Queer Tarotscopes for Leo Season 2022: What Would It Take For You To Shine?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Numinous Tarot and The Compendium of Constellations.

It can be hard to learn how to take up space proudly, abundantly, unapologetically. So many of us were raised to be quiet, meek, submissive, gentle, deferential — to let other people’s voices or needs or opinions hold the most weight, to make ourselves small even when we don’t want to, to stifle our discomfort rather than reveal it to other people, or acknowledge it to ourselves. Yet today the sun moves into the fixed fire of Leo, a sign ruled by the sun, known for its warmth and generosity and expressiveness. As we shift into this new season, Leo brings opportunities for taking up space, whatever that may look like for you.

Associated with the eighth major arcana archetype of Strength, Leo is known for drama, independence, and loving the spotlight. But this sign also can teach us so much about delighting in ourselves, encouraging others to celebrate their uniqueness, and connecting with our brightest wishes and boldest ambitions. Leo rejoices in “seeing and being seen,” as Claire Comstock-Gay writes in her Guide to the Stars, and knows that “to be seen and known and loved by others” is a gift, one that is woven into the fabric of so many of our desires. After all, why shouldn’t we celebrate what makes us special, what makes us strong, what makes us stand out? Why shouldn’t we long to be in community with those that truly appreciate the many facets of who we are? Why shouldn’t we want to shine brightly, to dazzle the world with our brilliance and magic?

Our birth card for this season, Strength, is typically associated with wisdom and patience, with recognizing the right moment to act. I would argue that Strength doesn’t just have to be about quiet sovereignty and restraint, but is also about knowing when to take up space, when to raise our voice, when to let our fury or need be visible to others. There’s energy, intensity, power in witnessing someone’s righteous anger, their palpable and earned frustration. Seeing someone express real emotion, particularly when others refuse to, can be healing, essential, can move the conversation along and create room for progress. Even if you don’t feel comfortable being the loudest voice in the room, there is so much might, so much force, so much potential in letting our emotions take up space, in demanding to be seen and heard. What would it feel like for you to give your feelings, your needs, room to breathe? How loud could your voice be if you stopped stifling it, stopped denying its existence?

Tarot eights are abundant powerhouses, showing what it looks like to double down on our intentions, our efforts, our collective movements. And so many of our cards for this season remind us of our power, urge us to prioritize what matters, and show us the possibilities that emerge when we make space for what we truly want.

In this season of Leo, remember the beauty of Strength, and the magic that runs through your veins. What are you ready to fight for, and why does it matter so much to you? Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Leo is ruled by the sun, the center of our solar system and representative of ego, motivation, and life force, so pay special attention to the card drawn for your sun sign.

I’ve recently launched a new tarot study series on Instagram, where we’ll be examining each of the sixteen court cards from the minor arcana. You can find my work on Patreon, my website, TikTok, and Instagram. Make sure you’re following me on Twitter for the latest announcements about my upcoming tarot book, publishing with Weiser in January 2023.

As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Happy Leo season!



In this fiery season of independence, courage, and fighting for what you believe in, you likely feel right at home — Aries energy is often outspoken, opinionated, and brave, so this can be a powerful time for you. Yet the cards want to remind you to choose your battles with care, and to pour your energy into things that matter rather than seeing every opportunity for combat as one you must accept. What really feeds your spirit, and what is more of a distraction? How do you tend to the other elements at play in your world, instead of just living in endless states of fiery creativity? Remember your water, your earth, your air, and take the time to nurture your spirit this season. How are you integrating the person that you have been with the person you are becoming?


Eight of vials

In this time of bold action, you may feel reluctant to make any major decisions or dramatic declarations — yet you may feel a need to shit or get off the pot, making a choice about where you will continue to be vulnerable, and where you may need to draw a new boundary. There can be real power in standing up for yourself, but that doesn’t always mean that you need to go out in a blaze of glory. Sometimes this can be as simple as choosing to care for yourself, instead of always offering care to others first. How can you prioritize your own healing, intuition, and sensitive emotions? Where can you nourish your own spirit? And by prioritizing your own needs, how can you find renewed strength within yourself?


Eight of tomes

You’re so good at picking up new skills and gathering important information, but this season, you may find a lot of joy in devoting yourself to a specific task, project, or ambition. An ability to adapt and learn quickly isn’t the same as dedicated, intentional effort towards mastery, so this season, figure out what you want to grow and commit to the process of focused, daily effort. What does it look like for you to learn everything that there is to know about something? How can you find practical ways to practice what you are discovering? What is worth your time, your energy, your resources? How can you become the best at something, and what will it mean to feel absolute confidence your abilities?


Ace of vials

This season, it may feel like your heart is opening like a flower, as new possibilities for connection, vulnerability, discovery, and wonder begin to emerge. Your season may have brought some tender realizations or difficult challenges, yet a new cycle is now beginning, with opportunities for growth, community, and self-love presenting themselves in different ways. The question is, are you ready to take a chance on something new, something perhaps unexpected? Are you able to open your heart in a deliberate and necessary way? What is delighting you, fascinating you, and how can you pursue that sense of awe and curiosity? Where are you peeling back layers, either for self-discovery or to let others in?


Two of tomes

Happy birthday, Leo! You may feel on top of the world this season, feeling like you’re gracefully and expertly balancing all of the tasks on your to-do list, your many responsibilities, and your creative endeavors. Enjoy this rush of sensation, this satisfaction in a full life lived well. Yet as you sink into this pleasure-filled movement, pay attention to what feels easy, and where you may start to feel restless or stifled. You are capable of holding space for many things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to, or that everything you are doing is worthy of your attention. Where does your attention drift when you have room to breathe? How might you make adjustments that let you prioritize the things that matter most?


Ace of tomes

This is a season for planting seeds, for thinking about the future, for dreaming of what you want to accomplish for yourself. Sometimes this is a time of major goal-setting, while other times it means committing to small, incremental changes that will eventually lead you to a completely new place. Regardless, give yourself space this season to think about all that lies ahead, what you hope to build, where you want to be. Do you have specific long-term goals, or have you been so caught up in present stresses that you haven’t wanted to commit to something bigger, something far away? Give yourself permission to dream, to wonder, and think about what you can do today and tomorrow to ensure that the future you’re longing for becomes yours. What are you craving? Where can you begin?


The Nurturer

Something that you’ve been working towards may begin to manifest in an exciting way this season, as you’re able to make tangible progress on a project, dream, ambition, connection, or goal. Whatever headway you’re achieving, take the time to celebrate this sensation of joy, abundance, and recognition. How does it feel to make something yourself, to move something forward in a specific and material way? There may still be plenty to do, a long road ahead, but enjoy this season of victory, and share the bounty that you may be enjoying with those you love and trust. How is this service or effort nurturing you? And how, in turn, can you nurture those around you as part of this movement?


Explorer of tomes

As you shift into this new season of fire, pay attention to your pacing, to the energy and resources that you are expending towards your goals in both work and play. This is a time for slow and steady effort, rather than racing towards the finish line. Give yourself room to breathe, opportunities for pleasure, and space for patiently observing your own ebbs and flows. Keep your eyes on the prize, but try not to get so locked into one way of doing things that you can’t be flexible along the way, adapting to what you find and letting new ideas enrich your work. How do you take joy and satisfaction in various stages of a project? Where are you growing alongside your accomplishments?


Seven of bells

You love to be on the move, learning and questioning and discovering — but this season, you may find a bit of hesitation within yourself, a bit of uncertainty about what you’re finding and what has yet to be revealed. Sometimes it can be complicated to see the kernels of truth in complex systems or structures, so be gentle with yourself if something isn’t immediately clear, or if you find yourself unsettled by what you observe. Bringing in additional perspectives or leaning on trusted companions may help you find your footing again, but don’t let that be a substitute for trusting yourself — you know more than you realize. What does it mean to honor your instincts? How can you balance fear or mystery with clarity, purpose, and confidence?


The Star

Healing can take many forms, and as you shift into Leo season, you may feel an inner kind of settling, a peace or clarity or renewed sense of purpose stilling something that has been tense or restless within you. Nourishment and true rest can bring a sense of wonder, even joy, but rather than trying to interrogate or understand what has shifted, give yourself a chance to simply enjoy it. Where have you undergone significant transformation, and how is it offering you a chance for renewal, recovery? What are you leaving behind, and what are you moving towards? Where are you discovering new strength within yourself, and how can you celebrate it?


Six of vials

You’re often described as a sign that is constantly looking forward, but as we move into this new season, you may find yourself looking back, reflecting on where you’ve been and how you’ve become the person that you are. Use this opportunity to consider moments of vulnerability that have revealed your strength, as well as periods of connection and sensitivity that have reminded you of your power. How do you show up for yourself, and for other people? What does it mean to offer yourself tenderness, grace, compassion, and how can you accept those gifts rather than avoiding them? What has been healing within you, and how can you carry that necessary work into your future?


Eight of bells

This can be an empowering season, one of drive and strength and focus — but as you move into this time of fire, give yourself time to assess your assumptions, pay attention to details, and listen for unexpected truths. It’s easy to get caught up in a particular mindset, even if that mindset leaves us feeling like we’re out of options. Yet when we’re able to interrogate our beliefs and question our motives, sometimes it helps us see challenges through fresh eyes, and discover new opportunities where it felt like we had none. Show yourself compassion and patience, rather than critiquing yourself for not solving problems as soon as you notice them. How can you lean on those you trust for guidance, support, and advice? Where are you getting in your own way?

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  1. Thanks, Meg! Could you please tell us what the different equivalents are between the Numinous Tarot’s suits and court cards? I’d love to plug in with my deck but am not sure what the two of tomes corresponds to, for example (I’m guessing maybe pentacles?)

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