Sunday Funday Is Staying Hydrated and Waiting To Kiss The Girl

Hey babes, how are you doing? How’s your new normal? I just restarted my isolation because I had to go to the grocery store and tbh I think I might need to go again???? Will I ever be free from my incredibly comfortable home again? Will I actually be forced to complete my spring cleaning???? Tune in next week to find out, because guess what? I’m not going anywhere!

Here’s some news:

Portrait of a Lady on Fire which we have talked about extensively here (thank you, Drew) is now available to watch on Hulu! And they give you some prime social distancing fashion advice: Cover your face! Stay hydrated! Kiss a girl – okay, maybe wait a bit before doing that one.

+ We are all connecting virtually right now, including the LGBTQs at the Great Falls LGBTQ Center. If you’re feeling alone, see if any community organizations near you are doing virtual hangouts!

+ I find “I’m Still Here” from Follies to be the best ‘everything might be fucked but damnit I’m doing it!’ song ever, maybe you’ll also love it. Plus, Elaine Stritch in a newsboy cap and a red pantsuit??

+ “THERE is the queer collective united by a love of skating”

+ Here’s ANOTHER queer movie watching guide, this time specific to music movies. If you want some AS-specific movie recs, check out Riese’s suggestions.

Vagrant Queen is a new sci-fi show that’s diverse and queer and I bet you’ll love it.

+ Dua Lipa said, “here you go gays, let me help you.” And released a new music video.

+ In Nashville, gardening is providing a big boost to health, especially now.

+ Autostraddle’s week of sheltering-in-place-together may be over after today (catch Keah Brown later today and Rachel C-L giving skincare advice!), but you can watch highlights on our Instagram!

Stay safe, friends. Check in on folks you feel comfortable checking in on. Call your therapist, if you haven’t. Take naps during the day while cuddling with your pets. Drink lots of water. Take socially-distant walks. Call your friends and vibe out together on the phone like it’s 2003 and even though you only have unlimited minutes after 7, you’re willing to waste all of them. You should always be loving each other, but work a little harder to show the love in these times. I’m here for you if you need me, and I love you so much! We’re doing this! We’re supporting each other and getting through this, and we are gonna change the world.

Love you, mean it. ❤️🌟✨💜💫

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Ari is a 20-something artist and educator. They are a mom to two cats, they love domesticity, ritual, and porch time. They have studied, loved, and learned in CT, Greensboro, NC, and ATX.

Ari has written 330 articles for us.


  1. That vulture piece is spot on. In addition to just being so beautiful it made me gasp multiple times, Portrait of a Lady on Fire was also one of the few things I’ve watched that didn’t call up proximity anxiety! Yes to standing far apart with longing gazes. Yes to fashionable face scarves. Yes to crying through a full range of emotions while listening to music together-alone. Yessssss.

  2. Question about Portrait for ya’ll…

    I’ve read enough interviews with the director/cast that I feel like I understand the movie well, except one thing: the dialog about whether Heloise knows how to swim. It comes up twice, and I have to imagine that they’re not actually talking about swimming.

    I read a quote from Celine Sciamma, where she says the coastline represents the edge of Heloise’s world, so swimming would be like her pushing the boundaries of her world. Perhaps when she says she still doesn’t know if she can swim, she means she still doesn’t know if she’ll be able to handle her future life in Milan? And Marianne’s response that she “can float” means that she’ll figure out a way to survive?

  3. You know how since 2016 the news etc have been like a fighting game combo that leads to a KO?

    This Sunday Funday is the opposite of that for me.
    Lovely healing crumbs, content from any period piece wlw film set in a time where I know for a fact underpants have no crotch makes my day better.
    Elaine Stritch yes, Elaine Stritch doing I’m Still Here?? My health bar is halfway filled at the very least.
    Skating aw that’s cute, ooh s’more queer sci-fi delicious and maybe nutritious.
    Dua Lipa’s purple top?
    Opposite but parallel to a KO
    The Kelly Bundy skirt was also important but the top…

  4. “Call your friends and vibe out together on the phone like it’s 2003 and even though you only have unlimited minutes after 7, you’re willing to waste all of them.”

    … but I was 7 in 2003 and didn’t have phone privileges.

  5. I comprehend the film well, with the exception of a certain something: the exchange about whether Heloise realizes how to swim. It comes up twice, and I need to envision that they’re not really looking at swimming.

    I read a Pro Dissertation Help statement from Celine Sciamma, where she says the coastline speaks to the edge of Heloise’s reality, so swimming would resemble her pushing the limits of her reality.

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