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I'm a fat dyke from philly! I make comics about economics and organize young investors to radically redistribute wealth using a reparations framework.

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  1. There was a while I was calling myself butch and I was sorta questioning my gender but my compulsion to pluck out my chin hair was too strong. For me, it is a gender affirming thing to pluck my chin hair; I question why I do it every time though. I shave it sometimes which makes me feel like I’m doing a gender-neutral thing to my chin hair.

    Anywho it is an eternal struggle to accept our bodies for their imperfections and I strongly relate to this comic.

  2. I love this so much, and it feels quite relevant to me. I have had a lot of feelings about body hair and clothes and how I feel in my identity. I have always identified as femme, I love makeup and dresses, but I also have embraced short hair, and sports bras and muscle tees too. And I love body hair and am good with not shaving in the winter, but come summer I found I was too self conscious to not shave for shorts. And I have to pluck chin hairs on a weekly basis. I guess overall I am working to realize that I don’t have to wear or do, or not wear or do anything just because it fits someone elses view of what it means to be femme or how they think I should look. Ty so much for this article!

  3. This comic is AWESOME. I cut my hair short a year ago and have been struggling with clothing identity politics (that’s a thing, right?) since then. I used to be ok with dresses, but then I gained a little weight and haven’t really bothered with putting any on or buying new ones (dresses are expensive! they don’t ever fit around my boobs and armpits right! UGH!). I wasn’t sure if I identified as “butch,” but I did want to look as gay as possible. I feel like other people might label me as butch and I suppose I’m ok with it, but it doesn’t really encompass all of my clothing identity politics. I relate to the struggle of dressing for men/women, as a bi person, like many of the above commentators. I also have some chin hairs that sprout from a mole under my chin frequently. I usually just take a razor to them.

    Anyway, thanks for this comic and for sharing your experiences with all of us who are still figuring out our queer identities. QUEER TEN, STRAIGHT ZERO!!!

    • Oops-I also meant to add that I haven’t shaved my legs in like a year and finally said FUCK IT and have been going out in public/with friends more with shorts on and not trying to hide that shit. I was on vacay seeing some friends in San Diego and we went to Coronado and I wore shorts the whole time-at the beach, walking around, eating at a restaurant. It’s so freeing not giving a damn. Me and my legs are beautiful with or without hair.

  4. whoa, i just did the same thing with letting mine grow a bit and then having A Day and plucking them all out, appeasing my bell hooks guilt by promising myself they would grow back soon enough. LOVED THIS.

  5. As a result of my Eastern European and Jewish heritage, I have a single thick, black hair sprouting from the left side of my chin. I call her Comrade Olga. Many times I send to gulag. Always she come back.

  6. I generally don’t care about my body hair, and tend not to remove it from the usual places all that often, but for some reason I find plucking chin hair to be oddly satisfying, and not for appearance’s sake. There’s just something about getting a good grasp with the tweezers, and plucking that lil hair out, root and all. *sigh*

  7. I love this so much wow. Also this feels like the perfect opportunity to talk about how sexy moustaches are on ladies? Idk what it is, but give me a cute girl with a moustache any day.

  8. It’s taken me like three days to comment on this because it so perfectly articulates all the feelings I’ve had about cutting my hair, buying new clothes, wanting to throw out all my femmey stuff (i.e. my whole wardrobe) and being or not being visibly queer since my breakup in the spring. I’ve lived in the same shorts and two tank tops since June and fear the day it gets cold enough that I have to decide between wearing skirts again or actually owning pants. I’ve changed my hair like four times already and I’m doing it again tomorrow. My ex brought me some shirts from a clothing swap days before we broke up and said “I think these are your style,” I thought, no, they’re not, realized they didn’t fucking have to be, went shopping and replaced as much as I could afford for the first time in nearly two years. The only thing that bums me out is that I bought an overpriced dress shortly before the breakup when I thought it was my wardrobe rather than my relationship making me sad, wore it once and have zero interest in wearing it again.

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  11. Easy to wear so i would go to put one on, but felt waaaay to self conscious. i would put them on, look in the mirror, and change into pants. i was fine showing my legs in shorts or even the hairs that stuck out of my long pants, but wearing a dress like that felt wrong and made me feel really weird.

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