Sunday Funday Is a Bisexual Gem in STEM

This week’s feature image is from the Girls Scouts of Orange County.

Hello sparkly mermaids! What a week we’ve had. I for one, have never been so tired and yet so wide awake at the same time. It almost seems like everything is awful, but guess what? It’s not! How can I be so sure of that, you ask? Well, for one thing, Lea Michele and Ashley Tisdale sang Robyn’s lesbian anthem “Dancing on My Own” to each other.

While the Boy Scouts were busy listening to speeches from the leader of the Demon Lizard Patriarchy, the Girl Scouts of America added 23 new STEM related badges. This is on top of their new cybersecurity badges they added last year. The Girl Scouts: raising the next generation of hacker lesbians. ??

Hayley Kiyoko wants you to know that girls are a gift from above. And she isn’t wrong. Go tell a girl she’s pretty today.

Do you watch the X Factor? Me either. However maybe we should, because rapper Honey G, who came to fame because of the competition has come out as a lesbian! In an interview with The Sun, she revealed that her ideal woman is Queen Latifah. “I’ve had a thing for her for fucking ages. Literally. She’s an A-list celebrity so how can I get anywhere near her, do you know what I mean?” Who’s gonna give her the bad news?

The best part of this however has to be the way she chose to come out: via a topless photoshoot. A heroine to us all.

In the greatest “ding-dong the witch is dead!” moment, not only is Stephen Moffat leaving, the new Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who is a canonically bisexual woman.

Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy in the sci-fi hit, dropped a plot spoiler when discussing Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker.

She said: “Now we have a got a female Doctor so there is going to be girl on girl.”

According to the Daily Star, “A lesbian love story is set to send ratings through the roof.” I agree wholeheartedly.

There’s some new (kind of premature) data out there about LGBT wedding trends. Out of 821 LGBT couples it seems as if queer women spend less than queer men on the wedding, but they spend about $1,000 more on wedding rings. 17% of women show their partners their outfit before the big day, and 20% of women walk down the aisle together.

Among lesbian couples, 74 percent had a maid of honor (58 percent) or best woman (16 percent), and 36 percent had a man of honor (14 percent) or best man (22 percent).

Non-binary season 5 winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race, Jinkx Monsoon will be voicing a new gem on next season’s Steven Universe! As fans of Steven Universe know, gems are non-binary femme aliens who are typically voiced by women; it’s exciting to see someone who identifies as non-binary voice one of the characters!

And finally, James Corden reminded us how good Lindsay Lohan’s remake of The Parent Trap was with his parody of “L-O-V-E” called “L-G-B-T”. Damn, I gotta watch that movie again.

Happy Sunday friends! Be sure to spend at least 12 minutes ignoring the 24-hour news cycle today!

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  1. I haven’t watched Doctor Who in a few years. I tried the first Stephen Moffat season, but didn’t like it, but I’m planning on watching the new season.

    But I have some reservations. I’m probably just reading way too much into the word choices of a Daily Star article that uses bisexual, lesbian, and bicurious to describe the same character, but if it’s not just their own misconceptions and the Doctor is canonically bisexual now and not only has a relationship with a woman, but is attracted to men as well, it seems more like heteronormativity than actual bisexual representation. Because of course, as soon as someone inhabits a feminine body, how could they possibly resist the allure of men, right? Maybe I just have a lot of feelings about this because I’m a trans woman and gay. I’ve always been attracted to women and I didn’t suddenly become bisexual when I figured out I was trans. Why was the Doctor a straight man, but now a bisexual woman?

    Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with the Doctor being bisexual. I just think they should have done it when the character was still played by a man. When they introduced Captain Jack Harkness would have been a perfect time to reveal it.

    • “Why was the Doctor a straight man, but now a bisexual woman?”

      This is a really good point.

    • I really don’t see this reveal as news. The doctor was attracted to women and men (and trees) before they regenerated, it makes sense they will be after the regeneration. I dont think the doctors sexuality will be any more overt in this regeneration than previous ones, its just newspapers saying stuff, because its summer and not much is happening.
      I always thought it was heavily implied that the doctor was as interested in Captain Jack as anyone else they flirted with. (Although I understand the need for something concrete when you are looking for representation.)
      Either way all we have is one quote from an actor who, do we even know will be in the next series? Let alone know the storylines. Theyre just chatting for publicity, imo.

  2. I don’t care if the doctor wasn’t previously visibly bi, I’m desperate for this representation. Also was he definitely straight? questionable, questionable. ???

    • I mean if the previous Doctors have been bi this is the perfect case study of how bisexuality in men and women is presented in media:

      the bisexuality of men is played for laughs and under-emphasized to the extent that you could argue it doesn’t exist at all – his guy friend kissed him, hilarious! but too much overt interest in men would undermine his relationships with women so gotta keep it light!

      while the bisexuality of women is instantly fetishized and sensationalized – there’s going to be girl-on-girl action! this ‘lesbian’ content is sure to SPIKE ratings ;)

      Like I understand the desire for representation but this isn’t a great look, you know

  3. I’m so excited about the new STEM badges! Looks like they roll out in Fall 2018, which is (hopefully!) enough time for me to get my everlovin’ shit together and start volunteering with my local Girl Scout chapter. Surveys that I’ve seen indicate 2% of cybersecurity professionals are women. From the hacker meetups I’ve been to, 2% seems like a VERY generous number, it’s probably more like 0.2% women. So, yeah, I’m all about teaching the next gen of women how to muck it up in the command line. :D

  4. I don’t think women are allowed in the Sun without their tits out tbh. This is the paper famous for Page Three girls, so you can enjoy nipples over your breakfast.

    Also, Honey G is super problematic and so is the Sun in general so I dunno, it’s weird for British people. *shrug*

    Yay Girl Scouts, the future of our people!

    • For sure, I was gonna comment on the same thing. Honey G basically made herself famous by parodying black and working class culture. I dunno maybe there is more depth to her but it made for pretty uncomfortable viewing.

      • You are very generous because all I see when I watch her is light entertainment style racism. There are amazing British rappers and Honey G isn’t one of them.

    • Generally just seeing newspapers like The Sun, and previously The Daily Mail, quoted on AS makes me feel uncomfortable. Do non-brits realise that most of the stories in these papers are made up? Or just put out there to hurt people.
      For example two weeks ago when both papers published naked stills of Jodie Whittaker in their writeups of the new Doctor announcement.

      • I am sure it’s just not knowing, like how many Americans know why you can’t buy the Sun in Liverpool? I asked my two American best friends and they had no idea.

  5. I hereby demand that every heterosexual who uses the term “girl on girl” owes me $100.

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