Queer Horoscopes for April 2019: Get Ready to Receive Deep Gay Magic

Spring is here! In Aries season, everything comes back to life with a lusty sense of urgency and vitality. This month tempers that brightness with some luscious slowness, and even some deep nourishment that soothe our aching hearts. March saw a huge change in the cosmic terrain as Uranus moved into Taurus, and we are still awash in the newness of this feeling, still unsure how it will unfold — possible themes include a rebirth of strangeness in places where we’ve felt settled and secure, or opportunities to come into truer alignment with our sensual selves, or finding new ways to nourish and tend to ourselves and each other. Relationally, Uranus is a wild card. It can destroy or reinvigorate, inspire or rebel.

Meanwhile, the major story of this month is Jupiter moving retrograde. Planet of optimism and faith in ourselves and the future, Jupiter corresponds to our desire for growth through joy and adventure. It’s also been called the cosmic Santa Claus, as Jupiter is the energy that helps us reap the benefits of our hard work — it can bring us the opportunities and resources we most need to grow. When it moves retrograde (April 10th through August 11th of this year), our collective capacity to do this kind of magic slows down and turns inward. Rather than being a hectic, confusing time like Mercury retrograde, Jupiter retrograde is a time for deeply absorbing and working with the gifts this planet offers — especially as this is happening in Sagittarius, the sign Jupiter rules and is strongest in.

So even as we may find ourselves confused about love, overworked, recently heartbroken, stressed about relationship patterns, lonely, horny, or struggling to see ourselves and love ourselves clearly, this Jupiter transit can hold us through these times and help us connect with the deepest, gayest magic we are bringing into this world.

I hope y’all make some time and space to really let this influence into your lives this month. You can also call on me for some extra support for yourself or your relationships. And I’m still offering custom artwork drawn from your astrological charts! Astrograms help you see the energy between you and everyone you love, in full color, with optional interpretations.

As always, for these horoscopes read your Venus and Moon signs first, followed by your Sun and rising. Use these for what they can give you, and discard anything you don’t need. Good luck out there this month!


This month is an active and engaging time for you, with a sense of boundless optimism returning after some times of doubt and trouble. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that optimism doesn’t become recklessness and get you into more trouble! Used with a dose of prudence, the energy of this month is deeply restorative and re-energizing. It’s a great time to reconnect to people and remember that the story of your life is still unfolding. Take some time to get out of your routines and see who you meet along the way — surprises and promising connections are possible if you’re open to them. Just remember: enjoy this time, but don’t take any unwise risks!

Receive some deep gay magic: Something in you is coming back to life and being reborn right now. Slide into your more adventurous self, and trust that even unexpected journeys are bringing you where you need to be. Let yourself wander, let it be aimless and joyful, and stay open to who you meet on the way.


Oh sweetie, this is a time for digging your toes into the earth and drinking stimulating hot beverages and feeling the way your body comes to life under the right conditions — lightning storms, your lover’s voice whispering in your ear, feeling your mind expanded by something you’ve read, hot showers that smell of eucalyptus, noticing the once-in-a-lifetime beauty of your friend’s laughter in this precise moment. Where you’re deepening right now is into the very core of what it means to be a sensual being — and for, those of you who care to go there, how your sexuality can open portals to vivid beauty and slow integration. Your assignment this month is merely be present with it all, and to go as deep as you want to, learning what it feels like when you have faith in your body and your partner/s. The only guidelines for this assignment: Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t 100% want to do. Love the full range of feelings that come up as you explore.

Receive some deep gay magic: Your magic this month is all about these mysteries of your sensual and sexual self. Whether sex is on the menu for you or not, tap into those places where you feel a sense of desire for life that is so strong it brings you face-to-face with your fear of death. How you get there is up to you, but I promise there is richness and abundance for you when you take this leap of faith. Trust that your body can guide you where you need to go. Know that your desire is a precious compass.


Making choices isn’t always your strongest suit, and with Mars moving into your sign this month you may feel extra revved up and discombobulated. All your options may feel equally important, all projects equally urgent! You’re in special need of the medicine of this month, which is a kind of honey-like slowness that gathers sweetness as it fills your senses. As Jupiter moves retrograde, it’s illuminating and expanding the part of your psyche where you know how to choose wisely. You will need to consciously collaborate with this energy, though, which means building in time to pause and breathe, and knowing that you will not be able to do ALL of the things. Relationally, this is a time to start saying “no” to invitations and favors you wish you could fulfill, so that you’ll actually have the time and resources for what you’ve committed to. And if any of those commitments are feeling wrong to you, you have the tools you need to assess them and redefine their terms.

Receive some deep gay magic: Slowness and knowing, my sweet friend, slowness and knowing. You know who you are and what you need when you make space for the answers to arise spontaneously and take shape. Collaborate with this magic by giving yourself extra time to do nothing: wake up an hour earlier just to lie in bed musing, show up late to social obligations and leave early, write a to-do list for your day and then cross off half of it.


While this month brings some precious discoveries, getting to them won’t feel exactly comfortable. Your crankiness may be a little higher than you’d wish as you’re sorting through both external demands and internal pressure. At the very least, you can shush those internal voices that tell you to keep working harder and never feel cranky. Let yourself sulk all you need to about whatever obstacles you’re facing. Meanwhile, notice that there is some healing available to you through these stressful times. You can tap into it when you start loving your body the way you’d love water in the desert. That means listening when your body asks for rest, eating the food that makes you feel strongest, dancing when you need to move, and turning to the ones who love you for cuddling, wrestling, and playing with your hair / scratching your head. What you are learning right now is that you can stay in rhythm with your days if you set the pace, and that you must set the pace that works for you.

Receive some deep gay magic: There is some time magic working for you right now, and it’s inviting you into a different rhythm of your days. Go inside to find the right tempo, and then bring it with you as you move through the obligations and hectic demands of the day. The most profound gift of this month is an opportunity to reconnect your mind and body. Anything else you do right now is just extra credit.


What a lusciously exciting and invigorating month! No matter where you turn, you’re going to find some reason to enjoy being alive. It will feel easier to access your enthusiasm and lust for life, but there’s also an opportunity to take action on something you’ve got high hopes for and will need a whole crew to help you accomplish. As seductive as the energies of this month may be, there is a lesson for you in them: Mere hedonism doesn’t heal you. Pleasure has to be tied to love and creativity for it to deepen into something meaningful. This doesn’t mean casual sex is a no-no, it just means experiences where you can bring your full self to the table and discover hidden layers of existence will be more compelling. If you can do both at once, bless your heart. Just remember your goal is to connect deeply — to yourself, to your beloveds, to the beauty of life itself. Experiences that leave you feeling disconnected after aren’t the medicine you’re looking for.

Receive some deep gay magic: Let pleasure and joy reconnect you to love. Let yourself be vulnerable and receptive to transformation. Accept gifts you may not feel worthy of receiving. A gift is a gift is a gift.


You’ve reached a turning point you need. You’ve been trying to balance so many elements of your life and constantly feeling that you’re not doing enough. This month brings a sense of clarity, alignment, and most importantly grounds you in a larger sense of yourself. All the overwhelming details of your days become less hectic when you see the larger pattern, a pattern that you participate in creating. With this gift of grounded perspective comes an assignment, however: you’re being asked to trust relationships in a way that might be new for you. You may have good reasons not to trust relationships. Work with your own growth edge and let love in. It’s available for you right now, it brings some powerful healing.

Receive some deep gay magic: Give yourself permission to retreat as far as you need to in order to see your life with you at the center. Find your true shape. Line your current self up against the outlines of your past selves and see if you’ve gotten worn away anywhere. Let your awareness of all your parts help you align them effortlessly. Know that as you do this you are in full command of your powers and working one of the oldest forms of queer magic.


What an interesting time! In some ways, you’re torn between several options — but aren’t you always, to some degree? Right now you have a lot of energy for reinvigorating your partnerships, romantic and platonic. Have you been letting things slide? Is distance or life stress or unspoken tension wearing away your sense that you’ve got each other, that you can come to each other for help? This month brings golden opportunities for talking out the issues that only seem scary now because you haven’t had time to be patient with them yet. Part of the magic of this time for you is a chance to make time for what brings you joy and delight. Slow down, pay attention to what’s happening in your intimate world, and be prepared for things to get much easier. Your job is to make room for discovery, and trust that more information is a good thing. Let it be lighthearted, and process in good health, dear Libras.

Receive some deep gay magic: There is something marvelous you’ve been overlooking in your daily life that is currently raising its hand and saying, “ooh, ooh, look at me! over here!” Get to know these unexpected sources of delight and wonder. Trust your intuition. Discover what’s been there all along. Know the way forward.


Welcome the energy of this month like you’d welcome the company of a dear friend after a long absence. Whatever you’ve been up to lately, whatever nonsense the world has been heaving at you, this month reminds you that you don’t have to face it alone. You are loved, you are recognized, you are supported. If you need to reach out and test a relationship to make sure it can really hold you, have no shame and no fear about showing yourself honestly. The ones who can and do hold you are the ones you’ve been looking for. Let the energy of this month wash away whatever’s gotten balled up tightly in the center of your being, frozen and isolated. Warming, melting, releasing, and being held are the activities required of you right now. Anything else you do is optional.

Receive some deep gay magic: Like a lizard basking on a broad, warm rock or a jellyfish floating in the rhythmic currents of a harbor, you get to let yourself be held, carried, and soothed right now. Let your body absorb the goodness of life. Be still or be in movement, but don’t be in a hurry. You will have the resources you need. Luxuriate in a sense of uninterrupted time, however you can find it.


Sagittarius energy loves to live as many lives as possible, and since last November you’ve been recreating your life in wholly new ways. Perhaps external changes set you off on a new course, perhaps it’s been internally motivated, but you have a chance right now to really expand and deepen into this new life direction. Over the next few months, you’ll be solidifying the changes you’ve made so now is the time to assess how many of them are really bringing you deep joy, Marie Kondo-style. New relationships will either strengthen or change under this influence, while changes to older relationships will begin to feel more effortless. Your focus is on how partnership can motivate you toward the growth, and the growing experience gets to be one where your heart opens and sings. We’re not talking about sucking it up and putting in the work right now, we’re talking about learning to soar. How can you have faith in yourself, in the people who love you, and your capacity to transform your lives together?

Receive some deep gay magic: You aren’t static. Your past isn’t your future. You are in a process of growth and transformation that gets to feel like opening the drapes on a sunny day and clearing away the cobwebs. Let your sense of self be playful, changing, expanding, and joyous. Trust yourself even as you transform. You’re headed in the right direction.


Some may have noticed your tendency to be a little rigid, a little overly attached to the proper way of doing things. For some of you, responsibility has become a cage that you may not even realize you need to escape from. But there is a wider world out there beckoning to you, and you don’t need to step out of integrity to explore it. Luckily for you, this month brings you a hefty serving of softness. The main theme for your month is tenderizing and dissolving, especially those places where your spirit has hardened. Let your friendships and romances melt you like an ice cream cone on a mild spring day — you don’t have to become a dripping mess, just soft enough to respond to your real environment. Too often, you’re planning for the distant future or worst-case scenarios. Right now, love is beckoning you to be present here and now, and to invite your full being to the feast.

Receive some deep gay magic: Like Cancer, the major magic of this month involves balancing mind and body — coming back to a sense of pleasure and pacing and fullness in your daily life. Give yourself time to sleep and dream and not know yet what those dreams mean.


There are days when you’re on top of the world and can do no wrong. This month isn’t quite that, but it’s close. Instead of picturing yourself as a single individual with tremendous capacities, pay attention instead to the ways that you draw strength and insight from a larger network of people. You do have tremendous capacities right now, but they exist in context and in collaboration. In relationships, this means slowing down to pay close attention to the patterns that have blocked real communication and real empathy. It also means being the champion of a vision that’s not just your own, but that will move the relationship itself into a better place. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try, but needed support to make it happen, this is the month to find that network of buddies and allies!

Receive some deep gay magic: Many of you are probably more focused on realistic goals than deep dreams and ideals right now, but this month offers you a chance to make one of your strongest visions come true. Reconnect to what you believe in, and consider what you can do from where you are right now to make it happen. It’s not as impossible as it seems!


In a month that brings Venus into your sign, you’ve got an extra sparkle in your eye and you’re more at risk of doing that Pisces thing where everyone thinks you’re falling in love with them because of the sincerity and depth of your eye contact. Invest in some reflective sunglasses and remind everyone that there are all kinds of love in this world and you’re not trying to adopt any puppies right now. Your business this month is more self-directed, and while it will benefit the world at large you need some time and space to really work through it what you’re trying to offer. Give yourself permission to scheme, plan, and begin to build something highly ambitious.

Receive some deep gay magic: This month, you’re turning inward in order to turn outward. Some idea has been growing within you that is ready to ripen into an actual project, but you need to connect with your own deep faith in yourself. The gifts waiting for you to claim them this month are self-confidence and a real appraisal of your own skills. Enjoy!

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