Sophia Wallace Wants The World To Get Cliterate

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Here at Autostraddle, we’re big fans of Sophia Wallace. You may remember her from Art Attack month, when we featured her in our Ten Lesbian Photographer You Should Know (About) because she is so good at capturing the queer experience through her lens and it seems as though her images pop up everywhere, showing us who we are and what our lives look like. Wallace is a Brooklyn-based artist and she’s currently working on a new project called Cliteracy, which was born from her feeling that “the world is illiterate when it comes to women’s bodies.”

She released a video on Tumblr a couple of weeks ago where she talks about Cliteracy with her studio assistant Sarah while standing in front of some previews of her new work, and it made me really excited to see the final product. You should watch it and get excited with me!

intro1fixed from Sophia Wallace on Vimeo.

The amazing news? If you live in New York, you have two opportunities to check out her work in the next two months.

This weekend, Wallace will participate in GO, a community-curated open studio project. She’s hosting an open studio on Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9 from 12-7pm, and if you register on GO’s website you can vote for her to be included in a group exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in December. She’s raffling four screen prints at this event, so there’s a chance you could leave the event with a little bit more cliteracy than when you arrive.

Wallace will also have a show up at DUMBO Art Center next month, opening on October 6 and running for 3 weeks.

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    I’m just kidding I love you and I love Sophia Wallace’s work so much! If I find myself in NYC soon I will definitely be sleeping on your couch and also attending this exhibit, as I would attend any exhibit with the word clit in it.

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      I’m mixed up. I mean I will be keeping on eye on cliteracy and also her shows.

      Oh my god so many comments what more do you want from me

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    i’m so glad someone has chosen to address this clitical issue. in fact, my face clit up while i was reading this. it was cliterally the greatest thing i’ve seen since clit eastwood’s chair speech


    no for real though this looks awesome. sometimes i wish i lived in NYC, including now.

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