Sunday Funday is Celebrating Saving the Affordable Care Act By Going to the Movies

Hello, strawberry rhubarb hand pies! It’s a beautiful day and we still have health care in the US! Huzzah! I had coconut greek yogurt with blueberry flax granola for breakfast today and it just felt right. Let’s get right to it!

Stand Up! Fight Back!

+ Yeah, that’s right y’all. We fought back against Trump’s cruel and horrendous proposed repeal of the Affordable Care Act and we WON. The super-gross Republican bill would have reduced insurance subsidies many rely on to purchase private insurance (like you know, most freelancers and many of our staff); set aggressive limits on Medicaid, otherwise known as the program that covers more than 20 million poor folks; and oh yeah, would have effectively defunded Planned Parenthood. You know, THAT.

Ultimately, the Republican bill undid itself, due to the fact that it would increase insurance premiums and it never won over conservatives OR moderates, let alone Democrats. Trump still says he’s going to repeal the ACA, but honestly, he’s an idiot, and Paul Ryan said in a closed-door meeting with Republicans that there are no plans to reintroduce the bill and it’s time to “focus on other issues.” WIN ONE FOR THE GOOD GUYS!

+ A so-called “Free Speech Bus” organized by the National Organization for Marriage with a transphobic and transmisogynist message painted on the side was vandalized with pro-trans rights graffiti as it passed through NYC. I’m not mad. “Trans Rights NOW” and “Trans Liberation” were spray-painted in black paint over the transphobic images on the bus.

(I’m not gonna’ post a pic because I feel like you don’t need that in your life or in an otherwise lovely Sunday Funday, but if you click through to any of the articles, you can easily find one.)

Jessica Stern, executive director of OutRight Action International, commented:

Free speech is a constitutional right, but language has consequences that must be considered… Trans youth already have an extremely high risk for violence, discrimination and suicide. Broadcasting a message that erases and denies the reality that transgender and intersex children and youth exist (sic) is irresponsible, factually misleading, disrespectful and dangerous.

Let’s Talk About (Queer) Sex (in Lebanon), Baby!

The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH) is organizing the first-ever Lebanese LGBT sexual health week, which will focus on how the marginalization of the LGBTI community affects mental health. In a country where “sexual relations ‘contradicting the laws of nature'” is still illegal and punishable by up to one year in prison, this is a huge step forward!

The theme of the week is: “Marginalization is bad for health.” LebMASH has released a series of videos showing the impact of stress and stigma on health outcomes for gay and lesbian people. The videos use real people’s stories (told by loved ones) and testimony from medical professionals to make the point that being gay isn’t a disease, but gay and lesbian people are more likely to be ill because of being marginalized.

Attitudes towards gay and lesbian people vary across Lebanon and many LGBT people live openly. However, the law against gay “sexual relations” is still on the books. A judge ruled earlier this year that “homosexuality is a personal choice, and not a punishable offense” in and of itself, one of several good rulings against the anti-sodomy law. Lebanese activists hope to see the law overturned soon.

These Beautiful Queer Youth Will Melt Your Heart

Lula Hyers, queer femme photographer, captures real images of New York City’s queer youth in her ongoing portrait series. Said Hayes, “I felt it was not only important but vital to make a body of work that serves as a safe space for queer people to exist as they choose without censorship or erasure.” Hayes put a call out on Instagram last year asking for models and has been overwhelmed by the response.

See more of the project gallery on Lula Hyer’s website

Go Go Yellow Power Ranger!

via Instagram

Mexican-American singer and performer, Becky G, plays the first openly queer superhero in a major motion picture, the Yellow Ranger in the new Power Rangers movie! The Yellow Ranger has a scene in the second half of the film where she acknowledges that she’s having “girlfriend problems” and is questioning her sexuality.

OPENLY QUEER REPRESENTATION IN A KID’S MOVIE, Y’ALL! Everyone who had a crush on a girl power ranger as a young child, consider yourself vindicated. Also, remember when the blue power ranger, David Yost, in the original cast left because of harassment over his sexual orientation? We’ve definitely made some progress since then and I’m glad for it!

In an interview with Latina magazine, Becky G said:

My character Trini is a total badass… You’ll see Trini going through a transition of being this loner and owning it to realizing that she actually has real friendships that are meaningful. She isn’t necessarily knowledgeable of how powerful she can be, she low-key underestimates herself but pretends like she’s got it all under control. A huge part of the reason I got cast is because I went into my final audition with our director, Dean Israelite, and he didn’t talk to me like I was “Becky G,” he was more interested in my upbringing and my experiences in school. When I was really honest about being bullied and misunderstood, I think he realized that it would be really easy to tap into that character even though I’m not a trained actress. And it was a really fun role to play.

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  1. The only two people that lost was the president and the speaker of the house with the attempted health care repeal. It didn’t really seem like Congress put a lot of effort into this. They know that to pass it meant loss of control. So by getting the idiotic conservatives to demand so much more it made them a winner. Trump and Ryan lose cause they look like bad leaders that can’t get their party to follow them. Every side won on this, those who wanted more got their side looking strong. The left looked strong saying no to the bill cause of the damage. And the middle won cause well they tried to replace Obamacare in their eyes and failed. So its not their fault. They tried. Poorly of course.

  2. If I am still paying my money to a criminal corporation known as the health insurance industry, then it’s not a win. Just the best of a bad situation. Optimally we should be pay for single play coverage at a lower rate(cause my insurance company already has enough money).

    • I respectfully disagree that the AHCA dying is not a win. The word “just” – “just the best of a bad situation” – feels dismissive to me. It IS the best of a bad situation, because the situation could have gone another way and all of us would have suffered, directly or indirectly. Not being put in that situation as a country is a win, as it’s one less step we’ll have to retrace on the way to achieving the aim of affordable coverage for everyone.

  3. I was a HUGE Power Rangers fan when I was a kid and went into the movie mostly just hoping it wouldn’t suck. I had no idea they made Trini queer and I’m still freaking out. I love that the new generation of power ranger fans will have a queer superhero to look up to.

  4. If I was the democrats I would fix the problems with Obamacare and put it to a vote. That way the republicans in the middle would at least have a chance to see the light and make the right call. Face it those who are smart republicans would gladly hop on a bill that fixes ACA. And Trump would sign it cause it makes him look good. In fact he would say he fixed the screw up that Obama allowed to happen.

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