Sunday Funday Looks for Safety and Joy Across the Big, Gay World

Happy Sunday Funday, baby carrots! After the attacks in Paris, the earthquakes in Japan and Mexico, and the bombings in Beirut and Baghdad, we all need time and space to mourn. When you’re ready, I come bearing lots of good news to restore your faith and joy, even just a little bit, in light of the really terrible weekend we’ve had around the world. Let’s do this thing!

F*ck That Utah Judge

The Utah Judge who took a foster child away from her lesbian parents because ew gross two moms whaaaat! has temporarily reversed his position.

Steve Griffin/The Salt Lake Tribune, via Associated Press

Steve Griffin/The Salt Lake Tribune, via Associated Press

Obama Backs The Equality Act

This week, the President announced his support for the Equality Act, which would protect LGBT Americans under the Civil Rights Act.

via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

via Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Starbucks Responds to Anti-LGBT Violence

2,000 employees at 97 Starbucks locations across Seattle will soon be fully trained in responding to and communicating about anti-LGBT victimization and violence.

“We’re already a part of our customers’s lives and… this is another way to be part of the community,” Heather Jennings, Starbucks’ Seattle regional director, told the Times. “Anyone who needs a place to go to feel safe, to call the police, we want to be there for them.”

via The Advocate

via The Advocate

(Good) LGBT Stuff from the (American) Political Machine

+ Members of the LGBT Equality Caucus in the House are organizing a Transgender Equality Task Force and holding the first-ever congressional forum on violence against trans people this week.

+ The V.A. has opened a health clinic for trans veterans.

+ The US Special Envoy for LGBT Rights spent his time at the Vatican talking about the human rights of queer and trans folks around the world.

+ Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wants to clear the military records of the thousands of veterans who were discharged for being gay.

“The Restore Honor to Service Members Act will help streamline the process for veterans to clear their records of discriminatory discharges,” said Gillibrand, D-N.Y. “Veterans who honorably serve our nation should not be fighting for their honor and their benefits. Our veterans deserve to receive the recognition and benefits they earned for the sacrifice they made for our country.”

This Is a Heartwarming Video About Gay Marriage

F*ck Yeah, Dallas

Houston couldn’t do it, but Dallas did. The City Council unanimously voted to improve protections for trans people.

via The Advocate

via The Advocate

“Today, the Dallas City Council took action to strengthen protections for transgender Americans and reaffirm their commitment to equality and justice for every person,” said Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin in a statement Tuesday. “In the wake of a vicious campaign in Houston that attacked transgender people and led to the repeal of common-sense protections, Dallas today sent a vital message that they will fight to protect and advance the rights of transgender people.”

Glossy Love for Ruby Rose and Caitlyn Jenner

Ruby Rose is GQ Australia‘s Woman of the Year, and Caitlyn Jenner is one of Glamour‘s Women of the Year. If you’re gonna buy a shitty magazine for that Thanksgiving flight, I recommend one of the two.


Gaying Up the Globe

+ Ukrainian lawmakers just approved a bill banning anti-gay discrimination.

+ Gay marriages in Ireland begin Monday. Are you ready for the photos? Nobody is ready for the photos.

This Is a Baby Kangaroo Video

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  1. Yay for Irish same sex marriages… im hoping our local broadcasters have enough rainbow themed stock photos.

  2. Just want to mention – Mexico is fine. People on the internet keep mentioning the earthquake in Mexico in the list of bad things that happened on Friday, but it was a teeny earthquake with no reported damage or injuries.

    I want to make this clear because my family is in Mexico, and after all of the frantic texts to my friend in Paris, I really didn’t need the added moments of panicked googling “what the hell happened in Mexico”.

  3. I have lots of feelings about Ruby Rose being named woman of the year when she has stated on multiple occasions that she doesn’t identify that way… :/

  4. OK could Seattle possibly get any cooler? Reasons to love Seattle:
    1- Starbucks safe spaces, see above.
    2- Rainbow crosswalks
    3- $15 min wage being implemented.
    4- Meowtropolitan cat cafe to be opened soon

  5. OMG that transmisogyny on FB! I also agree that there are many more deserving women than Jenner but not because she is not a real woman wtf…And what is up with people praising that transphobe husband of Moira Smith for returning her award? Ugh, this world.

    Sometimes I wish I never had to go beyond AS, it just makes me not want to live on this planet anymore, to paraphrase Professor Farsnworth.

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