Queer Tarotscopes for Gemini Season 2022: What Are You Curious About?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Queer Tarot and The Astrology Deck.

As we shift into Gemini season, into this time of curiosity and connection, of gathering and sharing information, of feeling busy and restless and eager to stay moving, I think it’s important to acknowledge just how overwhelming the world feels right now. Information overload is a real thing, and with Mercury going retrograde again, it’s more important than ever to consider our sources, be attentive to our news consumption, and take a step away from social media when necessary. Gemini season can bring mild whiplash even in the best of times, and with all that’s happening in the United States and around the world, let me offer you a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself, to take breaks when you need them, to not pressure yourself to be connected 24/7. There is much to do, much to learn, much to fight for — but please, balance that work with rest, with self-care, with compassion.

Gemini is the sign of mutable air, of discovery and dissemination, of intellectual wonder and collective revelations — and in the astrological correspondences from the Order of the Golden Dawn, Gemini is tied to the tarot’s sixth major arcana archetype of the Lovers. A card that we tend to first see through the lens of relationships and partnership, the Lovers comes after the challenging wisdom and ongoing change of the Hierophant, and offers us an opportunity to expand, to go our own way, to experiment and play and connect. With the Lovers, we pay attention to what we are drawn to, make choices that reflect our values, see how it feels to write our own rules. What have you felt curious about, wanted to understand on a deeper level? Which connections and relationships have you been longing to deepen? Where have you been eager to explore, and what is holding you back from wandering through the unknown?

Six in numerology is associated with nurturing, growth, mutual aid, responsibility, collective care, safety, love, and expansion. It’s the kind of energy that so many of us are craving, especially in the States: the ability to protect our own, to feel respected and uplifted, to live in systems of reciprocal care instead of constantly fighting for rights to privacy, bodily autonomy, or even the most basic forms of respect. Six isn’t the end of the story, but it is a moment to breathe, to relax, to take comfort in where we are. Gemini and the Lovers archetype reminds us of the power of community, of sharing information, of finding strength through facts and figures, analysis and understanding. What do you know? What are you learning? How does discovery lead to courage, empowerment, fortitude? When do you feel that you’re at your most authentic, and who do you share that authenticity with?

So many of our cards for this season focus on boundaries: setting them, maintaining them, defending them. This may be a time of expansion and exploration, but just becuase we’re sharing and interrogating information alongside the collective doesn’t mean we can’t also care for our weary bodies, protect our tender hearts, honor our needs and limits. In this season of Gemini, remember that you are not alone, that there is strength in numbers, that collective action so often is what truly creates change. Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, trickster planet of information and communication, so if you know your Mercury placement you can also include that in this spread layout for a more complete picture of your season.

A spread for gemini season: Left is moon: I feel, upper center is rising: I project, lower center is sun: I am, and right is mercury: I think. Plug in the cards referenced in Meg's Gemini tarot scopes for a complete picture.

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As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Have a safe and joyful Gemini season!


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A gender queer person in a member’s only jacket with fruit on it and pink and teal plaid pants sits on a thrown against a night sky Right: Aries

King of pentacles

A master of boundaries, responsibility, and generosity, this card represents a leader, an innovator, an architect — someone who can see what needs to change, and puts in the effort to make a shift that is gradual, one that will last. As you move into Gemini season, you may feel tempted to use your natural fire to rush forward, to move at lightning speed, to jump into action. But this is an opportunity to nurture seeds of growth that can have a lasting, generational impact, a chance to set something in motion that will continue to prosper long after you’ve moved on to something new. Which causes or goals are you investing in? What are you willing to work towards? Who around you could help support your vision?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A black hand with long orange nails is holding a gold pentacle. It is in front of a pink background with orange stars. And a white fluffy cloud. Right: Taurus

Ace of pentacles

After your season of intuitive choices and growing relationships, Gemini season is calling you to think about your future, about the goals you want to achieve and the legacy you want to build. You may find new opportunities for growth and stability, but they will require consistent focus, determination, and persistence to finish. You tend to be known for your ability to stay the course, but what does it take for you to begin something new, to take a chance on something important? Give yourself permission to dream big, and then begin to make a plan for how you want to achieve it. Which seeds are you ready to plant?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A black woman with an afro and glasses is wearing a black and white checkered coat and matching skirt, exposing her thigh tattoo. She has on a yellow shirt. There are multi-colored stars behind her as she digs into the ground with stakes. Right: Gemini

Seven of wands

Happy birthday, Gemini! Last season may have been all about organization, discipline, and structure, but as we move into your season, you may find yourself needing to harness your natural fire to defend your vision, to find the layers of meaning and value within your own work. You may believe completely in what you’re working towards, in the creativity and originality that you possess — but how can you ensure that those around you see it too? Don’t get discouraged if it feels like you’re all alone in your ambitions, because eventually, everyone will see your brilliance for exactly the magical offering that it is. How do you find courage and confidence?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: Two people hold flowers above their head inside of a fairytale castle, underneath a canopy. There is a yellow sky. Right: Cancer

Four of wands

It may feel like your efforts are moving without any trouble this season, as your creative dreams, passionate pursuits, and driving ambitions find growth. This is a joyful experience, a dazzling and exciting period of expression, collaboration, and discovery, as new people begin to contribute to your work and different opportunities emerge. After what may have felt like a period of stagnation or frustration, Gemini season brings new excitement and power, so let yourself be proud of everything that you’re accomplishing. What does it mean to protect your own vision? How do the people around you fortify your resolve, build up your belief in yourself?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A man with light brown skin tone and a beard rides a green unicorn in front of a starry night sky, he is holding a gold pentacle in his hands and appears to make a kissy face towards it. Right: Leo

Knight of pentacles

Last season may have put you on the defensive, but movement will feel a bit easier as you shift into Gemini season. You’ve got your eyes on the prize, and are devoting yourself to something important, something that matters deeply to you. Determination is a powerful force, but don’t get so focused on the destination that you refuse to be flexible in adapting to obstacles along the way — perseverance and stubbornness can look and feel nearly identical at times. How willing are you to listen to new ideas, let others help you, try something a little different? Where might there be room for learning and growth, rather than doing things the way that they’ve always been done?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: At an outdoor party in front of a pink sky with a rainbow full of 10 gold cups, a man and a woman embrace on a disco dance floor in yellow and orange checkers. Two children dance. Right: Virgo

Ten of cups

Gemini season may bring a beautiful sense of contentment, as your daily life is filled with delicious pleasures, creature comforts, joyful connection, and being fully seen by those you love. You’re not always someone that is content to stop working or serving others, but this season, give yourself permission to enjoy each moment, to let others hold and support you, to clearly see your place in community. You deserve rest too, deserve to feel cared for and pampered. Love is a reciprocal thing, not just something that you extend to other people. How are you allowing yourself to receive and enjoy kindness, support, empathy? What does it feel like to be loved?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A woman with blue hair down her back is holding 10 wooden sticks as she crosses an orange terrain and in front of a pink sky. There is a rainbow over the houses in the background. Right: Libra

Ten of wands

A major effort may come to a conclusion this season, and while you have accomplished something important, you may also feel completely burned out. The world has been hard, and you tend to seek compromise and balance in everything, trying to make sure that everyone feels seen and heard — but if you’ve been neglecting caring for yourself, if you’ve had trouble maintaining boundaries around work and rest, you may find yourself too exhausted or drained to start something new right away. Show yourself compassion and take the time to rest, even if it means that you have to delegate certain responsibilities to other people. How can you step back from movement in order to care for yourself? What would it feel like to let other people help, instead of shouldering every burden alone?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A black woman with long braids and a head wrap sits on a blue thrown in yellow clouds in front of a rainbow on a night sky. She is in a dress of pink and clouds. She is holding a sword. Right: Scorpio

Queen of swords

After a massive transition last season, you may step into Gemini season with a bit of extra caution, with your defenses up, with a readiness to go to battle. Boundaries are important, but this season, pay attention to the ways that you set them, and the ways that you enforce them. How do you decide who or what to let in? If your instinct is often to draw a hard line before hearing the full picture, to protect yourself whether or not a threat is present, give yourself the gift of time, contemplation, and perspective. What have you been rushing? How could you alleviate some internal pressure? What may require a second or third look?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A blonde person in a pink beanie and green plaid jacket with orange pants and boots is charging ahead with a sword in their hand while riding a pink horse. Right: Sagittarius

Knight of swords

You’re someone that loves to be on the move, and in this season of mutable air, it may feel like ideas are coming hard and fast, nearly overwhelming you in the excitement of fresh insights and newly revealed desires. Lean into this! There is such magic in new perspectives, in wanting to create change, in letting a new vision change your world. However, don’t forget to balance all of this air with your own natural fire, and to maintain a sense of creativity and collaboration rather than getting so fixated on a particular method or outcome that you can’t see any other possibilities. How can you blend joyful exploration with dedicated focus?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A black man with a beard is a sleep against a tree. He has on a white shirt with a frown emoji in lime green, white pants with flower details, and white Birkenstocks. There are three gold cups on the ground in front of him. Right: Capricorn

Four of cups

You’re someone that typically has a great handle on boundaries — but in this new season of Gemini, you may find yourself locking up your heart even more tightly than usual. There’s nothing wrong with wanted to protect yourself from harm, but it’s hard to maintain relationships without any vulnerability. If you find yourself feeling frustrated or dissatisfied with connections or community, take some time for reflection and awareness, to consider what is under the surface of your discontent. Have you been pulling back from those you normally trust? What kind of tenderness are you working to protect? And is it actually working, or do you miss the bonds that have started to fray?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A skeleton with a pink baseball a unicorn against a yellow sky and fairytale castle in the distance Right: Aquarius


After last season’s challenges, this time in Gemini may bring a more definitive conclusion, as something that once felt very important comes to a necessary close. This type of experience can bring a wide variety of feelings, from grief to relief to sadness to exhilaration — but one of the best things that you can do for yourself is stay present, rather than rushing ahead to the next thing. Give yourself time to feel, to process, to recover, before you immediately start planting new seeds. What are you learning about yourself through this ending? How are you different than you were before?


In two tarot cards on a grey background:

Left: A man and a woman, covered in brightly colored blankets, walk outside on a snowy night. In the window above them are five pentacles. Right: Pisces

Five of pentacles

After moving through a major shift last season, you may find yourself in a place of grief or adjustment, working to assess your resources, energy levels, and personal needs. This card often emerges when we have access to assets or support that we aren’t accepting, so consider who has made themselves available to you, what options you really have, and where any internal tension is coming from. How can you take the help that is being offered? What is keeping you from leaning on other people? What would let you feel safe enough to make yourself vulnerable?

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