Sunday Funday Needs a Gaycation

Hi ‘straddlers! Happy Pride. In the past two days I met more lesbians and otherwise queer ladies than most people do in a lifetime, and some were even nice! June is a good month.

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This Sunday Funday, Lady Gaga is done with her next album and Obama is making good speeches again. Also, American Apparel finally did something pretty okay.

American Apparel Features Trans Model, GLAAD Staff in Advertisement

I hate American Apparel, mostly because they suck. But they recently made history within their own company by featuring the openly transgender model Isis King in their latest ads. They also debuted their new batch of super-gay tee shirts, which now are emblazoned with the phrase “Gay O.K.”

Fifteen percent of all proceeds from the shirts benefits GLAAD, and AA will be marching with them in pride parades across the country. AA describes themselves as “super proud” to be taking on the pride effort this year.

Goodbye, Caiden Cowger

Homophobic 14-year-old Caiden Cowger’s radio show will no longer be available on Spreaker following his anti-gay rant earlier this week. Turns out the terms of service for the online radio interface ban discrimination and hate speech. Oops!

Lady Gaga is Done With Her Next Album

I have nothing else to tell you, actually. Gaga’s album campaign will kickoff in September.

Obama and His Cabinet Still Love You

The Advocate confirmed that the Obama administration is the gayest thing on Earth by recently announcing the support of Hilda Solis, Kathleen Sebelius, John Bryson and Timothy Geithner for marriage equality.

+ Obama’s speech at the DNC LGBT Leadership Council Gala gave him an opportunity to talk about a visit to a Marine base – and the gym there – that reminds him why he loves us so much. He also tells us he wants to “finish what we started in 2008.” I’m game, to be honest.

Marriott Wants You To Stay With Them and Be Extremely Gay At The Same Time

Marriott, the hotel that housed one of my Autostraddle meet-up ladies, Carol, launched a marketing campaign to celebrate pride called “Be You, With Us.” The gay-friendly corporation will be offering pride packages in select cities and other extremely amazing things in order to encourage LGBT travellers and their friends / loved ones / secret admirers to travel Marriott.

This can only mean one thing for us. GAYCATION!


Gay Rights “Super PAC” Being Started By A Well-Known Republican Donor

Paul Singer, “a hedge fund billionaire” and prominent donor to the Romney campaign, has committed to creating a Super PAC, “American Unity PAC,” urging Republicans to support gay marriage. He has also committed at least 1 million dollars to the effort.

Carrie Underwood Supports Marriage Equality

Carrie Underwood supports marriage equality. Ask The Independent:

In a development that will doubtless outrage her many fans on the religious right, the nation’s most popular country singer, Carrie Underwood, has come out vehemently in favour of gay marriage.

“As a married person myself, I don’t know what it’s like to be told I can’t marry somebody I love, and want to marry,” she said. “I can’t imagine how that must feel. I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people that we want to love.”

Puppy Cam Is Back!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Puppy cam is back!

Broadcasting live with Ustream

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  1. I am happy that this Caiden Cawger is gone but I can’t imagine what a 14 year old Has to say that merits regular air-time, No matter what his position regarding gay rights.
    Also, I voted for Bo Bice but glad to know that Carrie Underwood is on our side. Still hate “Jesus take the wheel”, though

  2. I meant to post a comment but I forgot what I was going to say because Puppy Cam.

    I fear that this will pretty much be my life for as long as Puppy Cam is in it.

  3. Yay for Carrie Underwood! That makes me like her just a little bit despite my universal hate for all Country music. Hopefully, other Country singers follow suit. The only other ones I know of that are done with the gays are Faith Hill/Tim McGraw and Blake Sheldon though I suspect Taylor Swift probably supports gay marriage too.

  4. The American Unity PAC has a lovely goal, yet it still draws all of my ire.

    It couldn’t be more contradictory if its intended goal was to also curb the trend of strapping fido to the roof of your family-vacation-wagon.

  5. All of these are wunderbar!
    …except one.

    I’m glad that we’re getting money for gay rights (from republicans, no less), but this Super PAC business just ain’t cool. I don’t care who’s getting the money, it just shouldn’t be legal.

  6. Stop everything. Right now, as I post this comment, all the puppies are sleeping in a huddle together. This is likely to be the cutest thing I see all week.

  7. So much awesome in this article! :)
    And yeah–the Marriott definitely rocks in DC (22nd st). I saw tons of gay/lesbian couples there for pride. I’m just amazed I actually got back to the hotel after all the Pride party shenanigans haha.

  8. I’m getting really excited for pride this year and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of them…So with all of the rainbow love going around, I decided to ignore the ‘homophobic 14 yr old’ article I saw on Gawker. I thought “Is listening to his rant going to educate me or just add fuel to his fire?” since he is obviously jumping on the homo-hate bandwagon after that hideous preacher. That’s exactly what it is…propaganda and attention for morons who don’t need the exposure. I will say that when I was a 14 yr old baby dyke, I would have kicked his ass sideways.

  9. Oh, Marriotts are cool, I’m glad to hear they are doing this. My wife stays there all the time for various work related things, so we have tons of points, and always had a good experience. We’ve stayed at places that are not so down with us, but twice at a Marriott (one in SC, one in NYC) we’ve been asked about ourselves like being a lesbian is normal. You know, little things like asking if our partner has the keys, etc. It’s sad that this make me incredibly happy.

  10. Ok whoever first thought of livestreaming baby animals on the internet has truly made the world a better place and deserves some kind of award.

  11. The puppies are sleeping in a pile and the one with the purple collar is smacking its lips in its sleep and I just can’t even handle how adorable it is.

  12. That boat of older queer women is totes my partner’s mom and her friends. Like not really, but I think so.

    All old suburban women look the same to me. No offense.


    • Ok, you totally made me laugh and think of my childhood…My sis and I would point out hot women with alternative lifestyle hair and say “Gay or Canadian?” since we were in Ogunquit, ME with lots of tourists from Montreal (I know…my parents had no idea what they were doing to us). On many occasions, we would blurt out “BOTH!” and giggle like curious teens. Most suburban ladies in CT also have that look. Add some golf clubs and you’ve got a lot of confusion. Glad I’m in NYC for most of the time or else I’d go nuts.

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