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Relevant To Your Interests: And Now, Wonder Woman Everything

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Usually, I can’t get into superheroes. I just have never been into the “good” guys enforcing weirdly strict morals while leaving a river of destruction in their wake. There have only been two exceptions to this rule, movie-wise. One happened in 2008 and I only love it because Heath Ledger is an acting genius and I actually think The Joker is the protagonist in that movie anyhow (here is a good argument for it FIGHT ME). The other happened this month. And that is Wonder Woman. Of course.

Other than this being a movie about a lady superhero directed by a woman with a feminist screenplay (though I certainly hear your concerns about Gal Gadot’s personal politics), the gaze of horror was never averted during this superhero movie. And I think that’s why I can get behind it in a way I rarely can with the superhero genre. We were never asked to desensitize to the violence; we were allowed to be horrified by it the entire time. Encouraged, in fact. And that’s how I think violence should be, ya know? Even in the epic fight scenes. Plus I got to see a woman punch war. Just, like, all of it. All of war. Punched. That’s pretty fucking rad. Not even my persistent concern that some angry straight cis dude would shoot up my theatre could wreck it. I wish I’d gotten to go to a woman-only screening for that reason. Then it would have been total bliss.

For a more in-depth discussion of the movie, you should read Heather Hogan. For a totally fluffy Wonder Woman shopping guide, look no further.

Books, Books, Books!

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, vol 1. (Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver), $9.61. Wonder Woman: The Lies (Rebirth), vol. 1 (Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp—side note, I wasn’t going to put anything in here that didn’t involve at least one woman, but Greg Rucka’s the author who said WW was queer, so), $11.68. The Secret History of Wonder Woman (Jill Lepore), $9.95. Wonder Woman Coloring Book, $10.35.

Boldly Announce Your Wonder Woman Devotion…

Wonder Woman Teeshirt/Tank, starts at $17.99. Daughter of Themyscira tank, starts at $23. Wonder Woman Resist mug, starts at $12.99. Wonder Woman Brooch, $11.76.

…Or Do So With a Bit More Subtlety

Wonder Woman Tiara Ring, starts at $55. Wonder Woman logo necklace, $9.50. Wonder Woman enamel pin, $10. Wonder Woman logo pin, $5.99.

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  1. – I’ve always thought that a good superhero movie is one that emphasizes the hero over the super. That’s why the best part of “Captain America: the First Avenger” is the first act, and “The Rocketeer” is the possibly the best superhero movie of all time. In the “Wonder Woman” movie the Veld scene emphasizes both at the same time. She’s being super, but she’s also being a hero.
    – I’m sooooooooo waiting for the “Batman ’66/Wonder Woman ’77” graphic novel.

  2. I didn’t want this to be first, this isn’t really what the post is about. But it was quite upsetting to me that we can’t talk about an Israeli who is ordinary (aside from being gorgeous and good at acting) without an accusatory disclaimer.

    I’m not seeing, “American actress Mila Kunis (who had no comment on the human-rights abuses at Standing Rock)” or “American actor Robin Wright (who did not protest the Iraq War)”, y’know?

    • And what exactly are these politics? So far I’ve seen her accused of: being an Israeli, serving in the Israeli military, once posting an Instagram wishing Israel success in a war against Hezbollah (a terrorist group), and not loudly denouncing Israel at every opportunity.

      America is arguably a much worse country–show me anything Israel’s accused of, and I’ll show you 10 times America did it but worse–but we don’t flagellate Americans like this.

      We can see the nuance of what it is to be American (or British, or Chinese, or Brazilian, all countries with highly mixed records), but don’t extend that to Israelis.

    • i was just talking to my friends about this! maybe we should start blacklisting canadian celebrities who celebrate “Canada 150” on instagram. i mean, my opinion of anyone who celebrates “canada 150” goes down about 85 points/100, but people are going to be nationalists about their genocidal countries because that is the norm. we need to challenge that norm–possibly by refusing to talk about every single nationalist’s work without acknowledging their personal allegiance to genocidal nations–but let’s be a bit more honest about it ya? i actually wouldn’t mind that, if we did it for everyone.

      • Yes! It’s the selectivity and dishonesty–often wrapped in a large serving of self-righteousness–that really gets me.

  3. I would’ve liked “Captain America: The First Avenger” more if it hadn’t side-stepped Nazis and ignored the Holocaust. If you don’t want to tackle that sort of thing then pick a different setting, Marvel. :P

  4. Wonder woman is no hero because she is not from the world of men. Instead she is an outsider, but being the outsider she can choose what to become. And she choose to act for the greater good as an act of love. Batman and Superman did so for not so noble reasons.

  5. Check out Fresh Air’s interview with Jill Lepore. It was rebroadcast earlier this month. Her book is about what WW, Margaret Sanger, the lie detector, and alternative lifestyles have in common. Really fascinating.

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