Register For The First Annual Bullish Conference And Make Your Career Dreams A Reality

Bullicorns, gather round. I’m here to tell you all about Jennifer Dziura’s first-annual Bullish Conference, which is taking place Friday, November 29 to Sunday, December 1 in Miami, Florida, because I think you need to sign up and go. A vacation that helps you meet your goals in a powerful, focused, and inspiring way? Yes please! Get ready, Go Getter Entrepreneur Straddlers Of The Universe: the Bullish Conference is gonna blow your mind and change your world – you’ve just gotta show up and let it happen!

First let’s meet Jen, the woman behind the magic. Jen has been writing career and life coaching advice for young women since 2010 in a column called “Bullish,” which appears on and She believes in working hard and working smart and advocates an aggressive approach to careers and to life. “I think the word ‘aggressive’ is unfairly stigmatized,” she told me. “In most situations, you shouldn’t be aggressive towards people, but it’s often necessary to be aggressive towards situations.”

Welcome to your future

Welcome to your future

Jen writes about designing your career and negotiating for more money and pursuing greater power in the world without being an asshole. “About a year into writing these articles, I start[ed] to get letters from young women saying that they’ve read the articles, made some moves, and now have amazing new jobs, or make $12,000 more per year, or ditched an abusive partner,” Jen explained. If you’re not already a longtime reader of Bullish, get acquainted with Jen’s work through some of her most powerful posts: Maybe Work-Life Balance Means You Should Work MORE, Social Class In The Office, How Talking About Money Can Make You More Of It, and When To Make Massive And Ballsy Life Changes For Your Career are all excellent places to start.

Once Jen realized her columns were literally changing women’s lives, she made the logical next step and decided she needed to bring things into the 3-D world. As you all know, I feel really good about taking communities formed on the internet and recreating them in the real tangible world, so I was thrilled to hear that Jen was planning an entire conference dedicated to the things she always writes about which includes class and gender issues in business, assertiveness, sexual ethics, “gentlewomanly living,” multiple income streams, and the value of women talking openly about money, careers, privilege, and influence. “I was chilling by the pool in Miami one winter – I like to plot my empire over the holidays while everyone else is just sitting still – when I decided I was going to create an event for like-minded women to talk about power, careers, negotiating, and money,” she said. “Also there’s Cuban food and cocktails.” Well I mean okay then. Sold.

If you need even more incentive to sign up for the conference, let’s peruse the schedule together. There’s Ladies with Laptops (a social media-inspired mixer), a Negotiating Workshop, short and powerful 5-minute how-to’s from attendees on money, entrepreneurship, technology, productivity, and more, a “Design Your 2014” workshop with Jen, a Time Management Workshop and a dinner and Q&A session with Laura Vanderkam, a Cocktail Hour and Mixology Lesson, optional yoga on the beach, and a late-night strategy session complete with cocktails titled “Bullicorns Don’t Stop.”

This is a bullicorn. I want to be a bullicorn. Let us all be bullicorns together.

This is a bullicorn. I want to be a bullicorn. Let us all be bullicorns together.

Guys, don’t you want to be a bullicorn? Especially one who doesn’t stop? You can be. Register for the conference here, and enjoy three days of networking, beaching, and life changing career advising… because you are a grown ass woman and you deserve it. Oh, and as a special treat, Jen is even offering us a discount! Interested parties will get $40 off the $645 price tag with discount code FEMINISTUNICORN.

Learn more about Jen, GetBullish, the Bullish Conference, accommodations (they’re women- and LGBTQ-friendly!), or general FAQs, and have a blast at the conference. Let us know if you’re going to sign up and maybe we can even host an informal Autostraddle meetup… after all, we are all planning to take over the world, right? Let’s rip a page out of Jen’s book and plot our empire by the pool.

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    • Hello! This post is two years old, which makes me a total dork for replying, but I wanted to leave this link here — we are now in our third year, and the 2015 Bullish Conference will take place Saturday, October 10, 2015 (with special events late Friday October 9 and early Sunday October 11), in NYC:

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