Saturday Morning Cartoons: Troll

Welcome to Saturday Morning Cartoons, a segment where three artists take turns delighting you with their whimsy, facts and punchlines on Saturday mornings! Our three esteemed cartoon critters are Cameron GlavinAnna Bongiovanni, and Megan Prazenica. Today’s cartoon is by Megan!











Megan Prazenica is an animator/artist from Pittsburgh, PA. She now lives LA and life has been interesting ever since. When Megan isn't making art comics, or video games, she can be found wrecking havoc on the ultimate frisbee field as her alter-ego, "Bacon." Catch up with her on her website, her tumblr or tweet @MeganPraz.

Megan has written 42 articles for us.


  1. Really digging this! Feminist Frequency has put out great videos for years and the shit she has had come her way via trolls is beyond… just so beyond. I don’t have the right words. I definitely continue to support her in her work! A huge thanks to you Megan for your art and creativity and using them to make people more aware of what’s happening in pockets of the internet that they might not have come across yet.

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