Sunday Funday Supports Gay Kids, Trans Kids, and Your Holiday Mom (As Always)

Happy Sunday Funday! The holigay season is in full stride, but I’ve got enough happy news to completely rejuvenate you after that killer shopping sesh at the mall. So let’s dig in!

Trans Athletes Win in Minnesota

Minnesota’s State High School League approved a list of guidelines for trans students Thursday despite ongoing protests by people I’d probably generally dislike. Even though Minnesota took one step forward for trans students, there’s still room for improvement. 

We’re Winning Things!

The Washington, DC City Council just voted to ban ex-gay therapy. Y’know, ’cause it’s bullshit.

+ New changes being ushered in by Australia’s first-ever Minister of Equality will make gay adoption easier and anti-gay discrimination more difficult and full of cultural shame in Victoria. THAT’S WHAT I CALL A WIN.

These Parents Like Really, Really Love Their Trans Son

Kai Bogert’s parents issued a correction to the 1995 birth announcement for their child in order to validate his gender identity like a bunch of motherf*cking badasses.

Something Something Big Boobs Something

A delegate for Malaysia’s UNMO party has warned that pesky things like LGBT rights and marriage equality will make everything really awful and awkward and difficult. Because boobs. It’s a refreshing change from the homophobia of yore that didn’t describe some of our wildest dreams.

‘Malaysian mothers would be forced to face the harsh possibility that the partners of their daughters could have bigger breasts than them some day,’ Kijo warned, according to MalayMail Online.

‘Could you imagine how shocked the mother would be when she sees that this future “husband” [sic] has breasts bigger than hers?’

‘The breasts may be bigger than those owned by your mothers, ladies and gentlemen.’

Just A Reminder: This Exists


Your Holiday Mom. It’s real.

I will be thinking them when I place ornaments on the tree, when I listen to (and sing) my favourite Christmas Carols… I will be thinking of you, and holding you in my heart throughout this Holiday Season, with each special moment of tradition, and in the quiet reflective moments when I am alone with my thoughts.

I know that this Christmas may not be the Christmas that you wish it to be… I know you might not feel the love you deserve from the people you deserve it from – I know you might feel alone, confused, frustrated…you might be longing to be with people who are not near by for their own reasons.

But please also feel the Love and Understanding from me. Allow me to represent the unconditional acceptance and love that your family members might wish they could offer but they may be unable to at this moment.

This Guinea Pig is Finding His Nook

Thanks to Jezebel for this gem.

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  1. The Kai Bogert ‘correction’ hit the net in the same week that I came out to my own parents. It really warmed my heart to read that.

  2. I really adore yourholidaymom, I just encountered it for the first time and feel validated in some way I shouldn’t necessarily need to be from the outside — but am, so much so. They are warming and wonderful people and I would like to pick fat blackberries with them and stain the tips of our fingers and probably cry a bit.

  3. You know, out of all the things that institutionally sanctioned homophobia has wrecked upon Malaysia, yet doesn’t get enough attention outside of the country, some random guy’s comments about boobs really isn’t that high a priority.

    Sure, it’s funny. But come on, there’s more going on. Like the State-funded anti-LGBT theater production. Or the attempts at sex ed that denounce homosexuality. Or the calls to round up queer kids and send them to reeducation camps. Or even the epic efforts by trans women to fight for the unconstitutionality of transphobia (I think AS did mention that last one, but it could have gotten more attention).

    But no, let’s talk about boobs. Because LOL.

    • Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know this was happening. Now I’m wondering if maybe there should be a regular AS column, each one dedicated to a particular country and the gay rights situation there? These things should also be normalized parts of reporting for the rest of the site too, of course. Just a thought.

    • Great comment, Tiara. As a foreigner, I sometimes feel quite alienated by AS’s (lack of) reporting on LGBT issues in parts of the world that are not North America. I get that it’s an American website, but…

    • hey @creatrixtiara! so, i just wanna let you know first that doing more about international issues is definitely on our radar and something we want to do! (and tiara, always feel free to submit posts or send us tips and links for inclusion!)

      i also just wanted to point out that the sunday funday is in fact a post designed specifically to be good news / funny things / cute things, so a lot of those stories you cited in your comment would be more appropriate for full coverage or inclusion in the AAA. i do try to put international stories inside the funday every week, though!

      all that being said, thanks for the feedback! we hear you.

      • The Malaysian MP going off about boobs isn’t good nor cute, and is only funny in the “oh god we have to laugh or else we will cry in despair” kind of way. There’s also this weird undertone of “look at how backwards this random Asian country is” which I don’t think you were necessarily intending but that’s how the Gay Star News article came off as and thus it spread here.

        I probably wouldn’t be too frustrated about it if it didn’t feel like everything else related to LGBTQ stuff in Malaysia wasn’t also shunted off to a paragraph in a roundup, if it got mentioned at all. Fikri had been doing great work around that but she’s just one person.

  4. reading “your holiday mom” almost made me cry in the student union a couple days ago. i’m heading back to my unsupportive parents’ house this week for at least part of break, and reading words of love and adoration (even though i didn’t know them) had me blinking back tears.

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