Sunday Funday is Working Hard and Staying Bumble on Super Bowl Sunday

Big news! Remi sent in her audition tape for the A-Camp Family Band. I’m pretty sure she nailed it! Don’t worry. Alex hasn’t been fired. Remi will just be filling in occasionally providing the sick beats that only a toddler can provide.

Yes, I’m proud.

Coca-Cola, Stop Making Me Feel Feelings

I dunno if you know about this little American football game called the Super Bowl LII, but that’s a thing that’s happening today. This commercial is Coca-Cola’s annual contribution. Coca-Cola has included gay and lesbian characters in their ads before, but this year they went all 2018 with it and included a lesbian couple and a presumably non-binary person who goes by “they.”

I dunno how I feel about late stage capitalism and being marketed to by big companies, but I know that when the opening line dropped (“There’s no one quite like you or her or him or them), ending on a person wearing a rainbow situation around their neck, I almost did a spit take. Then they doubled down by intentionally panning to a woman’s girlfriend when they said the word “love” and I was sold.

I’ll take one diet Coke please! (Not because I’m counting calories, FWIW, because I have super fun prediabetes!)

Here, Queer, Etc.

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LGBT Inclusion Party at the Super Bowl draws NFL legends, hundreds of fans. Are you ready for some football?!

Work Hard, Stay Bumble

I’m OBSESSED! Detroit Hives transforms vacant lots into urban honeybee farms for the community. Founders and couple, Timothy Paule and Nicole Lindsey, started the venture last year, with the goal of fighting back against urban blight and raising awareness about bees.

And yes, their motto is “Work Hard, Stay Bumble.” As Paule explained to the Huffington Post, “We’re hustlers, innovators and thinkers. Bees work really hard, and they’re humble. In Detroit, you have to work hard and be humble. It’ll take you far.”


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Artist Erin Wetzel’s new series in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Affectionate Animals, may just be the perfect unique gift for your love or love-to-be. Among the many “animal personality portraits” are several same-gender couples, like these sweet country chipmunks:

Or maybe you and your gal pal are more like these cuddled-up bird babes:

Or maybe you’re more like a pair of dapper, happy rabbits:

According to the artist, “Intimacy is something that we all need, no matter what our gender, orientation or lifestyle might look like. My goal is to find authentic and heartfelt ways to help people express what otherwise might defy language, namely: that they love someone and are grateful that they are loved back.”

See more of the Affection Animals on Wetzel’s website, where you can purchase the original artwork or affordable prints of the series for your gal val(entine)!

Whether you’re spending today gorging yourself on pizza and wings and football or not doing any of that at all, happy Sunday!

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  1. oooh, thanks for the gay best friend as a lesbian article. disagreed that juliet naked pushes the needle, though–sounds like the lesbian best friend is a lesbian sister, which neutralizes the “threat” of her sexuality. but reading it aloud to my partner did lead to a discussion where we watched a trailer for head over heels with freddie prinze jr (which has a lesbian side character who ends up with a lady) and it looks like a real disaster so now that is on my to-watch list!

    • Yeah that was confusing to me– I thought that the lesbian character in Juliet, Naked was the main character’s sister, but then the author writes:

      “It’s a reminder that lesbians have straight friends, and how there can be meaningful, platonic relationships between queer and straight women. Ros and Annie are buds who laugh together, stick up for each other, and never have any intention of sleeping together.” … bc they are sisters, right?

      • Three paragraphs up it does indeed say :

        “Annie’s best friend is her hilarious lesbian sister, Ros”

        Not much room for interpretation there !

  2. A major reason for gay rights to have progressed as much as they have is because bigotry is no longer profitable. The corporations learned long before the politicians that discrimination is not good for business.
    The fact that such large and ubiquitous entities are openly and willingly associating with the LGBT+ community is an ultimate sign of acceptance.
    Corporations have been tremendous allies for the gay community, as seen in their lobbying against anti-gay legislation in Indiana and North Carolina. 
    That may not be the prettiest of truths, but it is among the more pragmatic of them

  3. Man that Coke commercial is such a contrast to that obnoxious/ironic diet coke commercial with Gillian Jacobs, which made me never want to buy a diet coke again.

  4. I personally think Coke could have used a Nb/genderqueer celebrity in their ad, like Tyler Ford, Alok, &/or Jacob Tobia.

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