Sunday Funday Dreams of Being an Old Fat Pot-Smoking Dyke

Hello beauties! How are you?? I’m filled with love after experiencing the beautiful wedding of my dear friend and former AS Writer, Audrey, to their perfect partner, Wynn, yesterday. I cried real tears, y’all. I’d never seen so many mullets and flashy blazers in one place! I love love! I love queer love!!!

And now, for the news.

+ Self-described, “Old fat lesbians” who smoke pot are taking over the internet with their queer love, and a perfectly placed painting that says “Inspire”. I want to be them.

+ There’s a hot lesbian couple in a revival of Four Weddings and a Funeral for Comic Relief.

+ Seven lesbian brides for seven lesbian brothers talk about their unlikely love stories.

+ Cape Coral, FL will hold its first Pride Parade next month!

+ Over 600 gathered at Stony Brook University to take part in their LGBT+ Conference

“They’re going to go back and they’re going to be the change agents to make that difference in their own schools and communities, so that every single LGBT young person feels safe in their schools and feels safe walking around their neighborhood.”

+ The Illinois House of Representatives voted to require LGBT history curriculum be taught in schools.

+ Introducing the Spring 2019 issue of ARTnews: “The Name of This Issue Is Not Queer Art Now”

+ Krista M. Mastel writes about Brave Trails Summer Camp, an ACA accredited camp for LGBTQ youth 7-20.


+ This Dorchester figure-drawing class is a celebration of queer and trans bodies.

+ Robyn turned Madison Square Garden into a queer temple.” Amen.

+ This feminist college professor has a suggestion: inconvenience men

Okay beauties, rest up, drink your water, take your meds, love on your friends. We’ve got this one weirdo life, let’s make it count! I will see you next week, after I have hopefully spent the majority of my Spring Break sleeping off this dang fever!!

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  1. I’m a bit confused by the “inconvenience men” link because that takes me to some conservative dude’s commentary on the feminist professor’s opinion piece, rather than the actual opinion piece.

    Don’t give your clicks to the conservative dude! Read the opinion piece itself instead –

  2. I spent a full month playing patriarchy chicken in NYC 2 years ago and I learned two things. 1) men will be completely befuddled as to how they have collided with someone and will make the funniest confused face 2) it hurts a lot to take that many body checks a day.

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