Oh Hey! It’s Alyssa #22: A-Camp!

“Oh Hey! It’s Alyssa” is a biweekly webcomic by Alyssa

Alyssa is a totally complete incomplete paraplegic and thirty-something hanky-in-the-pocket cartoonist weirdo!

A. has written 67 articles for us.


  1. omg this is exactly how i remember everything in photographic perfection except i’m so sad i didn’t make the group shot (because i’m literally jumping up and down in the back yelling at molly I’M NOT THAT TALL WHAT THE FUCK!!!)

  2. ou capture so much awesomeness here, and I’m really glad you were there making camp a better place! I’m also still stunned by your incredible lip-sync routine :)

    Now I’m laughing about the golf cart and mud puddles – that was a pretty wild ride at points!

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