Some Answers to Some Things You’ve Been Asking Us #26

Questions from the A+ Inbox were taking up such an enormous portion of the A+ Insider that we started dedicating an entire post to them instead! This A+ feature now exchanges bi-monthly with our column, Into the A+ Advice Box. We think this will be a lot of fun for everybody in the whole family. We've included as many questions as we can. We love you and your hair looks fantastic today!

I would pay very real american dollars if you made a shirt that said “Princess” or “Femme Princess” or something like that. I'm a gay ass princess and everyone needs to know. And I want to give you money for helping me figure that out about myself!

Sarah: Omg this very specific gender identity is close to my heart! Alas, we haven’t made a Femme shirt that sells well yet, so we’ll probably hold off on making shirts with very nuanced and specific identifiers until we crack that code! In the meantime I found this Femme Queen button for you on Et...

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