PS3’s Outage Failpocalypse, iPad’s Inventory & LG’s Smartphone

PS3 Y2K:
Some kind of mysterious calendar-related error just caused everyone’s Playstations to implode. Well, not really, but the PS3 reckoning rendered the systems pretty useless for a while there. Don’t worry, they’re back, but that was a pretty boring stretch of time, wasn’t it?

Think the iPad’s just a grown up iPhone? Image a grown up iPad! And then a grown up that thing!
Gizmodo takes a look at the logical progression of the iPhone. Here’s hoping for a Twister mat style iThing!

Also, will the iPad be scarce when it hits Apple stores this month? Will we clamor over each other like rabid animals for it? We know the answer to one of these questions.

Ezio lover alert! Ubisoft just released a free multiplayer Assassin’s Creed iPhone app! But rumor has it the app will only remain free for 48 hours, so strike while the iron’s hot! Kinda like how Ezio stabs people when they least expect it. Kinda.

Looks like LG is jumping on the smartphone bandwagon. The company just unveiled the prototype Windows Phone 7 Series phone (so many phones in that sentence). This’ll be Windows 7’s first appearance on a branded device, which is exciting because I (and I think most Windows users) have nothing but love for Windows 7. Looks a lot like the Droid to me. We’ll keep you updated.

Not impressed? Sure, the LG phone looks nice, but want to take it to the next level? $300,000 can buy a lot of things. A nice little cottage on the seacoast or a private college education through graduate school for example. But you could always just blow that cash on a super high-tech cell phone! Think of the envious looks.

You’ve always known that Spock is a bad motherfucker. Now we know he’s really been flashing his gang sign all along.

Check out these teeny, tiny dinosaurs you assemble yourself! For crafty geeks who don’t have room for the real thing, of course.

Are you all hot and bothered about the WoW expansion’s gameplay revamp? Check out the new blue post detailing how your stats are going all topsy-turvy in Cataclysm. Start crunching your numbers, nerds.

Need to up your geek factor with a few choice new wardrobe pieces? Start with this batman gear for the lady about town.

Been struggling to find a use for your DSi’s built in cameras that doesn’t involve taking pictures of your cat? This new downloadable DSi game (currently only available in Japan) uses input from your DSi’s cameras to control an in-game camera that requires you to explore a 3-D environment to find hidden objects.

This is an incredibly addictive game. Do not check it out. Srsly. But Robots + Unicorns + Adult Swim? How can you afford not to?

In all honesty, I usually hate autotuned things. But who can resist yet more autotuned Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking (along with 10 other scientists!)? Only assholes, really. If you want another Sagan/Hawking duet, don’t forget to check out their platinum YouTube jam. Also, how amazing is it that these make Hawking like meta-autotuned?

I’m a sucker for those in-flight catalogs, and this kinda amazing, kinda goofy exercise in ergonomics is no exception. Wouldn’t this sucker make a sweet gaming chair? It looks like something from Speed Racer. And it folds into a cube!

The trailer for Luc Besson’s new project Les Aventures Extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec looks totally sweet. Dragons: check. Mummys: Check. Lady Indiana Jones: Check. French dude who directed The Fifth Element? Check.

Who would play Lara Croft in the inevitable eventual reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise? We nominate Katee Sackhoff, Jennifer Garner and Eva Green. For their, uh…talent.

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  1. I…I…where am I? The end of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure when Wyld Stallyns brings about world peace? I have a sudden urge to pop The Neverending Story in the VCR, watch Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, and read a couple chapters of The Last Unicorn.

    Robot Unicorn Attack = Awesome to the nth degree.

    Gotta go. I hear Erasure calling me!

  2. holy shit…i just looked further into this ‘tinysaur’ situation and they are smaller than i anticipated. i need an army of them immediately. i will provide my shipping address for anonymous benefactors.

  3. Always, I wanna be with you and make believe with you and live in harmony, harmony our lives…

    Man, that takes me back… to a sparkly and slightly hazy time in my life. Now, I’m not saying there were drugs involved, but there were drugs involved, and it looked a lot like Robot Unicorn Attack. :P

  4. OMG that trailer was great! I didn’t really like The Fifth Element (Bruce Willis meh), but I LOVE Luc Besson. Taxi is one of my favorite films ever.
    April 14th is now marked on the calendar. :D

  5. ahhh, the smell of geekdom in the morning. Reminds me of my basement circa ’93-’94 (when I was like 6 or 7) peeling off the colored tabs on my Rubik’s Cube and putting them on right to make my fam think I was a kid genius. I don’t care what anybody says, at 6 years old thats what I call forward thinking.

    Btw, also had my Gameboy and Lite Bright on standby.

    P.S. Thanks to whomevs fixed that PS3 drama because my 10 yr old cousins’ crashed and I thought we were going to have to have him committed.

    • don’t worry i did the same thing…cure for my insomnia? not quite, but it’s hella worth it. haha

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