Sporty Queer Looks to Spice Up Your Life (In A Laid Back Fashion)

Straddlers it is almost summer!

Which means it’s Spring! As the weather is warming, I’ve been thinking a lot about wearing less clothing, adventuring and/or doing nothing, and girls…you know, the things summer has traditionally always been about. So I was thinking of stylish ways to wear a relaxed/active look. Because I think active relaxed is totally a look worth exploring. Somewhere in time, probably around the 7th Land Before Time movie, sweatpants, sneakers, and t-shirts became signifiers of an “unstylish” human being. Well I think that’s a load of crap. To some extent. So without further ado, I present to you looks inspired by the cute athletic girl you may or may not be/have a crush on.

Now, the hottest way to wear sweatpants is definitely with a bikini top. But besides that, there are a couple easy tricks to making sweatpants look extra good, like rolling up the bottoms and wearing them low with some sweet boxers/ boxer briefs.

[From Blue & Cream]
[From Aviator Nation]

Also recommended are these Armani Exchange Eagle Lounge Leggings. Check it!

Like everything else that is created long, it can be cut and made short. You know, just for ultimate cut-off coverage. Like ideally your dresser drawer will be filled with things that once were pants.

Feel free to climb many trees and explore many caves in these–this way, when they rip, you can either be one of the first to rock a pending ripped-sweatpants fad or you can sew on funky patches…and with your vans that look like sneakers, or hey maybe even some classic high tops …

[Nike Decades]

You can complete the athletic/bohemian look you’ve always wanted.

Also, sweatshirts with shorts is one of my all time favorite looks. It’s right up there with fedoras and blue blazers with gold buttons. If you’re like me and have ridiculously thick thighs and hips that don’t lie, your nicely insulated legs probably don’t get cold as fast as your arms. (No? Just me?) Thus I find this look both logical and super cute.

Look how happy she is! These are also from aviator nation.

Besides layering tank tops, I really love wearing boys’ sleeveless tops. For the most part, they fit far more comfortably than the cling-to-your-skin “girly” tank tops. Though 90% of the time I do take scissors to them and make a lower-cut v-neck. A bonus of this look, too, is that you can rock this style for less than it would cost you to get a large popcorn and cherry/blueberry hybrid slushie at the movies.

You can totally get this shirt and others from and another super awesome bonus of wearing boy tank tops are all the cool words that usually go along with them, like: SURF and ROCK AND ROLL and ROBOTS. In the above picture, a dinosaur is about to commandeer a pirate ship.

Finish off the look with some sweet desert-inspired shoes that are like sex for your feet and you’re ready to, you know, mountain board down some sand dunes or whatever it is you’re into. Painting cacti? Making dream catchers? All of the above? Sick, girl, live your life.

[Ohhh heyyyy Lacoste x Bodega tag team.]

Can’t fit into anything even remotely little boy related? Don’t worry. Remember pinnies? Or practice jerseys in general? Well they’re here for you and me and her.

This is what really inspired this whole article so story time! It was a beautiful day and my friend and I were sitting out on one of those hills people like to flock to when it’s warm and we saw a group of guys and gals running around in all different colored sport jerseys. Although it was unclear whether any of them actually played for these various teams, they all looked so happy and free that no one seemed to care.

If you’re into the middriff style that’s (re)dawning, feel free to cut it/buy it so that’s it’s conducive to your skin-showing desires. You can also customize them any which way if you’re going to buy them for serious online. Like with your last name and everything. Ideally mine would be for the Havana Ice Hockey team “Mas Cervezas”. Also, jerseys have cool arm holes. I particularly love low-cut arm holes because I think the whole, you-can-see-my-bra/side boob, thing is really endearing. I basically endear you automatically if I can see your bra.

And if you’re like me and are planning on playing a lot of mini-lacrosse on a beach in Mexico, you might want to invest in some serious boat shoes (or these “Yachtt” boat shoes from Steve Madden) to go along with your sweet sport jersey.


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I'm Becky. I write about style because I think anybody can look great and I think everybody usually does. I'm into self-expression. I'm into being expressive. When I'm not writing about style for Autostraddle I'm usually trying to make a film. I'm also a dancer, so I will Gahu with you anytime, anywhere.

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  1. Those colorful sweatpants are groovin’, but something feels wayyy wrong about paying $95 for them. Especially since I’d just look like I bought them in the boys’ section of Target anyway (especially if they’re cropped).

    +++ on the boat shoes. I need start investing again in something other than sneakers in my shoerobe.

    PS those Nike Decades are a damn good Adidas imitation :P

    • hahah i actually kind of like that now. really i was going to put in another shoe, then changed my mind. But the “nike” still remained. It makes sense though, nike is a little bit of an attention hog.

  2. Oh em gee! Shopping in the boy’s section is where it’s at (if you’re lucky enough to fit). The clothes are SO MUCH CHEAPER / COOLER. Just yesterday I bought little boy board shorts with muthafuckin’ sharks all over that shit for $10!

  3. Don’t think I missed that Spice Girls reference, Autostraddle. You can’t pull a fast one on me!

    • I know, I was all “thank you becky for helping me fulfill my life dream of becoming sporty spice”

    • All I could think was:

      Colors of the world! Spice up your life!
      Every boy and every girl! Spice up your life!

  4. Those Lacoste shoes look sooo awesome!!! I’ve been thinking about buying a pair of boat shoes for a long time.

    • OH HAI!

      I don’t know if this is your first comment.. but.. welcome to the wonderful world of Autostraddle.

      (see you tomorrow!)

      And I love the scissor mascot as well.

  5. umm…can that Autostraddle jersey please be a real thing? I’d buy it in every color. so that I can be cool and play on team Autostraddle.

      • First the Auto – Straddle This shirts and now the Scissor jerseys. I’m only going to wear Autostraddle affiliated garb and boyshorts from now on.

        • Eternal quest for universal lesbian marker/stamp more or less ends in my book the day we make and distribute the Autostraddle Scissors jerseys. It only works for the hip sort of lesbian that likes straddling, but I’m pretty fine with that. I am also pretty fine. Period (or “dot”, if you will). Just so’s you know.

          • OR Auto-straddle could round up some ladies for some kind of recreational team (v-ball? b-ball? skee-ball?)… it might actually be a fun way for autostraddlers to meet up. That is, of course, if everyone else is less slovenly and uncoordinated as I am.

    • I fully support this, even though I have no idea what it’s in reference to. I just really like photo shoots/the color red.

  6. those aviator nation sweatpants look soooo adorable, like I’m gonna have dreams about them, but there is no way in hell i can spend that much money on sweatpants :(

  7. Becky, Aviator Nation is my new favoritest thing! When I win the lottery, I will buy everything there.

    • When I win the lottery, I’m buying everyone in Autostraddle matching Aviator Nation sweatpants.

  8. Also my girlfriend found these $7 men’s sweatpants at KMart that she now constantly wears around the house. They’re about 5 inches too long for her, but she doesn’t care! She loves her giant man pants! XD

  9. “…a dinosaur is about to commandeer a pirate ship.” Srsly, ladies need to start buying more ironic t-shirts. My shirt depicting bats flying out of a Delorean (a la, Back to the Future) had to be bought in a Boys XL. WOMP :(

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