PHOTO GALLERY: Queer Right Here in Quarantine

Rosie / she / 21 / Madison, WI

“View From My Desk 99% of Nights”

Ish / she · they / 30 / Brussels, Belgium

“The sun shines right into our living room and I’m thankful for my lifelines – plants and plantlets, music and bread, and this wonderful book about birds. My hair will not collaborate and I worry all the time, but I also feel so lucky.”

Rah / they / 30 / Washington, DC

“Sitting on the floor of my office between Zoom calls.”

Elise Ammondson / they / 25 / Jamestown, NC

“I am currently sheltering in place at my parent’s house in North Carolina, so I have had to adapt in creating spaces that are my own. I am incredibly grateful to be in a place with access to sunshine and the woods. I am a performing artist who is deeply inspired by nature. I found this sweet little stage (there are benches arranged in stadium seating on the other side of the photo) in the middle of the woods that no one else seems to know about. I have now claimed the space as “my office” where I go nearly everyday to create. I dance, I juggle, I choreograph, I monologue, and I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful, forgiving audience–the trees!”

Maria / she / 22 / Chicago, IL

“In the bedroom of my apartment, where I’ve never spent this much time in in my life.”

Sarah Faxel / they · she / 27 / Birmingham, AL

“I’m a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I’m standing with a flow cytometer, an awesome machine that allows us to count and identify different cells.”

Cecilia & Friday, Los Angeles, CA / Gilbert & Rose, Glasgow, UK / Queer Girl & Cyrus, Chico, CA / Gaelle, Vancouver, BC / B., Slovakia / Caitlin, Chandra & Conner, Vernon, BC / Gillian & Sally, Winchester, UK / Jane, Kira & Coral, Columbus, OH

“Group chat video call! We met in the comments section right here on AS, and made a WhatsApp group in August 2017 to watch movies together. Over the last 2.5 years we’ve had a wedding, an inter-chat dog adoption, meetups at A-Camp and on holiday, many surprise gifts and cards and cheese baskets, and now we’re keeping each other company through the quarantine. The best chosen family anyone could ask for ❤”


Eddy and Brandi / they, she / 25, 24 / San Francisco, CA

“Top 3 Books We’ve Read Since Quarantine Began:
Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
Homie by Danez Smith
Save Yourself by Cameron Esposito”

Liz and Cam / Melbourne, Australia

“I’m Mexican-American. She’s Chinese-Malaysian. We’ve been living in Melbourne for less than a year. Since the coronavirus restrictions were put in place, each of us has been the only person the other is allowed to visit. We’re making the most out of that exemption.”

Dani Hagan Beckett / she / 34 / London, UK

“Being my best bisexual bombshell self #highfemmefromhome”

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  1. This is SO JOYOUS!!! Look at all you beautiful beans with your embroidered jumpsuit wedding outfits and thirst traps and creavirativity and still being even with exhaustion and questioning and working and not-working and being isolated and being surrounded whether you like it or not, and through ALL OF IT being your selves, your lovely valuable unique selves. I’m so glad you’re all here 💜💜💜

  2. Hey-o,
    I’m sure you had a lot of submissions and I totally know things get mixed up. But I’m Nell, I have the hiking picture and my pronouns are actually They/Them/Theirs, not she. Idk if you can alter that, but if you can I’d appreciate it! 😊

  3. WOWOWOW! There is so much love and cuteness here!!! <3 <3 <3
    And so many cute cats!!!
    LOVE this and you all so much

  4. page two, congrats on your future jude-bean!

    also to literally everyone i love u so much and am proud of u for continuing to exist in quarantine

    also also thank you to everyone who put your pet’s age too

  5. This is so delightful. Thank you all for sharing some part of yourselves.

    A lot of these relationship pics are making me feel real lonely, ngl, but I’m just so happy to see everyone’s faces and strength and creativity on display during this time.

        • I love all of you.
          And hadn’t realised how much I missed cats before seeing SO many of them here.

          Ann in the rocking chair that rocked you as a child – I don’t know why but it hit home hard ! Live in this cycle, and I hope opens up onto unexpected wonders !

  6. This is so great, look at everyone’s wonderful faces! I love all your pets and cute outfits and quarantine hair.

    Also, AS group chat? That sounds so awesome! I failed to join the D&D groups that sprang up in the comments one time and ever since I’ve had Regrets™️.

  7. wow wow wow. this is everything. thanks everyone for sharing. stayed up too late to look at all of these and read the captions, but going to bed on a high note so I’m happy about it.

  8. What a stunning gallery of humans. Everyone’s hair looks amazing! The animals! The plants! The baby! The LDR’s & weddings!!

    Thankyou Laneia for compiling it.

    [Note: read this together via pre-arranged date, split screen with video chat directing each other when to scroll]

  9. This made me feel a lot less alone!
    Thanks for the pictures, guys!
    Also, Abbie, I‘d be in the market for some low fi hip hop beats to cry to. Any place to listen to them?

  10. Everyone looks fantastic but ten million bonus points to the orange cat named Jean-Ralphio

    • Thank you! This really makes up for when I had to spell out his name to the vet over the phone, including the hyphen. Turns out far fewer people than I thought are familiar with Parks and Rec!

  11. My heart!! Seeing all of you feels like sitting in a sunbeam on a bright spring morning 🥰

  12. So refreshing to see so many books in the photos ^_^. Thanks to everyone who participated, it is fun to see so many faces and different spaces!

  13. I love this so much. Possibly even more than the previous iterations, it feels especially poignant. So many beautiful queeros. Thank you for putting it together!!

  14. Yayyy, everyone is cute and magical, and I saw two people I know, each of us residing in different countries! Hooray for that.

  15. Thank you for putting this up Laneia! Loved seeing everyone’s spaces and super helpful work from home cat coworkers!

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