Sunday Funday’s Sippin’ a Politini at Disneyland with Mary Lambert

It’s Sunday Funday and today I don’t feel like doing anything, so let’s read stories about people doing things instead. Happy ones, too!

WATCH: Politini Goes Live on the Grio

Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills, everyone’s favorite lesbian power couple, have made it to the big-time: they’ve got a new show on The Grio.

Married politicos Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills of the weekly politics and pop culture talk show, Politini, offer this first edition of their eight week mini-series for theGrio.

Politini is the most downloaded talk show on, an urban digital radio network. The weekly talk show serves politics and pop culture up with a twist, connecting viewers to the personal side of politics.

Disney to Boy Scouts: Fuck Y’all

Partners, a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, sits i

The Walt Disney Company is not down with BSA’s bullshit, and they’re cutting their support of the organization unless they shape up in the coming year.

The Walt Disney Company announced Saturday it would withdraw funding from the Boy Scouts of America beginning in 2015 unless the scouting organization overturns a policy banning gay leaders.

Disney doesn’t directly donate to the Boy Scouts, but plans to stop allowing employees to do volunteer work through Disney’s VoluntEARS program in exchange for cash donations to the Boy Scouts of America, reports CNN.

Mary Lambert Never Has Bad Days

Buzzfeed and I are never on speaking terms, but they did get Mary Lambert to tell them all her secrets to getting rid of no-good awful days.


Erika Linder Goes Both Ways

Erika Linder has “too much imagination to be just one gender.” And her modeling portfolio is all about it.

Delta Goodrem Goes Gay in Sydney

She’s blonde! She’s at the Australian gay and lesbian Mardi Gras! She’s Deltaaa Gooooooodremmmm!


Kittens Make Good Humans

They make damn good Ghostbusters, too.

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