he finally do something right? Or just something… not wrong? You decide! (@feministing)

RU PAUL: One of our favorite bloggers, Rich at Fourfour, has interviewed one of our Favorite People Ever, Ru Paul. As you might expect, the entire thing was super classy and smart, with discussion of camp, society’s fear of feminine men, the anthropology of Drag Race, and “the unlikeliness of constructing reality around parody.” Watch the rest of the videos over on VH1! (@blogvh1)

SUPERBOWL: Are you all nervous and sweaty because you’re worried that your ovaries will completely debilitate you from participating in the Important Cultural Event happening tonight? No? We didn’t think so. Jezebel writes a helpful guide to why we don’t need helpful “Girls’ Guides to the Superbowl.” (@jezebel)

TILA: Hey, remember when Tila Tequila said she was quitting twitter? (@jezebel)

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  1. Hmm, so is Diva worth reading these days? I gave up on it years ago, when it used to entice me with cool people on the front cover (Sleater-Kinney ooh! L-Word retrospective ah!) but once you opened it up and started reading, it was such a let-down, both in terms of amount and quality of content.

    Maybe if they’ve had an editorial shake-up since then it will have improved, but if there’s one form of old media that I think is defunct since the advent of the internet, it’s magazines. Seriously, why would I want to read any of them when there is Autostraddle.

    • i love magazines! but yeah i mean i don’t know much about DIVA as it’s not easy to find here. it looks cool. most magazines outside of the top 20 and a few feminist magazines i read i find are pretty much pieces of shit, with crappy writing that’s written like no one is going to read it. which is weird, ’cause meanwhile i know like 5,000 incredible writers without jobs. but the world is weird, and i am drunk.

  2. Oh man. I just realized that it’s Sunday and I got so distracted thinking about my things that are sexy to suggest for NSFW Sunday that I forgot to suggest them. Damn.

    SO much love for Anne Hathaway. Glad her bro has such a supportive family.

    I watched part of the Stewart clip at a friend’s place. She’s British but knew enough of O’Reilly to wisely say “He knows he might as well just talk to a sock puppet, right?” But even if it won’t change Fox News there was something great about having someone try to confront them on their bullshit. Sad that the person doing it best is a FUCKING COMEDIAN. Sigh.

  3. From reading Tila I think she is trying to say this, but google translator could have gotten it wrong:

    “Anyone out there who I can have sex with? I need a man…I am still a lesbian which means you can’t go in all the way but I still want to love you baby daddy.

    In the end my baby daddy said, “this shit is crazy” and I had to use a turkey baster. Guess that means the baby is mine.”

  4. b/c it is football sunday, here’s another theory for AS readers to kick around. tim tebow = taylor swift… both media darlings… both (presumably) good people… both exceptional performers within their respective “genres”; TS rocks the mainstream country-pop demo and TT dominates college football quarterbacks. but when you look at them outside of these arenas, neither are quite as impressive as they seem to be touted. from the way some sports analysts and UF fans gush about Tebow, you’d think he is the second coming. and much like the Swift Grammy win, there has been an awful lot of backlash over Tebow’s recent superbowl ad (as AS has noted) and a lot of that criticism has manifested as what appears to be some inexplicable feeling of hate and contempt for TT from those people who don’t necessarily have his same viewpoints. and again, for most reasonable people, the origin of these feelings aren’t with ‘Tim Tebow the Person’ but ‘Tim Tebow the ESPN/Media Product’.

    a media fantasy but, omg, how great would this be?!: Taylor Swift ditches Douchebag John Mayer and hooks up with Tim Tebow (only after the two men-folk come to blows… which will then became the basis of a song). Tim and Taylor (awww, how cute are their names together?!) have an adorable sex-free courtship. of course, the sexual tension becomes the theme for a series of thinly veiled songs that include references to Tim’s laser eyes and crazy bod. things start getting serious and Tim takes her on a missionary trip or two so she see the world and write a few songs about America’s many blessings. and then they get married (Urban Meyer = best man, obvs) and make beautiful superbabies!

  5. Oh Tila. I’m just weighing the countdown until you go back to dating men/think that you’re send by god/are an ambassador to Vietnam

    Also, I LOVE RuPaul. RuPaul’s Drag Race is our family bonding hour once a week. It’s the only show that men, my Dad, and his wife all like, so we make popcorn and watch it together. Drag keeps a family together!

    • Oh wait:

      Well go ahead illuminati. U can get on my trail all you want. But I WORK WITH GOD THE ALMIGHTY! I am an ANGEL OF GOD! I have his PROTECTION! 7:22 PM Feb 5th from web

      Wow! The illuminati is on to me! I SWEAR ON MY FUCKING LIFE THEY ARE! It all makes sense now. illuminati is on to me. Yes I know who u are! 7:20 PM Feb 5th from web

      Just got off the phone w/my new artist! She is SUPER STOKED that I just gave her a record deal. I’m flying her here to LA next week!! yay! 3:08 PM Feb 5th

      But Imma tell u a little secret, I’m falling for my babby daddy too! DUM! DUM! DUM! DUM! And the Saga continues…it aint spose 2 b this way 5:00 AM Feb 5th from web

      Seriously. Seriously.

      • It took me a moment to figure out what this was, I was concerned for you Jen. :P

        Now I get it and OMG. Either she needs serious help like, yesterday, or is just really scary good at playing crazy for publicity.

        • Th illuminati are probs totally after me too. And I watch enough Touched By An Angel that a) I should be ashamed as a Jew and a liberal and b) I probably am one by osmosis by now.

          Tila’s on her own about falling for the menz, though.

  6. Re the gay ad: Ugh, if that ad were for a hetero dating service, it would totally air. Beer ads are much more inappropriate …

    -“…but how much does Advocate/Regent/Here owe its people?” zing!
    -I love Anne Hathaway more every time I hear her speak.
    -I can’t believe Tila is still doing this. Don’t you think she should’ve had a SERIOUS meltdown by now? Like, one that causes people to call the authorities?
    -That Jezebel article is perf. Their use of Dawson’s crying face made my morning.

  8. Just in case anyone else forgot that Super Bowl= Puppy Bowl and needs to OD on cute:

  9. am i the only one who was kind of annoyed by a lot of the superbowl ads that were clearly marketed for men ie most of the bud light ads, the dodge ad, the dockers ad, the focus on the family one which was just a completely different beast, flotv, dove, most of the doritos ads, the list goes on . . . are they just unaware of the fact that millions of women also watch the superbowl . . . and also just how dumb do they think we (the consumers) are? don’t get me wrong some of them were funny and i realize that football, beer, and doritos are “man territory” but give me a break!
    you can watch the ads here

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