Queer Tarotscopes for Pisces Season 2021: What Have You Been Suppressing; Where Can You Explore?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Modern Witch Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

Today the sun moves out of the fixed air of Aquarius and into the emotional, adaptable water of Pisces. And after time soaring through the sky, analyzing and considering and planning for a new kind of future, Pisces pulls us into the watery depths of our imaginations, urging us to reconnect with the fantasies and dreams that shape and inspire us. After focusing on the clarity that we find with truth and information, we now reconnect with our heart center, making space for sensations and emotions that may be more difficult to clearly define. And while the shift from air to water can feel intense, Pisces has some gorgeous lessons for us, urging us to tap into our deepest, most powerful desires. When we sit with the energy of Pisces, we take time to remember our magic.

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is beautifully flexible, able to adapt to changing circumstances and shift with any rolling, heavy tides. Diving deep, dreaming big, this mutable water sign is comfortable in the unknown spaces, the wilds of our imagination and fantasies, able to navigate shadows and mysteries with ease. How do we connect with others, and how does that give us strength to love ourselves more deeply? What do you know, and what are you learning? What have you forgotten, and who inspires you to remember? What new patterns do you now have the flexibility to develop, and what old cycles or ways of thinking can you leave in the past? Aquarius may have challenged us to consider what existing systems we’re ready to rebuild, but Pisces gives us the compassion and courage to follow through with those innovative ideas, to flex and shift with the changing currents. How do we trust ourselves? What do we find within ourselves when we stop being afraid of our shadows? How can we turn hope into love? When is sensitivity a strength?

Our card for this season is the Moon, one of the more opaque, open-ended archetypes in the major arcana, and often considered one of the most mysterious in the tarot. Connected to the subconscious, to our shadow selves, to fears and wishes and the secrets that we keep from ourselves, the Moon invites both reflection and wildness, awareness and release. After the challenges of the Devil and the forward-thinking recovery of the Star, the Moon asks us to give ourselves space to run, to howl, to get weird. What are we shaking free of? What does freedom and movement allow us to discover? Aquarius encouraged us to break free of broken systems and start fresh, and Pisces takes that open space and thrives within it, dancing and screaming and being our strangest, most wonderful selves. What magic do we wield? What happens when we leave old limits behind and stop following the beaten path? How does showing respect for our own dreams help us find new ways to love ourselves?

Many of our cards for this season speak to deliberate action, asking us to be conscious of what we are building and willing to leave behind dreams or ambitions that no longer resonate. What makes us feel steady, grounded, in touch with our deepest selves? How do our dreams manifest in the physical world? What kind of lives are we building for ourselves, and how can we make more space for fantasy and magic in our daily movements? In this season of Pisces, give yourself the room to explore the unknown, to wander freely through your own mind, to give your dreams a chance to take up space. What have you been suppressing? Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Pisces is associated with both the moon and Neptune, tied to emotions and spirituality, so if you know your Neptune placement you can also include that in your reading for a more complete picture of the season ahead.

Tarot Spread for Pisces Season, represented by four rectangles for four card positions arranged in a cross shape. The top card position reads "Rising: I project;" the right reads "Neptune: I believe;" the bottom reads "Sun: I am;" the leftmost reads "Moon: I feel." Plug in the cards referenced in my pisces season tarotscopes for a complete picture of your season.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Have a magical Pisces season!


Queen of pentacles

After seasons of rapid movement and imagining possible futures, Pisces season asks you to slow down, get grounded, and sink into the present. This queen is a figure of responsibility and power, someone that finds joy in daily activities and deep strength in setting long-term goals, and right now is urging you to consider how you make space for pleasure and growth in your world. How do you prioritize comfort? When do you feel your most powerful, and how do you wield that power in work and play, rest and movement? What legacy are you building, and how are you using it to lift up both yourself and other people? You have so much to give, so much to teach, so much to create — so let the energy of this queen inspire you to find new depths of courage and wonder in your ambitions. How are you making your own dreams come true?


Six of pentacles

You are someone that knows how to focus on a goal and work towards it, to channel your natural determination into triumph. And you may find yourself meeting some of those big ambitions this season, beginning to see the investments that you’ve been making starting to pay off. This is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate your hard work, but it’s also a chance to give back to those that have helped you along the way, who may not be as far along in their own journeys. The six of pentacles is a card of generosity and reciprocity, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself giving and receiving in equal measure. How can you ask for what you need? How can you share what you have in abundance? What kinds of legacies are you creating, and where are you seeing them begin to take shape?


Three of swords

A seeker of information, knowledge, and truth, you’re a person that likes to ask questions and receive answers. But sometimes, we ask questions that we aren’t ready to really tackle, and end up getting hurt by what comes forward. You may feel a bit tender this season, as you discover some painful realities that shift your understandings around certain things — but as difficult as this may be to move through, the lessons that you are learning are essential ones. Having more information can help us make informed decisions about how we move forward, and as you consider your goals and ambitions, your relationships and expectations for others, let these new truths shape your movements. How often do you trust your own instincts, rely on your knowledge, believe that what you create has value? Collaboration is a beautiful thing, but don’t be afraid to have faith in your own personal magic too. How are you finding strength within your struggles?


Nine of cups

After discovering new truths and insights during Aquarius season, you may now find yourself enjoying the comfort of your own emotions and dreams, making more space for the relationships and connections that give you joy. As you step into Pisces season, consider how you’ve learned to open your heart, and the ways that those risks have paid off in powerful community, essential partnerships, and beautiful reciprocity. How have you grown by letting others see your desires and vulnerabilities? What relationships have changed you for the better, and how has community made you stronger?

In addition to honoring your own emotional growth, this card is also often considered one of wishes. What are you still craving? Which dreams have you perhaps not fully explored, and how can you make space for recognizing those desires? Leave behind any feelings of shame or doubt — it’s possible to be grateful for what you have while still recognizing what you want. What new longings are coming forward?


Four of pentacles

You may feel a need for stability this season, assessing what you have access to and being attentive to your resources. Sometimes this manifests in concrete ways, like setting up a budget or opening a savings account, while other times this card can highlight a scarcity mindset, or a fear of not having enough. There’s real power in intention, and it’s understandable to be protective and cautious of what you need to thrive — but are you being so tight with your boundaries that you’ve forgotten how to let yourself enjoy things? Do you feel frantic and stressed about pleasure? It’s okay to seek comfort, to do things simply because they feel good, to allow yourself to relax and rest. You don’t have to monetize every single activity, turn every hobby into a new side hustle. Where can you show yourself real generosity? How can you trust the foundations that you’ve built for yourself?


Eight of cups

As you think about the hopes and dreams that you may not always take the space to fully explore, Pisces season may reveal a situation, relationship, or challenge that you need to move away from. You’re someone that knows how to flex and adapt, even in difficult circumstances — yet you may have been spinning your wheels somewhere, putting all of this energy and intention into something that is not growing, not supporting, not offering anything positive. You do not have to stick with something that is stagnant, or even harming you. Let me be a gentle voice reminding you that you’re allowed to take a new path, to leave something broken behind. How can you choose yourself? What would loving yourself, prioritizing your own needs and desires, look like? Feelings of grief or loss are not unexpected, yet there can be joy in starting down a new path, in putting yourself first. What are you ready to step away from, and what are you ready to pursue instead?


The Chariot

After a season of quiet, rest, and recovery, your Pisces season may feel triumphant, as new truths are revealed and you’re able to move with purpose, determination, and success. Some big goals may clarify and move within reach, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself stretching a bit beyond your comfort zone, finding victory after taking a surprising chance. Pisces season can be a time of self-reflection and sensitivity, so pay attention to any shifts in your emotions, and celebrate where you are as well as where you’re going. You’re someone that is so in tune with those around you, that is often seeking balance and harmony — but this is an opportunity for you to shine. Don’t downplay what you’ve accomplished, or ignore the ways that you have reached or even exceeded your own goals. The Chariot often indicates a leveling up, so consider what you’re ready to leave behind, where you’re embracing real growth and change, and what excites you about your future. Who are you becoming? What dreams are you embracing?


Eight of pentacles

It may feel tempting to get caught up in the watery energy of this season, drowning in heavy emotions and letting your intuition call the shots. But instead of getting lost in your own depths, let your dreams remind you of the importance of daily work, of practice, of honing your craft. What are you building in terms of skills, resources, strengths? How are you doing the daily work of investing in yourself, and where can you continue to prioritize growth? Last season may have brought an important new awakening, encouraging you to be more vulnerable than you would usually allow yourself to be — so as you process the revelations that may have come forward, consider how you can put those feelings and desires into your work. What essential tasks are you taking care of, and how can you find satisfaction in the expected? Where are you establishing your authority? How can you be the best at what you do?


Page of swords

You’re someone that loves to pursue knowledge and truth, who is eager to explore and understand in new ways. And while this season of emotions and fantasy may feel a little murky for you, opportunities could arise around education, new awareness, or clarity of thinking. Where are you excited to expand your perspective? What has been challenging your mindset or assumptions, and how can you learn from this experience? Where is your curiosity growing, and how can you indulge it? Sometimes this card asks us to be ready to stand up for our truth, and other times we are encouraged to learn from friction, to find opportunities for growth in unexpected places. What are you ready to go to battle for? Where are you being challenged? And where can you practice humility, intentionally expanding your consciousness in new directions?


Eight of swords

You may have found yourself wrestling with old patterns or destructive behaviors over the past few seasons, and this new shift into Pisces may help to bring some of those issues into sharper focus. We all go through periods of struggle and difficulty, but sometimes we get so locked into one mindset around our options that we miss solutions or new paths forward — and after so many months of challenges, it’s possible that you’re being hard on yourself, or holding yourself to an impossibly high standard. If you find yourself feeling trapped, stuck, or without choices, you may find that asking for help or broadening your perspective can help you see ways to break free. How are your own beliefs limiting you? Where are you trapped in a personal narrative or thought process that is holding you back from growth? How could showing yourself grace help you find new possibilities for movement?


Page of wands

On the heels of your season, you may find yourself excited about a brand new project or idea, something that you are ready to throw your full self into. You’re someone that loves to challenge the status quo, to embrace things that are unique or distinctive, so this new path may provide opportunities to set yourself apart, act as a leader, or inspire those around you in new and brilliant ways.

Enjoy this sensation of rapid creation and powerful movement, but remember to pace yourself, to bring others into your work, to make space for dreams and new inspiration along the way. What are you feeling called to create, and how does it reflect a part of you that has been craving expression and exploration? Where do you feel fearless, and how can you harness that confidence into a long-term ambition or idea?


The Star

Happy birthday, Pisces! As you move into your season of dreams and fantasies, give yourself plenty of space for reflection, for awareness, for healing. What have you been realizing about yourself and moving through over these last few seasons? What transitions or shifts have you experienced, and where might you need more room to process all that has happened? It may be tempting to focus on relationships or emotions right now, but don’t forget to give yourself space to explore your subconscious, to honor any new truths that are coming forward in the midst of heavy or intensive feelings. How are your dreams changing? What kinds of futures are you imagining for yourself, and which ones are capturing your heart? Where do you struggle to show yourself compassion, and how can you create rituals of grace and kindness for yourself?

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