Patti Smith Reads Her Poems To You, Makes You Swoon

Crystal’s Team Pick:

Do you remember that time when Patti Smith made her Poetry Project debut by reading some of her poems out loud at St Mark’s Church? No? That’s fair enough because it happened in 1971 and so chances are you were either not born yet or not living in New York City. If you wish you had been, the good news is that you can stream and download the live recordings of Patti reading her poetry at this event, and at others.

I love Patti Smith and I love St Mark’s and the truth is that I want Patti Smith to read her poetry to me always and forever. If you’re with me on this then you should really go to UbuWeb and check it out.

“maria fake
renee falconetti
i’m mad for you
your death in life
in film as jeanne
darc of light
dry yellow palm
crown of thorns
that line of blood
that circles, circles your morphine eyes
racoon racoon
your morphine eyes
like two wet balls
you’ve got balls
you’ve got balls
you’ve got balls, balls, balls
you’ve got balls
you’ve got balls
you’ve got balls, balls, balls”
Renee Falconetti by Patti Smith (St Mark’s Church, Dec 25 1971)


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  1. Got to see her in real life, singing and then reading her poetry when she came to Ireland last year. I know that sounds like bragging…..well yeah it is and I’m not ashamed!!!!

  2. I meant to comment on this earlier and say that this team pick is the best cause I love Patti Smith and I love poetry so the fact that you’ve written on a combination of the two means I must love you too.

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