UNICORN PLAN-IT’s Sherri Sutton and Amir Levi: The Autostraddle Interview

by carmen and vanessa

Remember when we told you UNICORN PLAN-IT is returning super soon? As part of our ongoing mission to make you the most informed UNICORN PLAN-IT viewers ever, today we bring you the hilarious Sherri Sutton and Amir Levi, also known as J and Miguel from Season 1!

Cast Photo from Season 1

And remember, Beretta at Revolver is hosting the Season 2 Premiere Party on October 2 at 6:30pm, so if you’re in LA make sure to check it out!


Sherri Sutton and Amir Levi: The Autostraddle Interview

by vanessa and carmen

Amir and Sherri

AS: Tell us a little bit about how you came to UNICORN PLAN-IT — how did you find the team? Did you work with any of the people before you came to the project?

Sherri Sutton: I’ve known Haviland for a long time. Met Haviland when she was 18, and going into university. She’s actually from Savannah, as well – that’s my hometown. So we’ve just known each other for a very long time and worked together and are very, very good friends. And then Amir Levy, who plays Miguel, he’s a former student of mine from the Atlanta International School where I used to work.

Amir Levy: Haviland and I had been working together for a little over a year and a half when she told me about this show. She asked me to audition, I showed up, did a cold reading, and got the part.

Sherri thanks Haviland for including her in this project

AS: Which character do you feel like you relate to the most? 

AL: Well, definitely not Vick as I’m not a player, not Keesha because I’m not a bro . . . In a strange way, it’s probably J because of how lovelorn and lovestruck she is. I don’t know if I’m as jealous as she is, but I can certainly get to it. I’ve seen that side of myself and it’s not the prettiest. So yeah, I guess it would have to be J.

SS: The humor of Ashley’s character, I find her humor very funny. But I am also the awkward — Sarah Croce plays sort of the awkward, doesn’t really have game – so I’m a combination. I identify with those two, absolutely. I really enjoy watching them banter.

Who wouldn’t want to be a mix of these two?

AS: What was your favorite moment in Season 1?

AL: I love it when Bambi makes her first appearance and her fiancee is actually a guy, and how offended Harmony gets. I love Vick’s one-night stand needing to use the bathroom in the middle of the planning session. I love the cliffhanger moment at the end of the season.

SS: I really love that scene where I’m meeting Casey for the first time, and realizing how awful this wedding planning is really becoming. And the other thing I love is they kind of let me improv some things and it really comes through when they let me do that.

In Season 2, I will tell you that one of my favorite scenes is a wedding that I get to perform and they let me go completely off book and I’m with two amazing people in this wedding scene. That’s awesome.

AS: Is the wedding between people we’d expect it to be between?

SS: No, it is not. There are gonna to be some guests! And you can only imagine J in the middle of performing a commitment ceremony on any level.

AS: That sounds perfect to me.

SS: Okay. I was just making sure you guys understood how wrong that’s gonna be.

AS: Do you have any spoilers you can share with us for Season 2? I don’t want to get you in trouble.

SS: Well, let me see if I can get a spoiler in . . . There’s gonna be some unicorns. I can’t go any further than that.

AL: I don’t know what I can tell you without getting in trouble . . . except that you get to see Miguel a lot more outside of the office.

Who is Miguel dancing with?!

AS: Who’s the funniest person you work with on UNICORN PLAN-IT? 

SS: Ashley Reed. And Brittani Nichols, who is so professional. And Miguel’s vagina is pretty amazing, as well.

AL: On set? Definitely Sherri. She is just ridiculously funny.

AS: Sherri – do you have a strategy figured out for the Autostraddle Hot 100 for next year?

SS: Well I have no game, I have no woo, I have no idea. I am open to all strategy suggestions.

AS: We could have people suggest strategies for you in the comments. It’ll be like a pointers sesh for you.

SS: Yes, some pointers would be great. Some guidelines would help at this point.

Give this lady some pointers!

AS: I am so excited for [Season 2] I feel like it’s gonna be so hilarious.

AL: Season 2 is bigger and better. I think in Season 2 people will see how great UNICORN PLAN-IT is, meaning a lot more people were brought on to the team, so people could focus more on their first passions rather than being pressured to do everything. We brought a new director on board, Rocco, and she has been great.

AS: We’re so excited about it!

AL: Everyone should be very excited about it! I really hope there’s a Season 3.

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  1. Wait. Have I been misinterpreting Croce’s character because “awkward” and “no game” are not words I would use to describe Keesha? Although that might be me projecting a lot.

    • Everyone is entitled to her own interpretation. Keesha always felt to me like a hopeless romantic. She has no game with women and falls in love with them before knowing their names (she’s emotionally promiscuous) …And you’ll see how awkward she is in episode 1 of this upcoming season!

      • I completely forgot about the bar-shutdown situation. I’ll have to rewatch the show, obvz. Because reasons.

  2. Sherri D. Sutton! My favourite lady to have almost pretended to be my lovah just to make my sister uncomfortable. You’re a goddamned delight, lady!

  3. Last season was hiiiilarious and clever. The banter between multiple cast members was so impressive! Here’s to no use of the “R” word this season; that shit is appalling.

  4. And just when I thought today was the day that I’d really start doing what I’m paid to do at work.
    …Maybe I’ll start tomorrow and just catch up on Season 1 today.

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