Pop Culture Fix: Some “Killing Eve” Season 2 Photos For You to Think About All the Time and Other Stories

Welcome to your weekly Pop Culture Fix, better than turkey leftovers any day of the week but especially today, Wednesday, which is… Pop Culture Fix day!

+ There’s a new trailer for Killing Eve Season Two but unlike the headline that led me to it, I am not going to lie to you: it’s footage from last season presented as a “Season Two preview”!

However, there are also new pictures from Season Two that are for sure pictures of Season Two.

Killing Eve Season Two

E! News says that season two additions to the cast include Nina Sosanya, who you may remember from Last Tango in Halifax and Edward Bluemel from A Discovery of Witches,  Julian Barratt of MindhornHenry Lloyd-Hughes from The Inbetweeners and stage actress Shannon Tarbet.

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri – Killing Eve _ Season 2, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Aimee Spinks/BBCAmerica

You can see six more shots from Season Two here or in the tweet below.

Also if you’ve yet to watch Season One, it’s now streaming on Hulu! By the way The Guardian gave Killng Eve the #1 spot on its list of Best Shows of the Year. To be honest, they hadn’t released their #1 pick when I put this together, but I assumed that this was going to be their #1 pick and counted it in Killing Eve’s total regardless. I was right, so I’m psychic, you’re welcome.

+ ‘The Favourite’ Leads Online Film Critics Society Nominations With 8; ‘Roma’ & ‘Beale Street’ Follow

+ Lachlan Watson of “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” discusses their journey “from lesbian to trans to non-binary.”

+ “In Between” Review: The Super Gay, Super Feminist Film No One’s Talking About

+ This is… an interesting approach… Darren Criss Says He Will No Longer Play LGBTQ Characters: “I Won’t Be Another Straight Boy Taking A Gay Man’s Role”

+ I wrote this: Make Susie Gay, You Cowards: On The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s Lesbian Problem.

+ Trans activist Munroe Bergdorf gives powerful alternative ‘Qween’s Speech’

+ Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Unveils Creepy First Trailer

+ Victoria Monet, who co-wrote “thank u next,” talks to High Snobiety on topics including what it felt like to come out:

It’s funny but it feels good. I don’t want to have to hide it and be anyone that I’m not or be half of what I am. It’s hard to be a black woman in the music industry. A queer black woman in the industry. I want to make it into something that’s glorified and inspiring. Something that the next generation isn’t afraid to do.

+ This publication really wanted us to know that nobody was REALLY having queer sex back then but I disagree: The Favourite and Mary, Queen of Scots: Are these sex scenes revisionist history?

+ When I read the headline “These are the best and worst holiday movies ranked by their queerness” I was like… how can this list even exist when holiday movies are so notoriously aggressively heteronormative? How are there enough to rank? But I forgot! That even Hallmark-style Christmas movies sometimes carve out a little corner of space for Gay Men, which is what most of the movies on this list have in them. (gay men) Also, I had no recollection of Molly Shannon’s character in Serendipity being a lesbian, so wow, will have to schedule a re-watch in 2019 if the planet still exists by then. Apparently Anna and the Apocalypse has a character named Steph who is “also LGBTI” which is impressive, I cannot wait to watch this film with a character named Steph who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex. That’s so many things! But seriously — now I’m upset all over again that gay men are so much more popular in movies than we are! I guess there’s always Carol. (#2)

+ No day like today to revisit the teen homelessness Christmas episode of My So-Called Life

+ Apparently the scene where Liz asks her parents to reverse their position on marriage equality (the Cheneys’ daughter Mary is a lesbian) is a rare highlight inVice: Stars great as Dick and Lynne Cheney, but ‘Vice’ is all over the place

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  1. I love Nina Sosanya! You’ve probably seen her recently in Love Actually saying Martine McCutcheon has a sizable arse and enormous thighs.
    She’s in loads of great stuff!

  2. I absolutely died when I saw those new Killing Eve promo pics!! I also read somewhere this morning (wish I could remember where!) that the new season will start April 8th, but I’ve yet to see any other articles mention that date specifically. Makes sense though, considering how Orphan Black consistently released in April year after year. I cannot wait to freak out and analyze the new episodes in the comments section of the recaps with you all!!!

    • Maybe we can get weekly recaps this season. Weekly recaps by Dorothy Snarker would be amazing.

      I think last season started April 8th but I might be wrong.

  3. I’m concerned about Julia Bindel’s inclusion in the links (the lesbian genre films piece from Independent). I know Autostraddle is really trying to lead by example on not giving TERFs a voice, and linking to one of Bindel’s articles seems counterproductive.

    • Thank you! We had not noticed the author of that piece when we first read it. After it was brought to our attention, we took the link in question down. Hope you found some other things to enjoy in this round up!

  4. I’m 98% sure the author of the article misinterpreted some bad early 00s humour in Serendipity that had Molly Shannon and Kate Beckinsale’s characters mistaken for being a couple and joking about not being each other’s type.

  5. Please stop giving exposure and space to a known TERF’s platform. I thought Autostraddle was committed to making this space safe and welcoming for trans women. This makes it seem like your statement from last week is at odds with your practices.

    • wowwowowow! you are really eager to turn on us, eh? it took us a good 30 minutes to figure out what you were referring to — i guess one of the articles in this post was written by a known TERF, which i obviously! didn’t notice when i included it here. like did u honestly think i was like “oooo, a known TERF. lemme give her a platform!!!” the article itself, which was about lesbian sex in film, had nothing TERFy in it and I don’t check the byline of every link I include.

      listen, i’ve been harassed, misrepresented, threatened and verbally attacked here and there by TERFs for five years now, but since releasing the statement it has been NONSTOP. constant harassment and ridiculous arguments and falsehoods slung at me all day! even during the holidays, which i mostly spent alone! working! because this website is struggling financially but i want to keep it afloat for nice readers like YOU. i know this harassment is nothing compared to what trans women deal with every day. I’m not asking for pity or concern, it’s completely fine. But we put that out there because it’s something we genuinely are committed to and care about. Not because it was easy or popular.

      but i guess this wouldn’t be the queer internet if i didn’t get hate and assumptions of bad faith from both sides, huh

      • I feel like it’s a bit unfair to say that I’m eager to turn on you and attack you because I asked you not to include a known TERF’s article in this post. You put a lot words into my mouth with this comment, especially characterizing my legitimate comment as harassment, which is by definition unnecessary and unwarranted. Like I’m the callout police ready to pounce on and nitpick you. The comment wasn’t kind, but I don’t think I have to go out of my way to be so when telling you about how a known TERF’s work was being shared.

        I understand the constraints of your operation, and perhaps it’s unfair to you and the staff to expect that you vet bylines–even on a links roundup. But maybe you could think about how it’s violent and alienating to trans and non-binary readers to see a post sharing an article from a TERF. Obviously I can’t know and therefore wasn’t trying to question the history of work you’ve personally done to address TERFs, and that was not really my issue from the getgo.

        I wish that you hadn’t jumped to what is pretty much yell at me on the Internet about my tone of voice. It kind of sounds like you’re telling me to shut up and be grateful for this space. I am grateful that this space exists, but this situation stings from start to finish.

        • While riese can certainly speak for herself, I think she’s coming from a point of exhaustion, and part of that is from just like absolute years of people who weren’t able to assume good faith, because…Idk why, the internet? The amount of links she and Laneia and everyone pass through AS in a week are a LOT, and there’s not exactly a chrome plugin that will alert us all to when a piece of writing is by a TERF (although that would kind of be amazing, tbh). True, you’re just one single commenter, but just like…maybe we can all try to be a bit kinder to the people who run this place?

          • Look, I appreciate the time you’re giving to my concerns, but I didn’t leave a comment on this post to point fingers and go “neener neener you’re the worst.” I believe that it was an honest mistake, because I don’t actually think any of the staff would share something with ill intent. If that were the case, I wouldn’t spend my time or money on this site. But in the end, intent is only one aspect of the situation, and it’s still true that sharing content by a bigot is at odds with the publication’s statement decrying that bigotry. The fact that this became about my tone and kindness in directing legitimate criticism sucks, and detracts from what I wanted to bring up in the first place.

            Maybe somewhere in there, it would have been nice to hear “Sorry that there was content from a TERF in our content,” regardless of how it happened. I still had to click on it and see it. And that comment below about how to leave criticisms? Super condescending and tone policey. I really REALLY didn’t need that. I was less than nice about an uncomfortable situation on the post directly pertaining to the issue, not being uncivil, harassing, spreading hate, or nitpicking.

            I can see how this situation looks on both ends. I’ll be more mindful of how my words will be received by others in this space in the future. I just wish the issue taken here wasn’t with 1) things I didn’t even say or accuse Riese of in the first place, and 2) the manner in which I said the same thing that other people said on this post. Thanks to all for your time.

      • sorry but yeah… what queer girl said. also this was the first thing i read after going through my morning routine of muting 20 terfs yelling at me on my tweetdeck.

        but assuming we’d intentionally included it was the definition of bad faith, like i’m sorry for reacting but a little niceness goes a long way, even if the message itself is rooted in good intention, that doesn’t eliminate its need to be delivered with care… honestly the fact that that writer is a TERF isn’t necessarily common knowledge in the U.S., i knew it but not everyone does.

        for comparison, someone tweeted at me earlier today “Hey Riese, happy post-Boxing Day. Just FYI that the author of the penultimate linked piece in this is a very big ol’ transphobe.”

    • also for future reference the correct way to spell your comment would’ve been “hey, i know its not immediately apparent, but i think that article about the favourite in the independent was written by a known TERF and should probably be removed so we don’t give her a wider platform!”

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